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February 19, 2008

Gross would like some stability

Panthers offensive tackle Jordan Gross' career path sounds like a marching drill; right, left, right, left, right. ... He has switched from right tackle to left tackle or vice versa each year since he's been in the league.

Last year, he assumed he was finally settling in on the right side, but the departure of left guard Mike Wahle could eventually leave Travelle Wharton, last year's left tackle and recently re-signed, playing guard instead.

Then, if the Panthers draft a tackle, they may want the experienced Gross back on the more difficult left side, which normally protects a quarterback's blind side.

"I feel like I wouldn't be out there nervous or scared; I've been there before," Gross said. "I like Travelle, and between him and I, we make a versatile pair and can do a number of combinations.

"My biggest point is that it would just be nice to play one position two years in a row. If I am going to move back to the left side, I have to spend a lot of the offseason getting adjusted to that."

Gross will probably have Carolina's franchise tag dropped on him today.-STAN OLSON

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I just don't see Fox switching Gross to LT again after he promised him stability at his more comfortable RT spot.. Especially if they give him the franchise tag, which is considered being "slighted" by most NFL players as an easy way out of a long term commitment... I feel for Gross being rotated around every year, and I truly feel for him in the same way as Thomas Davis and both could have been Pro Bowl already, had they stopped switching them and the players around them around so damn much.. To prevent further insult to injury by getting tagged, I'd be willing to bet Gross is begging Fox/Hurney to keep him at RT again this year and the Panther's nab a starting LT who can come in and contribute immediately with their 13th pick, a Ryan Clady, Sam Baker, or G. Cherilus caliber LT... If the rookie LT struggles early, Travelle can play LT adequately until the rookie can assume the role (like the first couple of games into the season as worst case scenario)..

Posted by: Shaun | Feb 19, 2008 11:36:19 AM

Shaun i agree...there are plenty of good LTs in the draft (Clady, Baker, Jeff Otah). Panthers don't need to move Gross again.

Posted by: JPanther | Feb 19, 2008 11:50:46 AM

Get Javon Walker he want out and denver won't ask much for him they actually going to cut him on march 4 so they will take anything that moves and is in the nfl. and yes keep Gross as RT spend that money Panthers .

Posted by: NFC | Feb 19, 2008 1:47:13 PM

Good points, all...I think our starting LT should be a 1st-round rookie. There are several who fit right in there at our pick, and Gross deserves to stick on one side after showing he's clearly better there.
Don't know about Thomas Davis being in the Pro Bowl, though. He didn't play a real position in college (there are no "rovers" in the NFL, anyway), and the Panthers fit him where they had a need. He has been a full-time linebacker for two full seasons and offseasons, though, and most guys with Pro Bowl potential are a part of more than two turnovers (1 INT, 1 FR) in their first two years.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Feb 19, 2008 2:18:08 PM

Anyone who wants Javon Walker, doesn't know what they are talking about. Yes he is a very good reciever, but he has been given 2 chances and he has wanted out of both of them. If he came here he could not handle being behind Smitty.

Posted by: Billy | Feb 19, 2008 3:27:39 PM

The Panthers should definitley resign Gross. If they do not then they are making a huge mistake. The franchise tag would just be a temporary fix, so hopefully they can all work something out for a long term contract.

Posted by: Matt West | Feb 19, 2008 6:56:58 PM

Absolutely, keep Gross at RT and draft the best LT available in the first round. I actually don't mind the Wharton contract in this context, if he is moved to LG and can be effective.

Posted by: Matt Snyder | Feb 20, 2008 10:05:28 PM

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