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June 30, 2008

Panthers signing rookies

The Carolina Panthers are in the early stages of signing their rookie draft choices. General manager Marty Hurney said Monday there's nothing yet to report on the team's two first-round picks -- running back Jonathan Stewart and offensive tackle Jeff Otah. Hurney did say he expects an agreement to be reached this week with sixth-round choice Nick Hayden, a defensive tackle from Wisconsin. -- David Scott

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My friends call me fire crotch. Because I'm on fire.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 30, 2008 7:49:30 PM

My friends call me fire crotch. Because I'm on fire.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 30, 2008 7:49:31 PM

ummmmm....didn't beason hold out last year for alittle bit?

what the hell has Hurney been doing the past 2 months? why aren't we past the early stage to maybe avoid a hold out? come on, this is retarted. Lets pic someone...then wait 2 months till we actually try and hire them

Posted by: sin | Jun 30, 2008 8:13:20 PM

sin..there nothing suprising going on......I dont think that very many first round picks have signed yet.

Posted by: matt | Jun 30, 2008 9:05:36 PM

Steve, is it true that you are a clone created from Olson and Chandler's DNA? Your resemblance to the two of them is amazing. It truly looks like you are an Olson-Chandler offspring. They should call you Chanson.

Posted by: iRobot | Jul 1, 2008 6:46:39 AM

Thanks for the first round pick next year, idiots. I can't wait to have a pick in the top 5 due to your crap team going 4-12. Pathetic. You are all a bunch of losers. My only regret is that we don't play you, it would be a guaranteed win for us. This team is a joke. I mean, who just gives away first round picks in the NFL? Answer: the Crapolina Panthers. Let's not forget about the 2nd and 4th you gave us too. It really may be the 2nd worst trade in NFL history behind the Herschel Walker trade. Thanks idiots!

Posted by: PhillyfanW43 | Jul 1, 2008 6:49:59 AM

So basically you are telling us you have crabs or something Procton? If that's not too much information I don't know what is.

Posted by: Pete | Jul 1, 2008 6:52:20 AM

Hey Philly fan why don't you go talk some s$##* on one of those weak as nfc east boards...Cause no body wants to hear you smack talk about the dumb ass eagles...Eagles will be lucky if they win 8 games this yr...cause they suck out loud..ah ha ha ha..

Posted by: Phillyfan@43 Is an idiot | Jul 1, 2008 6:53:22 AM

Yeah, only 3 1st rounders have signed. Numbers 1, 3, and 4. Typical for our fellow Panther fans to start whining right off the bat without being realistic though.

Posted by: Steve | Jul 1, 2008 7:04:50 AM

phillyfan, under fox we've never finished with more than 9 losses, dont hold your breath for a top 5 pick.

Posted by: matt | Jul 1, 2008 7:45:17 AM

Philly Boy, How did you like that run by DeShaun Foster in the playoffs in '03. I would love to come up there and kick your a__ again in the playoffs this year, but you probably wont make it. And if you do it is more likely you will have to come to our house this time.

Posted by: SamMillsFan | Jul 1, 2008 8:37:09 AM

I'd like to say I'm sorry for PhillyfanW43. I keep telling Coach Reid not to let his sons use the PC when they're high. We all know that I'll do everything I can to make sure we get a top 5 pick with our own pick. The pick you guys traded us will be lucky if its not in the bottom 5. Good Luck Panthers, if you need me I'll be on injured reserve.

Posted by: Donovan McNabb | Jul 1, 2008 8:41:48 AM

Whats funny about this Philly guy coming on here and talking $hit is teh fact that Philly only won 1 more game than we did. Lets go back ladies an gents to who we had playing....oh yeah...most the people that we got rid of. We beat you before when it counted....and will make it hurt even worse this time...IF you guys can make playoffs. By the way...did you like that nice little stick we gave Donovan? Hopefully next time he is out for a season. So, when you guys beat us, then you can talk a little, until then, get your lunchbox and quit skipping daycare.....oh and one more thing...if Stewart..you know the RB we got..one of the best...and Otah pan out to be great....come back so I can tell you thank you instead

Posted by: Dustin | Jul 1, 2008 12:00:10 PM

What team gives up a 1st round pick? Lets see the Eagles did you moron!!

Posted by: Eaglesareidiots | Jul 1, 2008 1:25:51 PM

Getting back to the topic of this "news" report...I've got to take journalistic issue with you guys. Blog or no blog, why am I suddenly reminded of Kent Brockman, the TV anchor from The Simpsons, when he says, "This barely qualifies as news....?"

Seriously, this blog entry amounts to "...there's nothing to report on the team's two first-round picks..." and Hurney "...EXPECTS an agreement to be reached THIS WEEK with sixth-round choice Nick Hayden...." That's news? Why not wait to report on this when they actually DO sign Hayden? Or, going back to the title of the article...why not wait until the Panthers actually ARE signing their rookies?


Posted by: NSpicer | Jul 1, 2008 1:35:35 PM

Phillyfanw43 is partially correct. We won't play the Eagles this season, nor in the post season because Philly won't even make the playoffs.

And I find it hilarious that he finds humor in us giving them a first round pick next season. We got their first round pick this season, and "this" season is always the most important. Only accustomed losers sit back and settle for what might happen "next season".

And with at least the 30th pick in the first round next season, they might as well call it a second round pick.

Posted by: Pantherfire | Jul 1, 2008 1:40:15 PM

It's normal for teams to try to sign rookies later rather than early. They get an even closer look at the rooks and get to see how they interact with the team before they put an offer on the table. I wouldn't worry about it too much, they'll get signed and they'll play.

Some (if not most) Philly fans amaze me. They are the only fans that hate their team and then call themselves fans. I'm thinking that they are more angry about giving up their first round this year then they are happy about gaining one next year. I won't bother, Philly fans like THAT one are ignorant and have nothing better to do than try to stir up problems on other team forums. So weak just like that team.

Posted by: James | Jul 1, 2008 1:43:23 PM

You know NSpicer, I heard that Stewart was thinking about beginning to think about his contract desires. Just what I heard from someone who heard that he was thinking about thinking of that.

Thought I would post it in lue of our wonderful news report.

Posted by: James | Jul 1, 2008 1:48:00 PM


You don't say? Wow. ESPN and the NFL network better get busy on their lead stories tonight...


Posted by: NSpicer | Jul 1, 2008 1:56:47 PM

To the idiot Eagles fan. Your team has traded away their 1st rounder the last two years in a row.

Posted by: monstercat | Jul 1, 2008 2:09:41 PM

I sure hope we get Nick Hayden signed quickly.

Posted by: matt | Jul 1, 2008 3:13:20 PM

Hey now. Come on. Lay off Phillyfanw43. After all he's from the land of "Brotherly Love", (wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean?) and just because he has limp wrist is no reason to put him down (on his knees- wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean?). Now leave this poor wondering faggot alone.

Posted by: Trainwasher | Jul 1, 2008 7:04:55 PM

Nick Hayden will be a star someday!

Posted by: John | Jul 1, 2008 7:27:48 PM

Nick Hayden will be a star someday!

Posted by: John | Jul 1, 2008 7:30:40 PM

I'm not worried about it, but I'm glad to hear there's some progress on our negotiations.

Oh, and John...Hayden probably won't be a star, but I absolutely believe he could be a quality rotation player/stopgap starter in the mold of Jordan Carstens. This year, he'll be more valuable to the team for his cost ($400K-ish) than Scott or Walker ($1 mil-ish.)

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jul 2, 2008 12:36:29 AM

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