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August 06, 2008

Wednesday afternoon practice notes

-- Cornerback Chris Gamble tweaked his left hamstring defending a long pass by quarterback Matt Moore.

Gamble's upper leg was wrapped by trainer Ryan Vermillion. Gamble sat out the remainder of the practice. Team officials said that was precautionary and the injury is not believed to be serious.

-- There was brief thunder and lightning near the start of practice, but the clouds passed and the practice was able to run its full course.

-- Cute scene on the field after practice: Steve Smith playfully rolling around on the field playing with his children.

-- Oh-by-the-way note of the day: Julius Peppers' long beard has been trimmed significantly.

-- Charles Chandler

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Hey DA Combs and SYRPIS...were you there to protect the children of Steve Smith during this...I'm sure one of them spouted off to him and he wanted to harm them. Or was it his wife he wanted to smack around for not getting their drinks fast enough.... You two are dispicable (sp)...you get my drift...see my "Lucas is a standup guy" posting if you are lost.

Posted by: Carolina Wild | Aug 6, 2008 5:51:10 PM


Posted by: JV | Aug 6, 2008 6:15:37 PM

Nice job Carolina Wind, I can't stand that girl either, if you read his posts, he doesn't even make sense and is not very coherent. Maybe he should take some lessons from that freak show Procton. Go Cats!

Posted by: sc_gamecocks | Aug 6, 2008 6:16:10 PM

CarolinaWild,,,is your implication that a man who fights at a football practice is also hitting his children?

Posted by: matt | Aug 6, 2008 6:42:56 PM

a nerve strikes me every time a player get injured

lets take 2 days off real talk

Posted by: jake the snake | Aug 6, 2008 7:41:49 PM

So, Peppers shaved his beard? You should explain to the young people that it makes him faster by cutting down wind resistance, especially when going full speed. You don't necessarily have to go into the minutae of aerodynamics. If you don't explain how it relates to football, some people may think you are interested in petty gossip.

Posted by: Ben | Aug 6, 2008 8:46:28 PM

How has Chris Conklin looked in camp? I understand that he is a huge longshot to make the roster, but I'm pulling for him to make a good impression and hopefully get a chance on the practice squad or with another team. Thanks.

Posted by: TP | Aug 6, 2008 8:54:20 PM

Carolina Wild... you are just so funny and witty. Did you get help with that material or did it just come to you?

Posted by: SYRPIS | Aug 6, 2008 10:07:32 PM

For the record, I didn't start it this time, but I can go back over and reinforce my earlier sentiment if you really want me to.

Posted by: SYRPIS | Aug 6, 2008 10:08:30 PM

Jake is my man and I think Matt has a lot to offer our team as well but why not take a shot at Farve? One good shot to my boy's elbow or shoulder and the future has to start now. That would be tough to swallow after gambling in the draft. Brett B. is good but lets be honest, his shot at #1 on the depth chart is far away! So that brings me back to the original question, Why Not? This year has already started off on the wrong foot. Peppers future in Carolina is a question, Fox and Hurney a question, My two favorite players [Jake and Steve Franchise] in question, so why not bring in a sure thing! I know it would be unfair to Jake after working so hard to come back but a year behind Farve may not be such a bad thing for him. We are trying to win the ultimate prize in team sports, aren't we?

Posted by: keith | Aug 6, 2008 11:57:53 PM

Oh well............ Come on Fellows. Bring home that Championship. For Mr. Richardson, For Yourselves, the Coaches, Charlotte and for the Carolina's.. See you Oct. 19. We are going to cut Reggie's butt!

Posted by: keith | Aug 7, 2008 12:06:00 AM

Bret is on his way to the New York Jets. So, no Tampa Bay and no Carolina. And no need to bring him here. Jake's fine. Matt can back him up as adequately as most other backups in the league. No need to add the same kind of media frenzy to the Panthers team that Favre would have caused with Garcia in Tampa.

Honestly, the best thing about the Favre saga has been to take the sports media eye off Steve Smith's blow-up. Otherwise, it would have been the only story they would've hounded over the summer...


Posted by: NSpicer | Aug 7, 2008 8:14:15 AM

Depending on Chad Pennington's price, he might be a perfect backup to sign once he gets released. He shouldn't be expensive, and I'd feel a lot more comfortable with a guy like him than Moore if we're gonna need more than two or three starts from our backup (hopefully not, obviously.)

Posted by: Michael Procton | Aug 7, 2008 8:32:10 AM

Just to prove that Procton is almost always wrong:

"The NFL Network also is reporting that the Packers took great pains to ensure that Favre would not be traded to the Vikings by inserting a "poison pill" in the deal. If Favre were to be traded to Minnesota, New York would have to surrender three first-round picks to Green Bay."

Posted by: Mason | Aug 7, 2008 8:37:14 AM

Aha...so that's going to stop them from trading him to Chicago how, exactly?

Posted by: Michael Procton | Aug 7, 2008 9:11:22 AM

I dont see Chicago getting involved here, I think that org. is so dilusional that they think they already have two very good qb's in Grossman and Orton.

As for Chad coming here, I read that quote form Hackett saying our passing game was geared toward throwing the ball downfield, that alone should keep Chad away.

Posted by: matt | Aug 7, 2008 9:17:25 AM

And Matt Moore hasn't thrown an accurate downfield pass yet in his NFL career, yet people are enthralled with his Hall of Fame career already. Give me a good professional like Pennington with playoff experience and a great head for the game as a backup; I'll take it.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Aug 7, 2008 9:47:17 AM

I personally think you would take Brett Basanez over Matt Moore, bu I think you would be pulling for anyone other than who the majority of fans are pulling for.

Posted by: matt | Aug 7, 2008 9:52:28 AM

yes we know your position procton. you hate moore and you hate peppers and otah and you feel they cant play blah blah blah .we get it. why dont you root for another team if you dont like the product.how can you enjoy the games if you dont like our core players and want them to fail .youre so smug you think moore and otah will fall flat on their faces,but if they do then the panthers wont make the playoffs. people like you would rather be right. you are such a great fan procton.you need a shrink badly.

Posted by: ray | Aug 7, 2008 10:27:56 AM

I agree that Pennington would be valuable to us as a backup. I think he would give us the experience 5 playoff starts, that we couold really use if Jake (knock on wood) goes down. Given the fact that he is from Tennessee, could make alittle since to come here and play close to his hometown. I highly doubt this scenario would even get the slightest thought by management, since we tend to be overly loyal to our players. Meaning they would not jeopardize Moore and Baz's job.

Posted by: Michael Bolton | Aug 7, 2008 10:48:59 AM

Hackett currently has a minor toe tweak. No big deal (for now.)

ray, not blindly throwing my faith to unproven players like Otah and Gross (on the left side) doesn't make me a bad fan. It makes me realistic. As for Peppers, I've said OVER AND OVER that I'd LOVE to see him show some week-to-week consistency when not matched up against backups and rookies...he's just never done it in his career.

MB, I agree with the loyalty issue, but I'd be willing to bet they don't want to use Moore OR Basanez as a primary starter for more than a handful of games at this point in their careers. If Pennington shows interest (and there are several better options), I think they'd certainly be willing to negotiate. We've got a solid franchise with a good chance to win, and while there's an established starter here, he could well get hurt...can't see why that wouldn't be attractive.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Aug 7, 2008 11:18:42 AM

i think pennington could be a starter and hes going to demand starter money so i dont see him being a panther.the vikes and bears are crazy if they dont make a serious bid for him.

Posted by: ray | Aug 7, 2008 11:23:18 AM

As much as it pains me to say this, but I agree wih Procton on Pennington. He would be the perfect back up. He has experience and has taken his teams to the playoffs. Pennington can win, he has proven it in the NFL. If Jake goes down Pennington would give the Panthes the best chance to win. Don't get me wrong I like Matt Moore, but he is not ready to make enough plays to win several games. He can manage a game, not lose it for you, but I don't think he can win one for you. If the Panthers are going to keep 3 QBs thy should cut Basanez and sign Pennington.

Posted by: J Thomas | Aug 7, 2008 11:29:43 AM

I was watching NFL Network last night when they announced the Favre deal, they also said that the Jets were going to trade Pennington rather than just release him straight out. I'm sure they wouldn't be asking to much from any team as to just get some value for him. If he doesn't get traded in a week then they might release him though.

I agree with Matt that although Chad does have the experience, he does not have the arm to get it downfield with any consistency which is what our passing game is kind of geared around. Not that I am a fan but Leftwich might be a better fit if we were going to sign a guy with some experience in general.

Posted by: JV | Aug 7, 2008 11:34:42 AM

Yeah J Thomas, Pennington sure looked like a winner when he went 1-7 last year and got benched. He hasn't been the same since the surgery and yes I know that he was the comeback player of 2006 and finally played a full season healthy but again look at what he did last year. It's inconsistent and we don't need to take a chance with it.

Posted by: JV | Aug 7, 2008 11:39:21 AM

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