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September 19, 2008

Panthers young compared to Frerotte

Gus Frerotte's NFL career is older than the Panthers' team he'll face Sunday.

Frerotte, named this week as Minnesota's starting quarterback against the Panthers, played his rookie season for Washington in 1994 after the Redskins made him a seventh-round draft pick.

That put him in an NFL uniform one year before the Panthers took the field for the first time. Carolina was awarded a franchise in Oct. 1993, but didn't play its first season until '95. The Panthers had no players when Frerotte and fellow quarterback Heath Shuler, a first-round pick, joined the Redskins.

Shuler, now a U.S. Congressman, was overshadowed by Frerotte despite the big gap in their draft positions.

Frerotte, 37, is the epitome of an NFL journeyman. He has played for seven teams over 15 seasons and has a 37-44-1 record as a starter.

-- Charles Chandler

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maybe he will run head first into the wall during the game, like he did for the redskins. that was awesome!

Posted by: brendan | Sep 19, 2008 6:27:22 PM

Now thats funny!!

Posted by: E | Sep 19, 2008 11:03:17 PM

Sypris, I don't think any lawyers would care. You would fail in a epic manner.

Posted by: Revshawn | Sep 19, 2008 11:16:09 PM

LMAO at SYRPIS' comments.

Hopefully, we can shut down Adrian Peterson and the run game with 8 men in the box at all times, and force the Vikings to pass.

If we can't contain Peterson, Vikings win.

Posted by: Justin | Sep 19, 2008 11:57:44 PM

or we can take the easy way out and hope that he's injured come game-time...haha

of course, beating an AP-less minny team feels kinda hollow, considering they have no semblance of a passing game to make up for it.

Posted by: gchan | Sep 20, 2008 1:49:28 AM

Anybody else thinking we could conceivably be 11-0 if we get pass Minnie? I see cupcake teams until late Nov when we go up against Green Bay.

Posted by: ayagnow | Sep 20, 2008 3:04:33 AM

So are you going to be wearing that sign and the pink eye shadow or what?
Also, on an unrelated note, how old are you?

Posted by: Michael Jackson | Sep 20, 2008 6:19:43 AM

Gohan; I'll take a hollow win anytime!!!!

Posted by: harrydog | Sep 20, 2008 10:20:28 AM

Wow, that is the funniest thing i've ever read. Thank you for making my day better.

Posted by: sypris? | Sep 20, 2008 3:35:25 PM

JD, you nailed it...thanks. I honestly believe Sypris is not a Carolina fan and shadows the writers at Charlotte.com! He could be one for that matter, in addition to Procton. Carolina Nation, please ignore these idiots because they could care less about our football team!

Go Panthers!

Posted by: JDK | Sep 20, 2008 11:07:54 PM

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