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October 01, 2008

Delhomme anticipates confident Chiefs D

Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme, who practiced today and said in today’s open locker room session that he feels fine despite tweaking a thigh muscle Sunday against Atlanta, also made the point that playing against Kansas City this Sunday will be far different from meeting the NFC South rival Falcons.

“It is different because watching film on a team like Atlanta, you’re very familiar with their personnel. You play them twice a year, and not only that, being in the same division you’re always wondering what they did that week. We haven’t played Kansas City since the second week of 2004.

“They’re a team with a lot of young talent. We watched the film of that game last week when they played Denver; a lot of young players flying around and having fun. Denver’s averaging close to 40 points a game and they hold them to 19. So they did a really good job.

    “They’re going to have extreme confidence. They have a steady hand at quarterback in Damon Huard, Larry Johnson rushed for 200 yards (196 officially). So we have a very tough … every week; I’m going to say it every week. You have to be ready to play.

    “Their confidence is going to be through the roof and rightly so.”

— Stan Olson

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To quote the great Herm Edwards "you play to win the game, you play to win the game". Of course it makes sense to "respect" the other team. Any given Sunday! I find it intriguing that the press and/or fans expect anything less to come out of the mouths of real players. Yes, it happens sometimes (thus the reason they keep asking I guess), but it's usually from the likes of the TOs, Ocho Chickos, Jerry Porter's, and countless others of the league. Come on, does anyone really take any of them seriously. Clearly they are saying challenging things to bring attention upon themselves and not the team. Nice "check in the box" for a post, but not really substantive.

Posted by: Carolina Wild | Oct 1, 2008 6:06:28 PM

W T F Carolina Wild?

Posted by: W T F | Oct 1, 2008 6:13:35 PM

Ich... what did they bring this guy back for??

Posted by: Keeping it Real | Oct 1, 2008 6:15:13 PM

This just in, Jake anticipates the Chief's O line to be confident to open up lanes for the running game. He also anticipates the cheer leaders to be confident in their cheers. He went further out on a limb and anticipates the Special Teams to be confident to block well enough to have the return man possibly run back a touchdown. However, he's not so confident the whine and cheese crowd will support him...IOW the PSL owners. Ah yes, the infamous PSL owners who think they own the team and demand answers for the high amount of penalties. He's confident there will be some penalties called.

Posted by: Jack | Oct 1, 2008 6:16:41 PM

Is Jake already making excuses again, or just being diplomatic. I really hope being in the limelight and being named the best QB (over Favre's 6 TD's) this week doesn't get to, and inside, his head. Come on Jake! Keep it rollin'!!!

Posted by: Keeping it Real | Oct 1, 2008 6:19:04 PM

Keeping it hidden,

LOL. That's easy for you to say hiding behind a new "screen name." Ummm, could it be the ole SYPRIS? LMAO. I know who you are, or were!!!! You are also the W T F post.

The feeling is mutual by the way. You are not the keeper or leader of the blog contrary to what you think. I thought the post was quantity not quality. Much like your posts! Word of advice, if you are going to change your screen name, change you pompous attitude. Not a very good disguise. I, at least, use my screen name and stick by my posts.

Posted by: Carolina Wild | Oct 1, 2008 6:40:46 PM

keeping it real, I don't think you need to loose any sleep thinking about jake getting the big head. IT AINT ROCKET SCIENCE!!!. He knows that the reason he's pitching good is because every o-lineman is almost 50 pounds bigger than last year. If that group continues to keep everyone from being wraped around his legs, this dude will take you to the front. Big league QB. Keep grinnin, we're winning.

Posted by: stork302 | Oct 1, 2008 6:49:35 PM


I was wondering what happend to "SYPRIS", myself. lol Rereading recent posts, I think you have some validity....seems to be him (without all the name calling). Seems to be the same tone anyways. I thought we successfully ran him off....ARG!

On the other hand, I think the post has some quality too. The main emphasis was on Jake's status and it seems a question was asked on his thoughts of the Chiefs' finally winning a game. Not clear, but I don't see him offering that info based on "what do you think of your next opponent"

Posted by: Jesse Drake | Oct 1, 2008 7:09:00 PM

This week we face one of the worst defenses in the league. As long as we do what we do, we'll win the game.

Posted by: Revshawn | Oct 1, 2008 7:14:31 PM

Carolina Wild. Get over yourself. You are not that important. And the no named poser is definately not me.

Posted by: Keeping it Real | Oct 1, 2008 7:23:40 PM

Mark Jones had a brilliant fake out that allowed the kick to go into the endzone. Otherwise, the opponents would have pinned Jake back near the goal line. He has also had 2 to 3 good returns. Does he merit being kept on the roster?

Posted by: Keeping it Real | Oct 1, 2008 7:25:12 PM

Apparently, I am...you keep acknowledging me. (Sigh) that hurts, you are important to me (sad face). Kiss.

As long as Ryne has "milked" his injury and Jones' good consistent play thus far, he warrants a spot. Kiss Kiss.

Posted by: Carolina Wild | Oct 1, 2008 7:40:26 PM

And speaking of pompous "Carlina Wild" ...
nevermind... it's a lost cause.

Jesse Drake, (without all the name calling) it is one thing to be (without all the name calling) and it is one thing to follow (without all the name calling).

Posted by: Keeping it Real | Oct 1, 2008 7:48:28 PM

Jeff Otah will be playing. That kid is an old fashioned warrior too. I'm sure he would have came back in the game last week if needed be. What a great addition, not only to the OL but, to the roster!

Posted by: Keeping it Real | Oct 1, 2008 7:50:11 PM


Perhaps you're right, but I just thought it was a soft post. No info, no insight, just reporting what we already know or expect any of the Panther players to say about an opponent. However, Jake's thoughts on the lack of discipline from the O-line and TEs thus far would have been more intuitive. That's all.

Posted by: Carolina Wild | Oct 1, 2008 7:51:35 PM

Wow, Nice call guys - Keeping it real is definitely the old Sypris......Notice the multiple posts without warrant....

Posted by: Keeping it Real = Sypris | Oct 1, 2008 8:26:07 PM

Carolina Wild: Never have I heard such incomprehensible ramblings. You say nothing of value, only incoherent mumblings. Please go take your medication and lay down. Then tomorrow try to go catch some butterflies before the guys with the butterfly nets catch you.

Posted by: Trainwasher | Oct 1, 2008 9:01:55 PM

Carolina Wild: Never have I heard such incomprehensible ramblings. You say nothing of value, only incoherent mumblings. Please go take your medication and lay down. Then tomorrow try to go catch some butterflies before the guys with the butterfly nets catch you.

Posted by: Trainwasher | Oct 1, 2008 9:05:00 PM

David Scott...
Sensational and absolutely brilliant article. Thanks!


Posted by: Keeping it Real | Oct 1, 2008 10:21:51 PM

Guys I will tell you time and time again. "Jake is our Quoter back"... He knows what he is doing. He is working it! Calmness during the week and fierce on game day. Jake got right sitting on the bench watching and observing play last year. He is completely learning how to dissect the defense. The O-Line is his favor and pride and glory. He gets time, we all know what happens. Last week Jake said it best that the fumble against the Vikings and other times came from when looking for Smith wide open for a big play but protection or blocking broke down for whatever reason and we all know what happen. He is stating that, give me time to pass 'I will take you there'. And he is right, look at the difference from a week ago. Stay tuned. But not only that watching from the side lines gave him great wisdom of controlling the game and not only Sunday but the week game planning on the opponents. Rest, film, work out, film, talking, win. Ala Favre, Brady, Manning’s and who else Testaverde. Preparation! He knows how to talk to and about his team and opposing teams leading up to Sunday and after. Ataboy Jake! The team and you keep fulfilling Gods journey plan for the team. Tampa, Win! Bring and speak it into existence. And take one game at a time talk. The Carolina NFL Panthers are on a mission. Of course the Carolina Panthers but they are in process of winning the NFL Championship and they will be the NFL Panthers. Representation! Just sit back Panther fans and enjoy the exhilarating ride. Be patience and take game by game and we shall be there in the end against the Eagles...Well be taking the Defending Champs out which would be sentiment for us winning the Super Bowl. That game will be the game giving us the go ahead to win after beating them. Coach Fox would love that. Charlotte we are going to love it. Don’t turn on the guys please. The teams needs you, US. To cheer, to be loud and very supportive of what they are producing and gaining each week out there on the field. The plan and goal is in motion Feb. 2009. Don’t turn your back when things aren’t going well. As we know the season is long. Guys are getting banged up. But I think in the end they will be alright. The home games are vital. Home games will determine our route to the Championship game. Home field advantage through Charlotte, that’s right get it pumping. But remain HUMBLE. Are yall ready? And then to Tampa. Two places we intend on playing in extending play this year. Home and at the Super Bowl. Charlotte & Tampa were we are dominant at. We are playing for home and Tampa guys see that... The crowd will be key in each and every game. Keep the faith and be patience. Patience’s is a virtue. God loves the Panthers and again I will tell you that he will take care of them, us all. Enjoy the 28-13 win come Sunday:)

Posted by: Panther Fan D | Oct 2, 2008 2:44:05 AM

Facing these tremendous backs week in and week out will play dividends down the stretch and in route to the Super Bowl. Get ready for Harris’s 3rd maybe 4th FF of the year against the Chiefs and Johnson. Hit him early hard and often.:) We are going for 5+ pro Bowlers as well this year.

Posted by: C-ZonChamps! | Oct 2, 2008 3:12:45 AM

Yes, this is the NFL and yes anyone can beat anyone on any Sunday. I know all of that but we really shouldn't have trouble with KC. The biggest reason is because KC's young corners will get absolutely abused by Smith's speed and Muhammad's overwhelming size. I think this is a game we should use the pass to set up the run, although I know we won't. We cannot sleep on LJ, but our run defense surely isn't Denver's and we will not be giving up 196 yds to him this week. We are superior to them in every position on the field with the exception of Running Back(even though Stewart is a true star in the waiting).

If we don't come in with our heads up our butts like we can't lose we should win this game by 17+ points. I am thinking Peppers will go for 2 sacks this week. He is heating up.


Posted by: Henry | Oct 2, 2008 3:20:15 AM

Chiefs fan here. I would love to say. chiefs are gonna kick butt but the truth is that right now the Panthers are the better team. Chiefs are young and are just barely learning how to win. Just finished a 12 game L streak with a W against a good but overrated Broncos team and at home. This game will be on the road against a pretty good panthers team with a set of dangerous Wideouts and a up and coming running back as Henry said above. That being said. This young Chiefs team got a taste of winning last week by giving maximum effort. They have a lot of talent and I think they will want that to continue. Damon Huard is a steady hand at QB and we have a big strong WR in Bowe who can make big plays. I disagree with Henry saying they are better at every postion except RB. WE have a better TE and RB. Chiefs can run the ball on Carolina and open up the field for TG and Bowe and if we keep our mistakes to a minimum and can put pressure on Jake like we did jay. We can make some plays on the defensive end. 4 takeaways last week. Don't have the personel for a blowout. But we have a chance. I just wanna see the young players step up and give a 110 percent. Carolina should win but it won't be 17 if Chiefs come to play

Posted by: matt | Oct 2, 2008 8:55:37 AM

Are we really starting Frank Omiyale in Gross's place? I sure hope not. Guess it probably depends on whether Otah can play.

Posted by: DB | Oct 2, 2008 9:42:39 AM

DALLAS fans, your team sucks!!!!!!

Posted by: Jerry Jones | Oct 2, 2008 10:55:35 AM

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