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October 23, 2008

Kasay's close to milestones

A few notes from Thursday

-- Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals could be memorable for kicker John Kasay. He's three field goals away from tying his personal record of 22 straight, which he did in 2003 (he's made 14 in a row this season and ended the 2007 season with five straight). He also needs one more field goal to tie Jan Stenerud for eighth on the NFL's all-time list for field goals made. Stenerud, the only pure kicker in the hall of fame, has 373.

We'll have a package on Kasay -- the last remaining original Panther -- and what he's meant to the franchise in Friday's Observer.

-- Tackle Jeff Otah (ankle) and center Ryan Kalil (ankle) both missed practice again Thursday. It's looking more and more likely they won't play against the Cardinals. They would then have two additional weeks, including  next week's bye, to get healthy for the Panthers' next game, Nov. 9 at Oakland.

-- Funny moment with kickoff specialist Rhys Lloyd, who was in on a few "tackles" last week against the Saints and looking pretty uncomfortable in the process. Lloyd said after practice that his teammates give him a good-natured hard time about his tackling skills, or lack thereof. Does he plan on working on tackling?

"No!" he said emphatically. "I don't plan on tackling. That's the problem. I don't want to work on it because the intention is not to have to tackle. Last game, I cuddled up to the guy and waited until I got hit by everybody else."

Lloyd's right: If he does what he was brought in to do -- kick the ball into the end zone for a touchback -- he won't be tackling anybody. He's reached the end zone on 26 of his 35 kickoffs and he's first in the NFL with 15 touchbacks. -- David Scott


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Kasay and Peppers are both overrated! GO CARDINALS!

Posted by: Michael Procton | Oct 23, 2008 4:11:17 PM

And by the way, what a great draft pick Otah was...he can't even play with a bum ankle! He's just as bad as DJ Can't Hackett!

Posted by: Michael Procton | Oct 23, 2008 4:17:43 PM

Hey proc, your first comment is dead on but that go cards deal, I dont know bout that one.

Posted by: stork302 | Oct 23, 2008 4:22:05 PM

You both are ridiculous... get a life!

Posted by: TrueFan | Oct 23, 2008 4:25:34 PM

Have ya noticed how about every thurs or friday all the local press starts to try to build up peppers and lucas. Now, I want everyone to take note this weekend. Ole pep and lucas are gonna go out there and play at half speed against a killer cardinal team. we'll all watch while those two take a knee and let the hammer,the beast,nial and thomas pick up the slack. If the press wants to bragg on someone, personally, I think it should be the o-line and that pro-bowl bound, head bustin, linebacker and secondary group. With the exception of lucas of course.

Posted by: stork302 | Oct 23, 2008 4:34:53 PM

Procton, your parents must be very proud of you. Your many accomplishments really must give them alot to discuss maybe all 30 seconds worth.

Posted by: jeff | Oct 23, 2008 5:35:25 PM

Jeez, what is the deal with some of you? First, I don't know why non-Panther fans even post here. I myself don't make it a habit of going to the phoenixjournal.com, just to talk junk with the other teams fans. I'd rather talk with fellow fans about our team. The Panthers will win this one. We're at home, and this year, people are excited. We have a 12th man. We have a better team than in years past. Deal with it. Cards are good, I actually respect quite a bit, but this game will not happen for them. All those INTs we've missed? They come in bunches come Sunday. Watch and see.

Posted by: Bill English | Oct 23, 2008 7:04:31 PM

Great post Bill. I love the spirit. You may be right about the INT's. Other teams don't throw Lucas' way much because he's either playing tight or lurking around for that interception. He's still not the best tackler in the world, but he is crafty.

If Julius is ineffective, it will be because Warner will not have the ball in his hands for long. We struggled against the veteran Garcia, but Warner can't be that mobile at age 80... right? So it shouldn't be as bad as the TB game was.

I think Leanord Pope and the RB's will have to be the difference makers to put the Cards ahead. This will open up the long passing plays for them. Godfrey will have to have a solid performance and not get bites on that play-action, or Warner will make him pay (especially if Lucas or Gamble bait Warner too much in this game). BUT--- IF that 12th man is in fact effective, then trying to make presnap adjustments will be a moot point and that will give the Panthers the overall edge.

Go Panthers! Dominate!!!

Posted by: Keeping It Real | Oct 23, 2008 8:33:27 PM

I agree about Kasay. He has been such an important player on our team and while everybody dosn't allways give the kicker creidt, he fully deserves it. I think he will deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame by the end of his career.

Posted by: Tyler | Oct 23, 2008 9:12:36 PM

You can always tell if someone hasn't played sports. They belittle others accomplishments, because they have none of their own. It is both sad and funny. The vast majority of the fans on here are knowledgeable to know how assinine they sound. Those who can't, criticize those who can.

GO CATS! Get you some bird for me!

Posted by: iamhubby | Oct 23, 2008 10:23:23 PM

Hey guys, sorry about that last comment... Evidently I was on crack and I realized how much of a moron that I am... I mean, I don't even know football... I guess it was because I was too nerdy in school to even play it, and I haven't even had a girlfriend in my entire life. God my life sucks...

Posted by: Michael Procten | Oct 23, 2008 10:53:54 PM

Do we think that Warner will remember what Peppers did to him last year?

Posted by: Ben | Oct 23, 2008 11:45:23 PM

This game is critical in regards to our playoff hopes. If we win this, we put ourselves in a great spot to make the playoffs. Here are some reasons why this game is so huge.

It's always great to go into a bye week with a win, no matter what. Everyone's happy and productive the entire week.

If you look at our schedule, you will see that we have 3 games that we should win right in a row after the bye week. Now granted, any given Sunday any team can win, but the Raiders and Lions are a mess and I don't care what the Falcon's record is; they have a rookie QB and we manhandled them last time.

So, if we win against the Cardinals we come into that easy 3 game stretch as 6-2. Plus three puts us at 9-2. Win one of our next 5 and we're pretty much in. Now, our schedule gets a bit tougher with our last 5 matchups, but it's good to have a stretch of playoff caliber teams heading into the playoffs instead of being untested for a while.

So, winning this game is HUGE guys, and if we do, playoffs here we come. That is, if Jake's arm doesn't fall off.

Posted by: Christian | Oct 24, 2008 12:39:06 AM

I wasn't on crack, it was just meth. Sorry guys I'm just coming down. Kasay and Peppers suckkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Posted by: Michael Procton | Oct 24, 2008 12:48:45 AM

We've always been a huge fan of Kasay

Posted by: New England | Oct 24, 2008 7:50:20 AM

I hop Kasey has his record breaking day on Sunday. He is a gentleman and a true professional in every sense of the word. I don't understand why Otah and Kalil are still missing practice. They both have been out several weeks now. The shuffle on the offensive line has hurt our offensive developement this year, especially our running game. It will be very important that our offense sustain long drives this week to keep the Cardinal offense off the field. We cannot afford those quick 3 and outs or our defense will be gased and burned by the Cardinals. I hope Fox has prepared the team well this week. We cannot afford another effortless and uninspired performance like in Tampa this week or we will suffer the same fate.

Posted by: J Thomas | Oct 24, 2008 9:40:51 AM

kasay and milestones huh? how bout the milestone when he kicked the kickoff outta bounds in the superbowl! costing us the game. we wouldnt have been there wit out him tho. and hes a great guy in person ive met him many times. michael procton u need to stop suckin so much dick to fuel ur meth/crack habbit.

Posted by: dat dude | Oct 24, 2008 11:25:39 AM

The main point that I think needs to be made about this game is this...

Kurt Warner is possibly the most immobile QB in the league. Historically, the Panthers have not had too many problems containing Warner and getting to him alot (and yes I know the Rams used to whoop on the Panthers, but thank Marshall Faulk and Trung Candidate for that). He's a sitting duck in the pocket and I expect the Panthers to harrass and blitz him all day.

Posted by: Al | Oct 24, 2008 11:38:31 AM

I hope we give Dwayne Jarrett more opportunities. He is due for a big game. Jake give him a look or two.


Posted by: FIREFOX | Oct 24, 2008 11:59:05 AM

Getting pressure on Warner is a must. If our front 4 isn't doing the job, I would rather blitz and leave 1 on 1 coverage on the outside than simply drop 7 into coverage and give Warner all day to pick us apart.

Posted by: Mason | Oct 24, 2008 3:14:16 PM

Firefox---are you a McDonald's exucutive. Please take yer subliminal crap eslewhere. Thanks.

Is Ron Green Jr. serious??
"Ole?" If I hear that this weekend, I'm going to get sick. They should play a melody from that Panther rap and nothing else (at least not soccer chants)...

Posted by: Keeping It Real | Oct 24, 2008 3:31:09 PM

John Kasay deserve every bit of honor and praise that he gets. He's been as dependable over his career for the Panthers as anyone in the entire league. One out-of-bounds kickoff in the Superbowl is not a reason to discount or dishonor him. There have been so many wins in Panthers' history where it came down to him putting it through the uprights. The team counts on him, and he routinely delivers.

Kasy is also such an integral part of this team...a captain, even...and a guy with a good enough soul that even Steve Smith sets aside his demons to seek his advice after fighting with Lucas. He's the heart and soul of the franchise since its inception, because he's the only one who's been here...and produced...during that entire span of time. We never would have gone to a Superbowl without him. And this franchise probably wouldn't be the same without him.

So I hope he breaks every record he can. I even hope he makes it to the Hall of Fame someday...though it would be a longshot. I don't think Kasay really pursues any of those things, though. He's not looking for treasure on earth. And that's all the more reason to honor him.

Just my two-cents,

Posted by: NSpicer | Oct 25, 2008 2:53:48 PM


Are you shi!!ing me? He cost us the Superbowl. I don't care how many games he has won for us...the only one that gets you a trophy and ring is the Superbowl! He blew it! That's life, people remember the one bad thing people do not all the good. Everyone get off their high horse and look and see what he has meant to this team for what it is....he cost us the SB, no matter what else he did in the 40 years he's been here. When it mattered, he failed to produce....at the end of the game he was a loser with all the rest of the team. And, that my friends, is the brutal and unfortunate hard truth.

Posted by: Brian | Oct 25, 2008 5:05:49 PM


I totally disagree. That single play alone cost us nothing but field position and momentum. But there were plenty of other plays that could have reversed momentum again and defined a different ending to that game.

How about if the defense made a play at the end to pick off Brady as he tried marching them down the field? You don't think it could've happened? Go back to the St. Louis Rams game or the Philadelphia Eagles game in the NFC playoffs. The Panthers made several such plays under pressure situations.

How about if the defense had simply sacked Brady during that last drive and kept them out of FG range? Not possible? The Panthers' defense thrived on that during 2003.

How about if the Panthers' special teams had blocked Vinatieri's kick? Sound out of the question? That particular Panthers team blocked extra points and FGs earlier in the season to salt away wins.

Or, as long as we're micro-analyzing individual player performances, how about if you go back to the beginning of the game and cite the entire Panthers' offense for outright stinking it up in the face of an the experienced Patriots' defense? We're going to excuse those poor performances because Kasay's kick out of bounds trumps them somehow?

What a load of crap.

If you believe people remember the one bad thing others do, and not all the good, then that's your problem. People call that pessimism at best, and cynicism at worst. To blame that one play as the reason the Panthers lost the Superbowl is about as near-sighted a comment as anyone can make. It's a team game. They won their way into the Superbowl that way. And they lost it that way.

I'll never blame Kasay for the loss. Even so, I'm not trying to whitewash his kick out of bounds as a good play. Of course it was a bad one. But it wasn't the last play of the game. And, as such, it wasn't the only play that cost us that game. So, I'm sorry. I completely disagree with you. Kasay is...and always has been...one of the most productive players at his position of all-time. And he's been an integral part of any successful seasons the Panthers have ever had.


Posted by: NSpicer | Oct 25, 2008 8:04:02 PM

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