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November 30, 2008

Answers to pregame questions ...

-- Question: Just don't understand the philosophy of our corners playing 10 to 12 yards off the receivers. I understand we don't want to give up the big play, but it allows the opposing qbs to hit the quick slant over and over. Teams could march all the way down the field doing nothing but that all day. Our corners even play way off the receivers in the red zone. Are they afraid of getting beat deep there too? I was convinced that Fox and Co. didn't have enough faith in our starting corners to allow them to lock up on receivers and play bump and run. However, we just paid Gamble a ton on a new contract, so what gives?

-- Todd

Answer: Yes, they don't want to get beat deep, they're more comfortable in giving up those short and medium-yardage plays. But the closing speed of players like Gamble and Godfrey allow them to make tackles pretty quickly. -- David


-- Question: It will be a tough one today in Green Bay. Especially if it snows. What will our season look like if the Cats lose today?

-- Tyler

Answer: If they lose, it's official: They're in a slump and locked in a struggle not only for the NFC South title, but also a wild-card berth. -- David


-- Question: Just wanted to see what you guys thought about who will be the next Panther to get that big contract. I've gotta believe it will be Peppers, will they let Gross go in free agency and possibly move Wharton or Otah over to LT next year? Or would they possibly franchise Gross again?

-- jb

Answer: They'll try for both. And they will do anything and everything they can to keep Peppers. -- David


-- Question: How do you see us bouncing back after such a huge loss last week? And can we expect our offense to put up huge numbers like New Orleans did last week on the Pack?

-- Ray

Answer: The Panthers talked all week about not starting so slow, so we'll see about that. They'll try and establish the run first. The Panthers don't have a passing attack like New Orleans, but it can be effective if Williams and Stewart are gaining big yardage against a Green Bay defense that's weak against the run. -- David


-- Question: What is the vibe of the players and coaches in pregame warm ups? Do they seem hungry for victory? Will we see a heavy dose of DeAngelo today?

-- RK

Answer: The Panthers seem hungry for victory, at least from our vantage point high in the press box! And DeAngelo will get plenty of carries. -- David


-- Question: I made the trip last year to see the Panthers play in Green Bay. GREAT experience and great fans. Is Brett Farve's Steakhouse still there? Curious to know. Also, what is the mood of the team? I think the run defense is the big difference and that comes from attitude. I don't see the same chemistry that we had prior to the bye. Will we get that back?

-- PantherHead

Answer: Brett Favre's steakhouse is still here; there's also a Vince Lombardi Steakhouse in nearby Appleton and streets named after Lombardi and Reggie White near the stadium. Wonder if Aaron Rodgers ever eats at Favre's restaurant? -- David


-- Question: What jerseys are we wearing? Whiete im assuming.? What are some of your predictions for this game?

-- Kyle

Answer: Red, er, white uniforms today. You are correct sir! ... Close game, hard-fought. David Scott, Scott Fowler and I all picked the Panthers by less than a touchdown. -- Charles


-- Question: My son and I live in Tampa, but we are avid Panthers fans even though we are surrounded by Bucs fans. We used to use the Tight End so much when Wesley Walls was around and I still believe that the middle is open against most teams, especially this week against the Panthers. We need a go to Tight End - like a Tony Gonzalez or Antonio Gates. Is there anyone coming out of college that could be a potential find for us? WE have the pieces to be a great team, but I think that is one area that is lacking.

-- Chris

Answer: As you know, the Panthers under John Fox have used the tight ends more as blockers than receivers. Keep an eye today on Dante Rosario, however. The matchup may give him some opportunities. This also could be the day Gary Barnidge finally makes an impact in the receiving game. ... As for draft prospects, the top senior prospect is probably Oklahoma State's Brandon Pettigrew, a projected first-round pick. Next is probably Missouri's Chase Coffman. -- Charles


-- Question: What should our gameplan be to take corners Harris and Woodson out of the game as much as possible? Which color jerseys are we wearing today?

-- Ward

Answer: White jerseys today. Look for the Panthers to try to run the ball extensively against the league's No. 26 run defense. It's very difficult to take Woodson and Harris out of the game, but Steve Smith is capable of beating either of them, and mixing up the plays always helps. -- Charles

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