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November 28, 2008

Gamble: I wanted to stay

Panthers cornerback Chris Gamble just said on a conference call with reporters that he wanted to remain with the team and wasn't interested in testing his value on the open market.

"I wanted to be with Carolina. I didn't want to be with any other team," said Gamble, who signed a six-year contract extension Friday. "I like the organization, the coaching staff, my teammates and the fans. I wanted to get it out of the way. ... I just feel very comfortable and welcome here. I just love it here."

Gamble's agent, Carl Poston, said the contract makes Gamble one of the NFL's top five highest-paid cornerbacks, but he wouldn't release terms of the deal.

However, a Denver, Colo., television station, KDVR Fox 31, quoted sources close to the situation as saying the deal could max out at $54.55 million, with $23 million in total guarantees, including $16 million in guaranteed roster and signing bonuses.

Poston said of the contract: "It reflects Chris as being one of the top corners in the game today. Economically, it does the same."

Gamble's contract was scheduled to expire at the end of this season.

With defensive end Julius Peppers and offensive tackle Jordan Gross also due to become unrestricted free agents after this season, Gamble likely would've had a free path to put his services up for bidding on the open market, but chose not to do so.

Poston said after conferring with Gamble, he agreed that trying to work out a deal soon with Carolina was the correct thing to do.

"I think part of my job is go give the pros and cons to my client," said Poston.

"He made it clear he wanted to stay here. I felt that was a good decision."

-- Charles Chandler

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Now lets get Gross locked up, and if Peppers had to get the tag, so be it.

Posted by: Ashe | Nov 28, 2008 3:32:45 PM

One of the top 5 highest paid corners in the league? Have we gone crazy? He has played decently this year, but does nobody remember how horrible he has been in the past? I wouldn't put him in the top 30.

Posted by: ELJAY | Nov 28, 2008 3:41:25 PM

I am happy to hear he likes it here and that he wants to stay. I am looking forward to him being around for the next six years

Posted by: niplets | Nov 28, 2008 3:59:21 PM

Shut the hell up!!!

Posted by: ejay's mom | Nov 28, 2008 4:10:35 PM

this guy is a young, lock down corner...do you even watch the games?

Posted by: d | Nov 28, 2008 4:16:06 PM

I agree he's doing pretty well this year, but seriously you people can't deny all the pain he has caused us for most of his career. Shut down corner? That's laughable. I wish I could agree with you guys, but let's be realistic here.

Posted by: ELJAY | Nov 28, 2008 4:32:37 PM

Yea would should have waited until he became a free agent and paid him 80mil, real smart ELJAY

Posted by: billy | Nov 28, 2008 5:17:24 PM

Quote "However, a Denver, Colo., television station, KDVR Fox 31, quoted sources..."

Once again, the hometown newspaper is the one to dig up the details...nice one, Observer...

Posted by: Jonasty | Nov 28, 2008 5:35:14 PM

ELJAY must be Michael Procton...he would make comments like that about Gamble. Now tell us that Peppers is a waste and Jake Delhomme is the best qb in the nfl.

Posted by: JM | Nov 28, 2008 5:39:07 PM


Posted by: Chris Gamble | Nov 28, 2008 6:17:11 PM

You people that think this was a bad deal need to realize that if Gamble got away we'd have to spent at least what we're paying him on a high draft pick to replace him. Then you get an unproven commodity that would be at least a 2 year project before Gambles level was reached. Or the draft pick could be a bust. I think it's a great deal for the Panthers. Not to mention Gamble's a good citizen too.

Posted by: panthervic | Nov 28, 2008 6:41:18 PM

He has made his share of mistakes in the past, and unfortunately when a corner makes a mistake it is usually costly and really stands out. But really, who would we have gotten that is any better to replace him? He may not be a "shut-down" corner, but he is an excellent corner who still hasn't even reached his potential. His re-signing is great news!

Posted by: jeff | Nov 28, 2008 6:50:47 PM

Cornerbacks are hard to find. A good one is even harder. He has only gotten better over the past few years and still young. I wanted to keep him over Peppers or Gross. He brings it every game.

Posted by: Gamble fan | Nov 28, 2008 6:51:57 PM

Remember he wasn't even a true cornerback coming our of college. I think he is getting better. Better bargain than Gross or Peppers.

Posted by: WooHoo | Nov 28, 2008 6:55:30 PM

ELJAY what games have you watched?

Gamble had one bad year, which was last year. Every other season he has had 65+ tackles, 12+ pass deflections, and 3+ INTs. His first two seasons he had 7 and 6 INTs respectively.

Last year he played with a cast on his hand, which severely impeded his ability to catch the ball or grab on to the ballcarrier for a tackle, yet he still notched 47 tackles. Oh, and not to mention last year we had arguably the worst pass rush in the league. When a QB can sit back in the pocket for 8-10 seconds and scan the field, of COURSE the CBs stats are going to go down. No one in the league can hold tight coverage for that long.

Finally, just to give you something to think about:

Gamble's stats through first 4 years pro:
262 Tackles, 44 pass deflections, 1 sack, 3 forced fumbles, 17 INTs, 2 TDs.

Champ Bailey's stats through first 4 years:

242 Tackles, 71 pass deflections, 1 sack, 3 forced fumbles, 16 INTs, 1 TD.

Champ Bailey is considered to be one of the best shutdown corners to ever play the game, and aside from pass deflections Chris Gamble has matched or outclassed him in every statistical category this far into his career. Not to mention Champ has had a couple down years too, and if you divide deflections by years played, Bailey comes up with 15.3 deflections per season, while Gamble has 11 per season.

So I ask again, what games have you been watching where Gamble was "terrible"?

Posted by: Steve | Nov 28, 2008 7:13:45 PM

Get you some chris! You guys in here aint seen nothing yet. Everyone knows it takes a minimum of 4 years to become a real CB. And this guys still a kid. a kid that will come up in a hurry and pop the s--t out of ya. This time next year every comentator in the nation will be calling him carolinas pro bowl corner back. damn, don't that sound pretty. Congrats to chris. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Aloha Mr. Gamble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: stork302 | Nov 28, 2008 7:36:59 PM

Lets go panthers!!!! We need VICK next year!!!!!

Posted by: Snowman3 | Nov 28, 2008 8:14:47 PM

I think this will end up being a mistake. I like Gamble, but no way has he played well enough to be paid that much. Of the three between Peppers, Gross and Gamble, I predict one will not be able to be re-signed due to the amount of money they would all demand. For me, the obvious man out would have been Gamble because Richard Marshall has more than proven to be as good if not better than Gamble. Then we could afford to sign Peppers and Gross, who make a larger contribution to every play on the field. Now I fear, one of them will not be on the field next year.

Posted by: allredjedi | Nov 28, 2008 8:48:31 PM


I'll tell you what games. Not so much this year, but all the years past not just last year. He usually got burned once a game for a TD, because he got too aggressive and was out of position, bit on a fake or whatever it may have been, too many times to recall. He never wrapped up when tackling until this contract season. So we'll see how he does now.

Secondly, the reason he has those big numbers is because he is usually 8 to 10yds off of the receiver and at critical times. Like 3rd and 5,6 or7 and he is 8 to 10 yards off, instead of Jamming the receiver off the line. Why wouldn't you throw his way?
By the way you disgust me!

Posted by: bt | Nov 28, 2008 10:05:44 PM

So half of the contract is made up of incentives?

"I wanted to be with Carolina. I didn't want to be with any other team,"

Let's see Jury-is-in Poopers, and Jeff Mitchell's boy Gross say the same thing. Even if they did speak the words, actions speak louder. I say slap the franchise tag on Poopers and then trade him for whatever you can get. Charles Johnson looks like he can fill that role, and Tyler Brayton gets in the backfield on a regular basis. Now he just needs to learn how to tackle someone back there and, between those two, the Peppers legacy will quickly become a thing of the past.

Since you can only franchise one player, you would have to let the oversized elf go. So be it. Let him hog up someone else's cap space. Wharton or Otah can compete for the LT spot (along with anyone else they can bring in). With Slash & Smash back there, you can bring Clarence Jones back to play the position and still be fine.

All of that is a moot point, of course, if either one signs a reasonable contract with plenty of incentives (like Gamble did). I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen though. They couldn't agree in a two-year span, why would that change now... especially with Gross showing he can protect the blindside and Peppers seeming to be well past his sandbagging days (at least in his contract year).

Posted by: Keeping It Real | Nov 28, 2008 10:54:03 PM

Im pretty sure this makes Gross the odd man out here. I would be shocked if we got all 3 resigned and would take some smart money management from Hurney which is what he's known for.

We'll have to wait and see details of contract but they could give us some major insight on what were going to do with Gross and Peppers, if the contract is back loaded it means we will probally sign one more to a long term contract.

I have full confidence in Fox and Hurney to handle this situation.

Posted by: Matt | Nov 28, 2008 11:44:24 PM

lots of good points both pros and cons...i tend to be anti-gamble...he has pretty good hands, speed and does seem to have made progress in some things. The cons are big ones...I think he is soft b/c he will not hit people, poor tackling, plays way to far off the receiver...I have seen him avoid haiving to make tackles too many times...too many times of receivers running near the sidelines and he will try to push or knock them out of bounds. He is not successful in doing that...so many yards after the catch by the man he covers seems to be pretty bad...since gamble is staying, I say we look for the best LT or RT in the draft and get rid of Gross. Otah was drafted to play LT anyway and gross just isnt comfortale playing there at LT ...also they could let peppers go...I agree that charles johnson has been in the backfield more than peppers and has pressured the qb more than peppers. i would like to see both gross and pep not resigned and they eat up so much sal cap

Posted by: trailer trash | Nov 29, 2008 12:06:53 AM

How do you know they didn't lock him up so they could trade him in the off season for a first rounder, they don't have one next year. Never know

Posted by: Phil McCrotch | Nov 29, 2008 12:10:00 AM

Seriously Steve....

Looks as if you only respond to anything between 9 and 10 in the morning and 6 and 7 at night. The Analytical in you I guess! Are You an Engineer Degree? I bet you are.. Everything is on schedule isn't it? I have let you irritate me enough by being a Sell Out to your own Raising/Rearing, Whatever! You know what I mean...

Posted by: bt | Nov 29, 2008 3:00:31 AM


Posted by: Chuck | Nov 29, 2008 9:21:03 AM

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