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December 28, 2008

Panthers Postgame: Answering your questions

How does Jake look? Has Fox said anything about him being shaken up on that one play?

Posted by: Clay | Dec 28, 2008 5:18:10 PM

Clay: Jake said he was a little woozy from the hit, but he's OK. -- David

Not so much a question, but what is wrong with the Panther's secondary?

Posted by: Scott | Dec 28, 2008 5:18:40 PM

Scott: Not much pressure up front with the DTs out has something to do with it. Brees has done that to teams all season, so the Panthers aren't alone. -- David

What is up with O-line health?

What is up with prevent OFFENSE?

Jake is one tough dude.

When in doubt, chuck it to Steve. WOW!

Posted by: Gut | Dec 28, 2008 5:19:59 PM

Gut: O line health: Otah (toe), Hangartner (ankle). We don't know how badly they're hurt for at least a few days, if not next week. No reason not to keep it on the ground when you're ahead, but the Saints' run defense got better when the Panthers' o-line started falling out with injuries. Until that last drive, right? -- David

Can someone explain to me the strategy of the squib kick? I see it being far more of a disadvantage than an advantage when used. It gave the Saints an unnecessary second play.

Posted by: allredjedi | Dec 28, 2008 5:20:45 PM

Allredjedi: It wasn't supposed to go out of bounds. Had it stayed in and somebody touched it, the clock would have run out.

Where was Otah? Did he get hurt?? Is it me or does Lucas continue to get burned on a regular basis?

Posted by: tc | Dec 28, 2008 5:22:41 PM

tc: Otah hurt his toe. Lucas has struggled some, but I think he's tightened up some over the last few weeks. Those Saints receivers are TALL. -- David

Is Otah hurt now? If not, why was Gross playing RT?

Posted by: Ken Lawton | Dec 28, 2008 5:23:48 PM

Ken: Yes, Gross moved over to Otah's spot after he hurt his toe. -- David

When will playoff tickets go on sale? What will the price range be?

Posted by: Charles | Dec 28, 2008 5:26:06 PM

Charles: Probably later this week. About 7,000 of them will be on sale to general public. Not sure on the price. -- David

There will no doubt be alot of negativity (mostly directed towards Fox) on this board, but regardless - we won our second NFC South championship and tied the franchise record for wins in a season. Granted, it took 10 years off my life, but I couldn't be happier for the team.

Anywho, my question is two-fold -- where does the catch by Smith on the final drive rank among all time plays in Panther history? "X-clown" was huge in 2003 of course, but Smitty went up to grab that ball in between TWO defenders, on a jumpball, under 2:00 left in a game with the division on the line. The play in 03 won a playoff game obviously, but it was a relatively simple route and easy catch. This grab was anything but - especially with a division title on the line. What do you guys think?

Secondly - what do you think of Smitty's HOF chances? Between the Mardigras Miracle (please give me credit when y'all use that one) and all the other unreal grabs he's made throughout his career, did this one punch the ticket?

Posted by: kris | Dec 28, 2008 5:30:42 PM

Kris: First question: It was a big one, due to the stakes. Top 10? Probably. Question 2: He's got several more seasons to continue at the same level for HOF consideration, I'd say. -- David

Any thoughts on losing a big lead in the 2nd half in huge games for the last two weeks in a row????

Posted by: J Thomas | Dec 28, 2008 5:33:24 PM

J Thomas: The Panthers definitely got conservative on defense, which is easy to do. But they're banged up on that D line. That allowed the Giants' running game to get them back in the game. Drew Brees puts up these kinds of numbers all the time. -- David

I wonder why Nate Salley and James Anderson played the majority of the 2nd half ? Something wrong with Chris Harris and/or Nail Diggs ? If so, why not play Landon Johnson ? I thought he was second on the depth chart ? Greets.

Posted by: Krueger | Dec 28, 2008 5:47:44 PM

Krueger: Lots of different lineups with the DTs out, especially with Brees slinging it. Landon Johnson just hasn't panned out. -- David

Do you think the 7 seconds was a gift to Breez to give him one pass play for the record?

Posted by: Eric K Hasara | Dec 28, 2008 6:13:59 PM

Eric: Probably not. -- David

Comment, it's funny that people use the question post to pull out their soapboxes and rant and rave.

Question, which two teams are facing off in Wild Card weekend that we would go against?

Posted by: Justin | Dec 28, 2008 6:00:15 PM

Justin: We won't know until the wildcard games over. The Panthers would play the highest remaining seed (the Giants would get the lowest). -- David

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When will game times and dates be set for the palyoffs? (Panthers game Sat. or Sun.?)

Posted by: Joe | Dec 28, 2008 10:07:57 PM

anyone notice how the panthers are trending to go away from what works in the 2nd half?

Last week, we go away from the pass and we can't score.

This week, 140+ rushing yards from Williams and we go away from him in the 2nd half.

both occasions the Panthers can't score and we allow the other team back in the game.

It has happened throughout the season and it sucks as a fan.

Posted by: Phil | Dec 28, 2008 10:19:39 PM

What was the logic to the last 40-something seconds in the first half? If we're not going to attempt to get in FG range, why not just take a knee to avoid injuries?

Posted by: Sir Purr | Dec 28, 2008 10:20:25 PM

WHY on earth does Fox WIMP out and not go for the kill when they have the lead?? You could tell Jake was upset at that horrible play call on 3rd and 12 when they could've run a much better play.

I've heard many complaints from Panther fans how Fox just sits on lead only to let the other team back in it! Doesn't he realize that's going to come back to haunt him if he doesn't go for the WIN?

Posted by: Neal | Dec 28, 2008 10:53:25 PM

Again Fox got Conservative. He had Williams rushing for over 100 yards in the first half and once he felt like the game was won he took him out in put in the second screen running back. Agin he got away from what was working and allowed the Saints back into the game as he did with the Gaints.

Posted by: David Cooper | Dec 28, 2008 10:54:49 PM

I'm glad Fox finally understood the play action work when the defense is pressing your run game. Good job Fox

Posted by: David Cooper | Dec 28, 2008 10:57:34 PM

For anyone who didn't catch it on SNF, our Divisional game will be Saturday, Jan 10 @ 8pm.

Posted by: Dan | Dec 28, 2008 10:57:50 PM

The winner of the Atlanta ,Cardinal game?

Posted by: David Cooper | Dec 28, 2008 11:00:42 PM

I swear Landon Johnson did play. I like us blitzing a lot. I like when we moved Pep around. It rattled Brees, something he didnt expect. We should have done it more, so we could get better at

Posted by: jake the snake | Dec 28, 2008 11:50:42 PM

A little off subject, but I think we all have to say now that the trade up in this year's draft to get Otah has worked out well.

Our running game is ridiculous, and at this point, our 1st rounder this coming draft would be no earlier than 24th (and that is IF we lose our first playoff game along with Tennessee, New York, and either Indy or Pittsburgh), which means we gave up a 2nd and 4th round pick to move up 5 spots, which is pretty normal trade value for a first rounder (Otah was picked 19th).

Not to mention, if we don't have to sign a 1st rounder this year, it gives us more money to play with to re-sign Pepp and Gross.

We are also setting ourselves up to be in good shape heading into what looks to be a strong 2010 draft with Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford (most likely) coming out just as Delhomme is limping into the last years of his career (he will be 36).

If we can keep our core intact, Hurney seems to have set us up very nicely in the way he is building this team, and for everyone who has called for his head over the years, you have to admit that in a league where everyone is criticized for their short-sightedness, he seems to be very much a man who plans for the future.

BTW, great win today, though I almost had a heart atack by the end of the game! Go PANTHERS!!!!!

Posted by: Steve | Dec 29, 2008 1:40:50 AM

Charles, you were saying something about basketball scores in the video???

And I know I'm going to get flack for this, but I really was disappointed how Brees fell came so close to the record and failed. Also, to see the Bucs final record and watch them fall apart like that is embarrassing. So much for the NFC South Division doing something that has never been done before (sending 3 of 4 teams into the playoffs).

That being said, this team is going to rip the NFL a new one in the playoffs!!


Posted by: Keeping It Real | Dec 29, 2008 3:01:11 AM

and what about Landon Johnson forcing the huge fumble on special teams. He went from being benched late in the season to making a game changing play on special teams. Other teams will take notice of that and give him a shot if it continues.

Posted by: Keeping It Real | Dec 29, 2008 3:08:10 AM

About both teams having NFL record days...
Didn't Williams match Jim Brown's record today? Also, let's not overlook JORDAN GROSS' record that he set today--- Isn't he the first NFL OL to play both LT & RT in one game and GET AT LEAST ONE FALSE START PENALRY ON BOTH SIDES?? Sign this record setter to any contract he wants already!! LMAO!!!

Posted by: Keeping It Real | Dec 29, 2008 3:26:59 AM

We are NFC South champs
We went 12-4
We are the 2nd seed
We are unbeaten at home
We win a high scoring contest with the top scoring offencein the league.

And are the fans happy? Of course not, it is Carolina we are talking about, whining is all you get...

Can't we just for a days or so be happy about the success of our team?


Posted by: Thorrez | Dec 29, 2008 5:29:25 AM

KIR, D Williams did not score a TD so it would be pretty hard for him to tie that record.

Posted by: Billy | Dec 29, 2008 8:31:22 AM

Keeping it retarted - 3 teams made the playoffs from the NFC East last year.

Posted by: hey | Dec 29, 2008 8:34:10 AM

Also the AFC south sent 3 teams last year.

Posted by: Bill | Dec 29, 2008 9:15:36 AM

Why the time out with 7 seconds to go- anything less than7 seconds and you don't have to kickoff!

Posted by: big joe | Dec 29, 2008 9:55:00 AM

Once again fox puss' out. Maybe jerry Richardson needs to sit up in bed and place a call and start calling plays from home. I've never seen a poorer selection of play calling. Win or not this guys sux

Posted by: Scott | Dec 29, 2008 10:15:42 AM

Why is it that it seems like everytime an opposing team throws a ball, the receiver is wide open with our nearest guy +10 yards away. I understand playing zone but my grandma could of caught some of those passes. You can't give up passes like that in the playoffs and hope to win.

Kudos to the run defense. It was good today despite some injuries.

I don't understand why we get in this complacent mode if we get a lead. We should be playing like the other team is always ahead. I understand running out the clock but when you have nearly 30 minutes of game to go, play hard and then run at the clock in the last half of the 4th.

Offense, did a wonderful job.

And last, the squib kick, what was that all about?

Posted by: Sandman | Dec 29, 2008 11:25:09 AM

WTF.I almost crapped on myself yesterday...im happy we won but something has 2 be done about the play calling when we have the lead and our corners getting beat on every pass play.(luc is gone been saying since the fight)if you play a sport you know once you have a team by the neck you have have to go for the kill!!!!!!!!fox you are pretty good but thats on you..we need a 4 game winning streak now, so lets ball up!!!!

Posted by: darius04 | Dec 29, 2008 11:38:35 AM

If the Panthers win the Super Bowl, some of you posters will criticize Fox. If he had tried to play the 2nd half like the first, we probably would have lost cause NO had half time, also, to adjust to the Panthers running game. And they did! And Brees and the boys are no slouches. Our guys are trying so hard to win one for Mr. Richardson. My question is, why can we not get behind them and SUPPORT them instead of doing this nit picking? GO, PANTHERS!!!

Posted by: annnort1 | Dec 29, 2008 12:00:37 PM

You people are unbelievable. The Panthers win the NFC South and get a first round bye with a home playoff game and you people still come on here and complain. If you're so much better than fox and the rest of the coaches, then get your asses off your couches and away from your computer screens and go out and do a better job. What else more do you want from this team. Go root for the Steelers, Colts, or Titans if this team is so horrible. And if any of you complaining "fans" have tickets to the playoff game next Saturday night, please give them to someone who will actually cheer them on and support them. GO PANTHERS! 2008 NFC SOUTH CHAMPS!

Posted by: JM | Dec 29, 2008 12:07:15 PM

Can someone explain to me the 2nd quarter fumble recovery by Richard Marshall call. The play was reviewed and determined to be an incomplete pass. The Saint receiver had the ball, had control, and "made a football move", yet the call was incomplete pass. How in the world was that an incomplete pass?

Posted by: Jay | Dec 29, 2008 12:49:45 PM

Krueger, depending on the package, Anderson may have been the #2. Johnson is only the LOLB backup; Anderson is behind Davis at ROLB. They might have felt more comfortable with Davis switching sides and Anderson stepping in, or they could have been trying it in case of an injury situation come playoff time. No doubt Landon hasn't been a great pickup, but he wasn't THAT expensive, and he was extremely productive in Cincinnati. We could probably save about $1 mil if we cut him (depending on what his unreleased base salary is), but I don't know where else we could use that money more productively. Diggs is steady, but he's no playmaker. Maybe Johnson has a good offseason and comes in ready to claim a starting job.

EHasara, Joe, the six seconds more likely had to do with leaving enough time on the clock for a second attempt in the event of a bad snap or another reason we had to run another play, since it wasn't 4th down already.

Sir Purr, I don't see how the Panthers mismanaged the end of the first half. You use a couple conservative plays in the hopes you can spring one long, like DeAngelo, Smitty, and Stewart all have the capacity to do, and like Williams almost DID. The kid was one more missed tackle from making it 30-10 at the half.

Steve, given that we've been successful even when Otah was out, it's difficult to say he's made the difference and proved his worth. He's no left tackle and will likely never be, and that's only if he stays durable to play full seasons.

As for your trade scenario, here's how the trade value chart breaks it down if, as you predict, the Eagles get the 24th pick.

#19=875 pts.

#24=740 pts.+#43=470+#109=76 pts.=1286

So it's clear we overpaid, regardless of whether you think it was the right move or not. The points say we lost a mid-second rounder in value, and even if that pick next year is #32, we're still a high third-rounder short in value. Plus, while we will theoretically be "saving" from paying NEW money against next year's cap without a first-round pick, we'll actually be costing ourselves money by having TWO first-round picks at their second year price.

KIR, I hope you're just talking about the first time the NFCS sent three teams to the playoffs. Both conferences had three teams from one division just last year (NFCE, AFCS!) Also, you're wrong on Williams. He didn't match the record because he didn't score a TD.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Dec 29, 2008 12:53:59 PM

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