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February 06, 2009

Aloha for Peppers?

Two players who are Panthers' biggest offseason priorities -- defensive end Julius Peppers and offensive tackle Jordan Gross -- will be in the starting lineup for the NFC in Sunday's Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.

It might be the last time Peppers -- who has said he doesn't want to play for the Panthers after his contract expires later this month -- wears a Carolina helmet. Gross, who's playing in his first Pro Bowl and who also could become a free agent, has said he'd like to remain with the Panthers.

This is Peppers' fourth Pro Bowl appearance.

Two other Panthers -- receiver Steve Smith and linebacker Jon Beason -- are reserves. It's Beason's first Pro Bowl, while this will be Smith's fourth.

The game will be on WCNC, channel 36 (NBC) at 4:30 p.m. Sunday. -- David Scott 

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1) Ken Lucas (Age & Cap # only)
2) DJ Hackett (Cap & Lack of Productivity)
3) Tyler Brayton (Age & Cap)
4) Na'il Diggs or Landon Johnson (Cap)
5) Darwin Walker (Age & Cap)
6) Nick Goings (Age & Cap)
Note: All are cap reasons as well. Cap space is always needed to sign your own, fa's, draft picks.

1) Julius Peppers (3 high picks min.)
2) Josh McCown (mid to late draft pick)
3) Dwayne Jarret (mid to late on potential)
4) Kemo (high rnd pk, overrated)
5) Jeff King (late rnd pk)
6) Jake Dehlomme (high to mid 2 min pks)
NOTE: These players either want out,are busts,not the long term answer or have high cap numbers that can be better used with draft picks.

1) Jordan Gross (Earned it)
2) Julius Peppers (Why not try)
3) Richard Marshall (While its cheap)
4) Deangelo Williams (For Michael Turner $$)
5) Thomas Davis (Make up for Witherspoon)

NOTE: Sign our young core players now, while they are a little cheaper. This will provide stability to the organization and free up money and cap space.

The Panthers are on the cusp of big things. I believe Matt Moore is the answer at QB if given an honest chance at the job and he is only 24 yrs old. The Panthers need to begin identifying their young core talent and start signing those players to longterm deals even if they have two or three years left on their contracts. This is what the Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers do religiously and they consistently have room under the cap by an average every year of $15 million. Trade or cut those players that have been here for two or three years that have not done anything. Odds are they never will do anything and we should get players in here that might do something. Marty Hurney must stop dragging his feet on negotiations. We should have resigned Peppers longterm after his 2 1/2 sack season! He still would have received a big contract, but we had leverage at that point. Now, he doesn't want to be here at all and quite honestly, we probably could not afford the money required to keep him anyway. In all honesty, we should tag and trade Peppers which will save us money and land some high picks. Trade Delhomme which will save us $11 million and land some solid picks. Just these two moves with the release of Ken Lucas and possibly trading or releasing Kemo will provide us with a multitude of solid picks and much needed cap space for several years to come. It would also allow us to resign five or six of our good, young, core players now. For moving these four players, you would provide a solid financial future and cap space, end up with around 12 picks and easily have enough cap space to resign Deangelo, Marshall, Davis, Moore, Beason and a few others.

NOTE: Go get a TE now. Or, use Rosario and Barnidge more. We could open up the whole offense if we used our TE's more. Now that we have a 1-2 punch at RB, a solid experienced offensive line (signed long term) and good WR's, using the TE's in this offense would makes us dangerous like the 80's 49'ers!

Posted by: Charlie | Feb 6, 2009 7:47:55 PM

Charlie - you need a day job...LOL... Is this like playing Poker, and you throw in all your cards and draw '5' New cards, and start all over again... Wow, a 12-4 team, and you just turned it into a major rebuilding season.. Question, you just wiped out your whole defensive line, where Kimo has been the most consistent player last year..poof ,,gone... Get rid of Jake, for a guy that has done nothing, and did some mop up duty when we lost 4 other QB's.. Try Fantasy football, it may hold your attention longer...

Posted by: Catsnmbr1fan | Feb 6, 2009 8:06:32 PM

As the Sunkist tuna ad says...."sorry Charlie" but you have absolutely no clue on the Panthers.

Posted by: kb | Feb 6, 2009 8:26:28 PM

honestly, kemo is overrated, hurney needs to stop dragging his feet with contract negotiations, delhomme is overpaid, sign some young talent, and cut loose the dead weight.....i agree with most of that

Posted by: RJK | Feb 6, 2009 8:56:52 PM

good post charlie

Posted by: RJK | Feb 6, 2009 9:00:58 PM

I think the only thing left to do with Peppers is franchise him then trade him. Besides was it just me or did his productivity drop to nothing once they started snooping around the Panthers regarding steroids...

Posted by: luvthecats | Feb 6, 2009 9:24:29 PM

Anyone ever notice that Steve Smith is on our team and we do not fit his style of play at all? He has never once questioned his QB publicly, even when he sucked. He is stuck in a run-first offense that is as creative as Breyer's vanilla ice cream: milk, cream, sugar and vanilla. Yet, he consistently performs at a Hall of Fame level. If he keeps this up another 4-5 years, he will be in the Hall. If you look at Peppers and his crybaby attitude, it is the antithesis of Smith. Plus, the thing that gets Smith into trouble is the very thing that makes him great: his agressive nature and explosive temper. I wish Peppers had one tenth of the chip on his shoulder as Smith does. Instead, he blames the guy who was primarily responsible for Michael Strahan's dominance (and Strahan isn't even close to having the talent of Peppers). Peppers, look in the mirror. It's not our system that is holding you back, it's your lack of fire.

Posted by: Drew Ross | Feb 6, 2009 9:32:22 PM

I am upset that I wasted the 5 minutes of my life reading what Charlie wrote. I am equally upset that I am wasting another 5 minutes to post this. Charlie, in what world would you ever see a team do what you have suggested!?!?

A dominate 12-4 team that played a poor game against a well prepared peaking Cardinals team and got knocked out of the playoffs. Get rid of Jake and go with Moore? Please. Why would you get rid of a veteran quarterback, that has lead us to the Super Bowl and the playoffs 3 times, that bounced back with a very good season, to go with a guy that has only played relatively well in the few games he has played in the NFL.

It is fun to think of dream scenarios where the number 3 quarterback on the roster comes of the bench and leads the team to a Super Bowl win. Where a 12-4 playoff team trades many of their solid starters for some draft picks.

What you are really suggesting here is counterproductive. You are suggest turning a playoff team into a rebuilding team. In reality Matt Moore would likely start with a few good games, then defensive coordinators would have some tape on him, at which time he and your dreams would go down in flames, along with the coaching staff and front office.

About the only things that you were correct on was... Peppers needs to be franchised and traded, and that Lucas, Johnson, and Hackett need to be cut.

We should not cut Brayton because with losing Peppers our DE position becomes weak and inexperienced. He is virtually the only vet at that position, and there is not going to be much in Free Agency. He may not be the answer as the starter, but good for the rotation.

As someone said, Kemo was solid and should be retained. We should keep McCown. He is still young, has a great deal of experience, and the coaching staff likes him. Let him give Jake some competition be an experienced backup.... in case...

Dwayne Jarrett started to show some promise. We have given him this long, and invested a 2nd rounder in him. Gotta give him another year. He wasted his rookie season because he thought he was so good he would walk into the NFL and succeed without effort. So lets give him one more training camp. Plus, we will get no value in a trade for him.

Lastly, why sign Deangelo to a long term contract now? You get the best out of running backs right before they get that big payday for starters. Secondly, he is cheap now, why use up valuable cap space? Thirdly, what if he becomes injury prone, or is just not productive. Running backs have a short life span in the NFL. No reason to overpay him now, with a young back behind him and plenty of time left on his contract.

Posted by: Mark | Feb 6, 2009 11:43:13 PM

I only had to read the first line of Charlie's post to realize he is cluelsss and gets his so-called football knowledge from these blogs. At 30 Lucas is not old for a DB. Steve Smith is the same age. Should we trade him, too?
Lucas is better than 80% of the DB's in the league. Agreed, he played poorly in the second half of the season. Perhaps he had a mid-life crisis.
Oh yeah, lets dump Goings for cap reasons. Another washed up 30 year old. And we can hardly afford the cap hit that goes with a versatile guy that barely makes the league minimum for an eight year vet.
You wrote the longest, dumbest post in recent memory.
But at least you have good grammar and can spell.

Posted by: Jim | Feb 7, 2009 8:02:57 AM

Peppers for Cassel?

Posted by: chris Alexander | Feb 7, 2009 8:23:05 AM

Charlie - you must have been a soccer player growing up because you don't know chit about football. Do us all a favor and never post here again. Tell your Mom (RJK) to do the same.

Posted by: Bobby Trendy | Feb 7, 2009 9:04:34 AM

Chris - Peppers for Cassel would be great except from the reports out there it seems that Brady is not recovering as expected. Pats will probably keep him.

Posted by: Bobby Trendy | Feb 7, 2009 9:09:19 AM

Charlie has obviously lost what little knowledge he probably had in the first place about football. Just wondering what you guys think about trading Ken Lucas for Tony Gonzalez? I think Tony has at least 2 good years left and their gonna have to do something about Lucas anyway.

Posted by: balla823 | Feb 7, 2009 9:52:51 AM

Charlie had some interesting insights about all of that. Seems that he is a big Peppers fan. I think Pepper had his mind made up before he had his 2 1/2 sack season. He will get us a good draft pick. I agree that Delhomme is over paid but you can resturcture his contract. Kemo will stay because he is still good. I'm still irritated that every one keeps bashing Jarret because he doesn't get thrown to much. He made plays this past season. He's taken time but he'll be fine. Outside of Kemo and the linebacking core...shake the defense up. Damion Lewis is good...but not great. I prefer Kemo because he stops the run...you have to in this league otherwise you lose. I will agree that it's time to replace some of our age but I don't think giving that much away helps either. Have to have veterans on the team other wise we are the 49ers with all that talent and going no where. I'll say that Jake's time is up but compared to what's out there...he still our man right now. People can say Cassel all they won't but I recall the same prases coming out about Derrick Anderson. What is he doing now? I'm not against Cassel but I'm not sold on him yet either. Carolina fans...we went 12-4 this year, was a great year but we well get the title eventually.

Posted by: Trey Griffin | Feb 7, 2009 3:59:40 PM

The Chiefs already invested 2 draft picks in corners, they aren't going to trade the NFL's best all time receiving TE for an inconsistent Corner who gets burned all the time. So for that you look almost as bad as Charlie. You people know nothing of football.

Posted by: Cameron | Feb 7, 2009 5:07:45 PM

Trey, you are right on, dude. Except that Jake -- I love the guy -- but he's a total spaz. The Cats could put anyone in there and do what he did, which is hand the ball to Lord DeLo and and J Stew; and get the ball in Steve Smith's hands. Jezz, #89 did all the work on the throws. If we put in Matt Moore, we (I'm pretending like I'm on the team) would have DeLo and Stew running up everyone's asses; and then Super Steve, Daunte, Jeff, and Dewayne would be snaggin' throws all over the grid iron. Damn shame that a woman can't be couch. (If I didn't kill them off on PMS week.)

Posted by: KitMartin | Feb 7, 2009 5:22:53 PM

"2) Josh McCown (mid to late draft pick)
3) Dwayne Jarret (mid to late on potential)
4) Kemo (high rnd pk, overrated)
5) Jeff King (late rnd pk)
6) Jake Dehlomme (high to mid 2 min pks)"

hahaha idiot! this is not madden

Posted by: stone | Feb 7, 2009 10:40:04 PM


1. FRANCHISE PEPPERS AND TRADE HIM: We all might as well just say goodbye and don't dwindle. A first round and third picks would be nice from the 49ers or some crap team like that.

2. Re-sign Jordan Gross: need i say anything about this??

3. Improve Defense: Sign a DT and DE with upside GABE WATSON and CHRIS CANTY come to mind neither are really big players quite yet but are soon on their way. A player i truely believe would be a great pick up and would complete our LBs, Angelo Crowell. He's coming off of an injury but I mean does anyone believe Na'il Diggs or Landon Johnson can keep up with TD and JB?? Cut Ken Lucas,Daimone Lewis, and Landon Johnson
save some money and go after the players i listed above.

4. Improve Offense: Truthfully, we don't really have any pressing needs but this would be a great idea sign Chris Kemoeatu play him as our RG cut D.J. Hackett and sign a decent contributor to our WRS.

5. Continue to have a great draft

Posted by: Mark 2 | Feb 7, 2009 10:53:24 PM

Sorry Charlie.
But this is the real world.

Posted by: AGH! | Feb 8, 2009 9:11:25 AM

Ah, I love the offseason armchair GM silliness. Can't help but join in.

The "Delhomme sucks" faction consists almost entirely of nitwits, naturally, but I don't think it's a bad year to draft a QB in rounds 2-4 if there's someone good there. The Panthers said last year they would have taken Ryan if he'd been there, but that they didn't like the rest of the field as much. Smart guys. I see no problem putting Jake and a good drafted QB into camp together and see who's better, and if Jake is still the better guy, start him another year and let the new guy learn the system.

Let's make sure we keep Gross around, and get what we can for Peppers. I've got no problem with him wanting to play somewhere else for a change, but let's get as much value out of him as we can, even if that's just a second round pick.

And Charlie is, well, just clueless.

Posted by: BullCityDog | Feb 8, 2009 1:48:22 PM

Best QB in this year's class:

Rhett Bomar, Sam Houston St.
Is this year's Joe Flacco.

Posted by: AGH! | Feb 8, 2009 3:39:23 PM

Trade Peppers to SD. They play his desired 3-4, they're in the AFC & on the west coast. The Panthers could ask for and receive their #1(16th pick), CB Comartie, LB Phillips, T McNeal and FB Tolbert. Comartie replaces Lucus, Tolbert replaces Goings, Phillips adds a pass rushing LB, McNeil adds depth and the pick along with free agency replaces Peppers. The Chargers would have a great 1-2 punch with Peppers and Merriman. Potential starters and depth are added, all paid for by the departed Peppers bloated salary.

Posted by: Mark | Feb 8, 2009 9:00:15 PM

Did anyone see the interview on the sidelines of the Pro Bowl between Kiki Barber and Peppers. He could not put 2 words together. It embarassed me watching him trying to explain himself. I don't see how he finished college.

I say sign him trade him for a first round pick at least. Send the first round pick along with 2010 1st round pick to New England for Matt Cassell(you have to give up 2 1st round picks on a franchized player I believe)

Trade Jake for something. Start camp with Cassell, Moore.

Posted by: jay | Feb 8, 2009 9:06:09 PM

whoever said kemo is overrated i dont agree with. kemo has made jon beason what he is. look at the giant game when we were without him 300 yards rushing an beason was no where to be found....and whovever said rhett bomar is the best qb in the draft is on crack

Posted by: mdpantherfan | Feb 8, 2009 9:23:39 PM

Charlie and Mark live on Fantasy Island

Posted by: Mike Bolton | Feb 9, 2009 10:15:09 AM

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