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May 29, 2009

Friday's summer-school notes

The first week of "summer school" ended Friday. A few notes:

-- Receiver Muhsin Muhammad didn't participate because of a family commitment. That gave No. 3 receiver Dwayne Jarrett more time with the first team and he made some nice catches. Muhammad will be back on Monday to the OTAs (organized team activities) which, on paper at least, are optional.

"(Muhammad) had something on his schedule and I'm usually kind of flexible this time of year," said coach John Fox. "He's been a great participant in the past and he had something with his family so I excused him."

-- Rookies Captain Munnerlyn and Mike Goodson spent some time returning kickoffs. Ryne Robinson, who returned punts and kicks in 2007 but who missed last season with a knee injury, will probably have the inside track on both jobs heading into training camp in August.

-- Summer school has a different feel to it than mini-camp, which took place the week after April's NFL draft.

"Mini-camp is the most condensed work of the season for us," said Fox. "We have two-a-days (practices) and not much rest time between. It's a quick introduction to everything we do. We work on timing and we have a pretty large number of new guys.

"The OTAs are just once a day and we have more time to recover and more time to watch tape. They can continue with their weight program. But it's all important, getting guys ready for training camp."

-- Summer school will last four weeks this year instead of the usual three. It will conclude the week of June 15. -- David Scott

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WEEK? I thought they started on Wednesday.

Posted by: Tremaine | May 29, 2009 3:36:02 PM

Any word on Jason Carter? Thought maybe he will be doing some WR stuff and KR's too.

Posted by: pland67 | May 29, 2009 4:12:32 PM

Yea, What's up w/ J.C. ?

Posted by: nasty704 | May 29, 2009 6:07:17 PM

What's happening with the guys in the trenches (d-line & o-line back-ups)

Posted by: lookindlight | May 31, 2009 1:11:52 PM

All you guys who cover the Panthers should be fired. I get more information from some friends of mine than I do from you guys. BTW, I will be starting my own Panther Blog site with more current and relevent information from the state of Oklahoma. It's pretty pathetic your sports editors/reporters can't produce and I will leave it at that. I will have live feed and all. I am close to being done with the site. I will continually update several times a day. My goal is to be up by July. I will post the link on this site, and trust me, it will be better than this crap.

Posted by: OK_CPanther | May 31, 2009 6:32:27 PM

Can we please get some pictures from today's practice? It would be nice if you guys could post the pics from Friday's practice as well.

Posted by: Scott | Jun 1, 2009 2:43:54 PM

This has nothing to do with "summer school," but I need to vent! I'm just a little confused. From what I've read, there are more people who believe Michael Vick should be given a second chance because "he's paid for his 'mistake'" than those who believe he should be banned from the NFL. I find it quite interesting that there appear to be more people who believe Jake Delhomme should be banished to never-never land because of his bad game in Arizona than those who believe (as I most certainly do) that you do not judge a quarterback by one bad game. Funny, isn't it? What Jake did (the 5 interceptions and the fumble) were mistakes in the truest sense of the word. What Michael Vick did was NOT a mistake--it was an intentional heinous crime that he repeated over and over again. During his entire tenure with the Panthers, Jake has been a credit to both the Panthers' organization and to the City of Charlotte. Why are so many not willing to give Jake a "second chance." He has proven effective and has made many beautiful game-winning or game-saving throws over the years. As to Steve Smith's "saving" Jake by going up and getting some difficult catches, that's what great wide receivers do!!! Ask Larry Fitzgerald if all of Kurt Warner's throws are easy. Ask Drew Brees' WR's if all of his throws are right in their bread baskets. Come on! GO JAKE--GO STEVE--GO PANTHERS!!!!

Posted by: panthergirl | Jun 1, 2009 4:03:16 PM

keep drinking the jake koolade panthergirl.

Posted by: ray | Jun 1, 2009 4:19:55 PM

I'm going to college soon to be a journalist. I for one would love to be able to report on the Panthers :3

Posted by: Revshawn | Jun 1, 2009 5:27:20 PM

Lives in Okc,when Im Home.

Posted by: Ghost of Sparta | Jun 2, 2009 1:38:48 AM

Ive only seen maybe 3 Panthers fans out here.Right On.

Posted by: Ghost of Sparta | Jun 2, 2009 1:39:21 AM

hey guys, it's tuesday... where are the updates on ota's yesterday? good job guys.(SARCASM)

Posted by: Jim | Jun 2, 2009 11:44:01 AM

Wow, how embarrassing is it that our own local newspaper has our Friday news notes still posted on the following Tuesday at almost midnight when the team has been on the field practicing since Monday morning? Has anyone noticed the absolute incompetence and redundancy of the Observer’s Panther page? Look at how many stories are repeated on different links and how many go unreported on others. The Charlotte Observer should be ashamed of itself.

Posted by: Mills51 | Jun 2, 2009 11:59:19 PM


Actual updates.

Posted by: Jim | Jun 3, 2009 5:10:11 PM


Posted by: The best place to go | Jun 4, 2009 10:58:45 AM

What's going on with Thomas Davis?

Posted by: mo | Jun 5, 2009 11:44:22 AM


That's the word that comes to mind when I think about the Charlotte Observer. Yes it's just the OTA's but for the fans atleast it's football. Why can't you guys get your lazy butt's off the couch and give us a quick write-up after practice each day? Oh and how about the pictures, where did they go? It must be nice to get paid for doing absolutely NOTHING! I used to like this website but man you guys are a disgrace! F the joke that is the charlotte observer!

Posted by: Scott | Jun 5, 2009 8:41:58 PM

the observer does seem to mail it in and they let fox get away with his secretive,conservative mumbo- jumbo it is what it is crap.and they really let jakes erratic play slide.

Posted by: ray | Jun 9, 2009 11:13:36 AM

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