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June 29, 2009

Kyle signs with Saints

Free-agent long-snapper Jason Kyle, who figured to be a casualty of the Panthers' tight salary cap situation this offseason, has signed with the New Orleans Saints.

The reliable Kyle didn't miss a game in his eight seasons with the Panthers and has also been the team's player representative. He played in 128 games for the Panthers, seventh most in team history.

"I talked a lot to (general manager) Marty (Hurney) and the coaches and they said they wanted to keep me," said Kyle. "But they said they couldn't do anything."

The Panthers have little room under the salary cap after taking care of two other prominent free agents -- offensive tackle Jordan Gross and defensive end Julius Peppers.

"Because of that, I'm sure, I never got an offer from them," said Kyle.

Hurney wasn't available for comment late Monday night.

Kyle will likely be replaced by J.J. Jansen, whom the Panthers acquired from the Green Bay Packers earlier this year. Jansen, in his second season out of Notre Dame, didn't play last year for the Packers because of a knee injury. He was picked up by Green Bay as an undrafted free agent. -- David Scott


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Mr. Scott,

With the release of Kyle, who will now be the Panthers player representative?

Posted by: G | Jun 29, 2009 10:57:00 PM

This is a loss. He was a very sturdy player for us and seemed to have a good understanding with Baker, those take awhile to form. I haven't ever seen Jansen play, hopefully he's as good at getting up field to cover punts as Kyle was. Kyle will be missed.

Posted by: Bobby | Jun 30, 2009 5:24:34 AM

Plain and simple, Kyle is a casualty of Peppers' selfish hold out. The first time a long snap goes over Jason Baker's head this season I hope the fans boo Peppers and not the rookie snapper.

Posted by: jim | Jun 30, 2009 6:55:00 AM

Thanks Jooyus

Posted by: jeff | Jun 30, 2009 7:12:31 AM

Yep, I remember the last time the Panthers thought having an experienced long snapper wasn't important...Dom Capers let Marc Rodenhouser go, figured "anybody can flip a football"...

It war'nt purty.

Having an experienced long snapper is probably more important than wasting $17 million on a lazy and overhyped DE who can't be bothered to show up for most plays.

Posted by: rick b | Jun 30, 2009 8:13:41 AM

G, the players will have an election, but I think Muhammad has NFLPA experience of some sort.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 30, 2009 9:01:14 AM

Sorry, guys. It was my fault. I shouldn't have held out and screwed up the teams salary cap.

Posted by: Julis Peppers | Jun 30, 2009 9:03:29 AM

I'm sure Julius and is 16 mil and some change cares...If he is anything like me he's laughing...ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. It just football people not like he is some CEO driving a company into the ground and still getting millions in return. Funny how it seems Julius is more "hated" than Ken Thompson.

Posted by: Whocares | Jun 30, 2009 9:24:34 AM

Julius Peppers did not hold out...he was never under contract. He did not sign a long term deal with team in an attempt to become an UFA. In turn, the team franchised him. In order for him to participate in team activities he was required to sigin his offer sheet...which he did. Had he not signed until, say, August 10th, that would be classified as a hold out. Kyle's situation was in no was dictated by Peppers. Long snapper was a position the team could get younger at and save a little cap space...nothing more nothing less.

Posted by: PanthersFan | Jun 30, 2009 9:45:33 AM

PF, he could have participated in any activities he wanted. The rookies didn't let their lack of a contract keep them away from minicamp. And yes, Peppers' gigantic cap hit kept the Panthers from making Kyle an offer. They've said more than once they wanted to bring him back, but they couldn't afford to even offer him the minimum for his experience.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 30, 2009 9:55:49 AM

I agree with PanthersFan. This was a business decision, plain and simple. Too bad the Panthers didn't take advantage of another position the team could get younger at and save a little cap space -- Quarterback.

Posted by: PanthersGM | Jun 30, 2009 10:01:03 AM

Yes, it's a business decision. That's why they SAID THEY WANTED HIM BACK!

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 30, 2009 10:28:42 AM

It doesn't matter if Peppers would have signed the tender 5 months ago, he would have still counted the same against the cap that he does now. The only way he would cost less is if he signed a long term contract, which he said 5 months ago he wouldn't do. The front office made a decision to keep Peppers over being able to sign Kyle or other free agents. It was in their hands and they made their decision. If you are really that upset about losing Kyle, you should boo Hurney, not Peppers.

Posted by: d-run | Jun 30, 2009 10:58:02 AM

hey procton, who give's a shit?

Posted by: stating the obvious | Jun 30, 2009 1:07:00 PM

Don't worry about Procton, he hates all former Tar Heels. Didn't you know they are the reason the Panthers and Bobcats will never amount to anything?

Posted by: heelatious | Jun 30, 2009 1:15:06 PM

Hey, stating the obvious. I hate to state the obvious, but your potty mouth is over shadowed only by your sorry grammar and punctuation. What is the apostrophe in "give's" for?

Posted by: jeff | Jun 30, 2009 5:05:54 PM

It's give is man... who give is a shit? get it grammer king

Posted by: stating the obvious | Jun 30, 2009 6:53:27 PM

Huh? That makes no sense whatsoever. And who gives a shit? I do. W're going to have to replace one of the most consistent and longest tenured members on the team in a crucial spot with a kid who's never played in an NFL game. That's a little concerning to me.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 30, 2009 7:50:26 PM

As a Saints fan I say thank you,,, I can see how the Panthers can't find the way to sign their longest most consistent players not to mention their rep... hey your lose our gain another step to the NFC SOUTH division champs... and Super Bowl

Posted by: luke | Jun 30, 2009 7:57:05 PM

luke, with the lack of consistancy at the Saints running game and not to mention their terrible defense. There is no way on earth that they will survive against the 3 other NFC South teams, considering that all 3 NFC South teams are built on a strong ground attack. Which by the way, the Saints failed at defending as one of the worst in the league at stopping the run. Reggie Bush won't get anything in a passing offense like the Saints. The Saints finish 3rd. ATL/CAR/NO/TB. In that exact order. The only reason they stay infront of TB is because TB has a new coach and a unsure bet on who is starting at QB. Sorry bud...

Posted by: Cameron | Jul 1, 2009 11:58:00 AM

just watch.... got a new ground attack and a brand new D... problems fixed, . and stopping the run will not be a problem.. only problem for the saints is staying healthy and trying to find time between mardi gras and a super bowl victory parade... who dat

Posted by: luke | Jul 7, 2009 12:53:30 PM

Stopping the run for Tampa wasn't a problem before they played the Panthers late in the season on Monday Night Football. They only allowed 1 rushing touchdown all year and then Deangelo Williams chalked up 4 TD's that game, and 299 total rushing yards, it was over 300 but the kneel down counted against it. But yeah, "fix" whatever you want on defense because when you face Carolina your going to get beat on the ground.

Posted by: Cameron | Jul 7, 2009 7:47:09 PM

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