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July 14, 2009

No long-term deal likely for Peppers

It appears the Carolina Panthers and defensive end Julius Peppers will not agree to a long-term deal before Wednesday's 4 p.m. deadline, meaning the two sides could be headed to another offseason standoff next January.

NFL teams have until Wednesday's deadline to sign players upon whom they placed their franchise tag earlier this year. Teams who don't get a contract deal done by the deadline aren't permitted to negotiate with those players again until after the 2009 season.

Kansas City beat the deadline today by completing a deal with quarterback Matt Cassell, who was New England's franchise player and was traded to the Chiefs after signing his one-year tender.

Indications strongly point to no new contract between Peppers and the Panthers. Hopes for a new deal were raised last month when Peppers said through his agent that he was open to considering a long-term extension after signing the one-year contract tender of $16.683 million.

A prominent factor that prevented the Panthers from signing Peppers to an extended contract may have been the increased price tag of making him the highest-paid defensive player in the league.

Peppers turned down an offer from Carolina last year that would have paid him more than any other defensive player, topping the approximate $12 million-a-year averages of the contracts for defensive ends Jared Allen of Minnesota and Dwight Freeney of Indianapolis.

This past offseason, the bar was raised substantionally by new contracts signed by Oakland cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha  and Washington defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. Asomugha's three-year contract with the Raiders became the new standard for defensive players, averaging slightly more than $15 million per season.

Thus, the approximate $3 million-a-year increase in what it would cost to make Peppers the highest paid defensive player could've been a sticking point in Carolina's negotiations with him.

Barring a last-minute change before Wednesday afternoon's deadline, the Panthers likely are headed toward another offseason showdown with Peppers. However, he has said he'll report to training camp on time Aug. 2 and that he's looking forward to the '09 season.

The Panthers will have three primary options in January: Try again to sign Peppers to a long-term contract, put their franchise tag on him again at a one-year price of more than $20 million (there's a mandatory 20 percent increase over his '09 tender amount), or let him become an unrestricted free agent without receiving any compensation from another team.

Peppers said last January that he preferred to play for another team because he thought that was the best way to reach his full potential. His ability to go elsewhere was strongly restricted by the franchise tag, though he was still available via trade. However, no team he was interested in joining was able to put together the multi-pronged offer necessary to meet his contractual needs and the Panthers' desire for ample compensation via draft picks and/or veteran players.

-- Charles Chandler

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Jared Allen plays for Minnesota.

Posted by: MNPanthersFan | Jul 14, 2009 6:07:12 PM

Surely you don't expect the Observer to get the facts straight, do you?

Hey, what 'signs' are you guys talking about that point to no contract deal? The article is a conclusion which is all conjecture and no substance. How about something from a source?

Posted by: Authority | Jul 14, 2009 6:25:45 PM

Jared Allen can run circles aroung Julius Peppers.

Two or three ESPN highlight plays a season puts Peppers in the news but he's at very best a top 20 NFL defensive player.

Posted by: Wes | Jul 14, 2009 6:29:48 PM

Peppers is one of the top D ends in the league, its not even debatable. Name 3 that are better....

Posted by: Mikey | Jul 14, 2009 7:07:10 PM

o well he will be gone after this season because the panthers won't pay 20 million dollars for one dude who show up every other season

Posted by: mj | Jul 14, 2009 7:10:31 PM

Brilliant comments, Wes. Allen had 14.5 sacks, 54 tackles, and 3 forced fumbles. Peppers had 14.5 sacks, 51 tackles, and 5 forced fumbles. Yes, clearly Allen is the far superior player. /sarcasm

I don't get that faction of spoiled, ignorant Panthers fans. They gave Dan Morgan a pass year after year because of his injuries, even though he wasn't that productive statistically when healthy, but Peppers is somehow a bum because he had one terrible season during a seven year career, something that happens to most DEs periodically.

One and only one player in the NFL has had double-digit sacks in four of the last five seasons. Guess who. That's right, Julius Peppers. Maybe some ungrateful Panthers fans can use that little statistic to wise up and then shut up.

Posted by: J.D. Bolick | Jul 14, 2009 7:16:14 PM

No, he's a definite top 10 def. player Wes, when he actually tries. When the other team gets him frustrated, he quits on plays that he assumes he can't get to the QB on. Then he drops to being a lower caliber player. Hopefully Everette Brown can contribute fast and give us another DE with pass rushing skills, because Pep is nothing without another DE that can get 5-6 sacks (Pep was a force when Rucker still had it). At the end of the year, teams single covered Pep and were very successful. Does that mean we should pay him close to $16 mil. a season? No, pay him $12 mil. a season at the most or use that extra money on a good DE and a DT, CB, or QB.

Posted by: mike | Jul 14, 2009 7:17:28 PM

Can they trade him befoer the season starts? Or during the season up to a certain point? Like the NBA?

Posted by: Paul Bearer | Jul 14, 2009 7:19:46 PM

Also, keep in mind in the coming years we will have to pay Deangelo, J. Stew, and Jon Beason. Beason's price will be close to what Pep wants now.

Posted by: mike | Jul 14, 2009 7:20:40 PM

>> When the other team gets him frustrated, he quits on plays that he assumes he can't get to the QB on. Then he drops to being a lower caliber player.

If any supposed Panthers fan wants to prove their stupidity, by all means, just repeat the oft-mentioned and never justified accusation of Peppers quitting on plays. Please tell me one other DE in the entire league who chases HBs thirty yards downfield. Julius' effort has absolutely never, ever been an issue, and the people who claim otherwise just illustrate their own ignorance. They don't know enough about football to recognize that Peppers has a tendency to stand up and surrender leverage whenever his initial pass rush is stymied. They see that inadequate technique and ASSume that it's a lack of effort because they're too dumb to know the difference.

>> At the end of the year, teams single covered Pep and were very successful.

What team are you actually a fan of, Mike? I ask because you clearly don't watch Panthers games, otherwise you might have noticed that Peppers had 5.5 sacks in his final five games of the season. That's your definition of other teams being "very successful" at blocking him? Very interesting. Have you ever heard the saying about keeping your mouth shut and letting people think you're a fool rather than saying something and proving it?

Posted by: J.D. Bolick | Jul 14, 2009 7:36:26 PM

I would much rather have #90 on our side of the ball than the other side...

Posted by: Jon in DC | Jul 14, 2009 7:58:02 PM

I can only comment that most of you are out there! Gene Hackman said it best in the Replacements and I will say it about Pep...
He has Heart!!!

Posted by: Tracy | Jul 14, 2009 8:02:52 PM

good the panther's didn't sign him long term that means he'll be having a good year to get paid

Posted by: gomer pyle | Jul 14, 2009 8:50:36 PM

Fans can't get it through their thick skull that Peppers don't want to play here. He's being forced to against his will. It's the dumbest decision I've ever heard of. Sure he is making $12, $13 million a year. The guy already has plenty of money. It isn't about money. It's about wanting to WIN and WIN NOW and he isn't happy with the coaching staff here and the direction the team is going in. Fans are just completely lost.

Posted by: Clay | Jul 14, 2009 9:01:43 PM

I agree with J.D Bolick.

I will add that I believe Peppers wanted to leave because of the defensive coordinator and now that he has Meeks I believe that is why he is open to a long term deal.
We all have to agree that Peppers should be blitzing way more than dropping back into coverage.

Posted by: Leonard | Jul 14, 2009 10:08:32 PM

So, that is a patented move? When he engages the offensive lineman and gets driven or moved around and then gives up? Bolick, do you know what he calls that move? No way that Pep was considered by anybody to be a dominate player last year. When the game was on the line and we needed the big play last year, I didn't see Pep in the middle of the action. At his prime, I have seen Pep manhandle linemen and/or bullrush to a sack. I've also seen him chase down running backs and quarterbacks from behind. I've also seen him deflect and then intercept passes. Didn't see much of any of these things last year and I attended and/or watched all games.

Posted by: Robby Wilkins | Jul 14, 2009 10:15:35 PM

Your comment Gomer Pyle is the best one because I was on a job as a truck driver and when I told the mgr. that I was leaving he offered me a trip to Cal. and back to keep me from changing jobs.How would anyone feel if they were forced to work for a company ,as with the case with mr.Peppers and not be happy. If anyone out there is on a job and wants to leave, what would do???

Posted by: Odell | Jul 14, 2009 10:29:48 PM

No. The real reason J.P is unhappy is because of the Panthers retaining the services of Jake Delhomme. Delhomme is the achilles heel to the Panthers and they have everything working for them but a very good qb. Jake is not going to get any better, 5 int and a fumble in the most important game at HOME and they reward him with a guaranteed 20 mil. Nah, if I was Pep, I wouldn't want to work for them either. The Panthers won't even beat Atlanta for the divisional title. Good luck Pep, I wish you the best!

Posted by: mr. knowitall | Jul 14, 2009 10:53:35 PM

The Chiefs weren't subject to the deadline because Cassell signed his tag with the Pats.

Posted by: Backup Editor | Jul 14, 2009 11:11:27 PM

I guarantee you that had Peppers said he wanted to stay and finish his career here, 99% of the people who are bad mouthing him would be praising how dominate he is, and how he is one of the best, if not the best DEs in the NFL. Now, since Peppers says he "doesn't think he can reach his full potential" here, everyone is talking about how overrated he is and how he takes plays off. Well, all of the complaining in the world won't do a damn thing. My advice is to cheer him on and hope he has another great season. Untill he's on another team, pull for him. If you can't do that, find another team in which you like and can pull for every player. GO PANTHERS!!!!

Posted by: B | Jul 14, 2009 11:13:23 PM

Blame it on Jake. Nice dude.

Posted by: Ben | Jul 14, 2009 11:27:01 PM

>> Didn't see much of any of these things last year and I attended and/or watched all games.

Then you're blind and/or an outright moron, Robby Wilkins. Only one defensive end had more sacks last season than Julius Peppers, which was John Abraham, but Abraham wasn't an every-down player. Any clown who expects 20+ sacks per season from Peppers will inevitably be disappointed, but that's your fault, not his. Meanwhile anyone who actually knows anything at all about football realizes what a tremendous asset he was for this team last season, and what a force he has been through six of his seven seasons in the league. But by all means, continue to make yourself look utterly clueless by insisting that Peppers is a bum who means nothing to the defense.

Posted by: J.D. Bolick | Jul 15, 2009 12:21:56 AM

Backup Editor,

What are you talking about every franchised player is held to that dealine!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: NJ | Jul 15, 2009 2:02:26 AM

everyone here remembers buckner right...well he played with pepp and he say's all the time that pepp for whatever reason disappears in big games...whether he takes plays off or just losses interest nobody knows but it's a fact that he vanishes...and i'm more inclined to believe a former teammate than any fan.

Posted by: rjk | Jul 15, 2009 2:41:44 AM

Sign him. 15/year is cheaper than 17.

Posted by: lemons | Jul 15, 2009 3:13:01 AM

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