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July 02, 2009

Panthers pick up rookie TE

The Panthers claimed rookie tight end Andrew Davie off the waiver wire Thursday. Davie was recently cut by the New York Jets, who had signed him as an undrafted free agent in April. Davie, a former Arkansas player, caught 24 passes for 199 yards and six touchdowns in three seasons for the Razorbacks. Davie (6-6, 275 pounds) figures to just be help in training camp, since the Panthers already have three tight ends (Jeff King, Dante Rosario and Gary Barnidge) under contract. -- David Scott  

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thats just mean geting this kid hopes up

Posted by: mj | Jul 2, 2009 7:58:15 PM

Not really. Just because he doesn't have a chance here doesn't mean his dream is dead. If he has a good training camp, he could be picked up by another team once waived or even put on a teams practice squad.

Posted by: CS | Jul 2, 2009 8:30:36 PM

At 6-6 275 do you have any idea what kind of mach up problems this guy can cause.24 passes for 199 yards and six touchdowns in four years that nothing nfl scouts know this guy will be a terror in the red zone thats why a guy with so little production got drafted.He is much bigger than any of the panthers TE and would be crazy not to keep him.As a matter of a fact thats the the panthers problem they well have a good season go to the playoffs and Jake will through five interceptions because we have no one to help Steve there regular formula for success dosn't work in the playoffs. I dont care how slow he is a 6-6 guy running across the middle of the field will get a whole lot of attention.

Posted by: eric | Jul 2, 2009 9:03:42 PM

Eric, first of all invest in spell check and use it before posting on here. Secondly, the guy caught 24 passes over 3 years with 6 TDs that's 8 passes a year and 2 TDs. That sounds like a great ratio but seriously, why do you think he wasn't used? There will be no "running" across the middle by this guy, maybe some stumbling, but he will not be a great asset to the team. Maybe he will prove me wrong but I really don't think that's going to happen. Sorry man.

Posted by: carolinajon | Jul 2, 2009 9:24:52 PM

Who do we have on the panthers than him? Jeff King, Dante Rosario and Gary Barnidge three TE no productions he would be one off the tallest TE in the NFL what most don't realize is that football is a game a Match ups we have no red zone threats on the teams.yeah 24 passes over 3 years with 6 TDs that's 8 passes a year and 2 TDs.But he got drafted why don't you just sit and think about that why would a guy who caught 24 passes get signed? Think about that.He sucks and hes stumbling across the field but we picked him up.wow maybe ill get drafted next year.Just look the link have below just his size alone.I'm not saying he will be the greatest TE of all times but he can take a spot for jeff king.yeah he was a starter but he did nothing 21 rec 195yards and ONE TOUCHDOWN SOME RED ZONE THREAT.

Posted by: eric | Jul 2, 2009 10:35:23 PM

Eric, If you're going to write a long paragraph, please use more periods. I can't ever finish your posts because I'm too exhausted.

Posted by: brandon | Jul 2, 2009 11:08:45 PM

About the only asset I'd see this guy bringing to the Panthers with his size is for run-blocking, not pass-catching. If we wanted a pass-catching TE, we already have plenty. And even if this guy is a decent run-blocking TE, I doubt we keep him.

Just my two-cents,

Posted by: NSpicer | Jul 3, 2009 12:31:08 PM

If he could play tight end he has to have a little athleticism. If he moves well enough why don't we ask him to put on 25lbs and play on the line. Seems like we still need depth there...

Posted by: Morris | Jul 3, 2009 2:03:11 PM

Carolina's offense is based on it's running game... right? right. Andrew Davie is 6'6" and weighs in at 275... right? right. I don't care if he catches one pass all season, as long as he can blow defenders off the ball to open holes up for the ball carriers I'd keep him. If for nothing more than short yardage plays. Yes we're stacked at TE, but hopefully we can use him on our practice squad. Potential is there and with camp right around the corner... why not??? Nothing ventured nothing gained. Some people all they require is a chance.

Posted by: Caro2daHeart | Jul 3, 2009 2:32:58 PM

Morris, that is a great thought and exactly what I was going to post this time. That's the same thing that the Bills did with Jason Peters and he has become a Pro Bowler. I'm not convinced that lightning will strike twice with this guy but that could definitely be a great thought.

Posted by: carolinajon | Jul 3, 2009 2:42:30 PM

Let him stay through camp if he wants. But I think you guys are getting too worked up over this. Gary Barnidge is much faster than him, and only an inch smaller at 6,5. This guy is way too weighty to run too fast. Might as well throw him on the O-line.

Posted by: Revshawn | Jul 3, 2009 10:44:24 PM

Dante Rosario has a back injury. This guy is brought in to take some snaps so King,and Barnidge don't get worn out. Good oppurtunity for the kid. If he can block he may make practice squad nothing more. Hope he surprises all of us.

Posted by: Well Prepared 82' | Jul 4, 2009 1:14:21 PM

The Panthers need another practice squad player like Ryan Sutter.

Posted by: Sutterdude | Jul 5, 2009 7:02:19 PM

he is only 6'4 256 not 6'6 275

Posted by: daniel | Jul 5, 2009 9:10:56 PM

sounds like a college signing, bill dooley use to sign several tight ends and convert them to other positions. defensive tackle?

Posted by: tim hall | Jul 6, 2009 10:11:52 AM

all this is is insurance in case rosario is hurt worse than we thought, which may very well be the case. once you hurt your back its always going to be a problem.

Posted by: ray | Jul 6, 2009 12:37:58 PM

Andrew Davie was used mostly as a blocking tight end at Arkansas (typical of most SEC tight ends). He was helping open holes for Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. Arkanasas rushing totals for 2007 were 3725 yards (286/game) and for 2006 were 3199 (228/game).
He may not have caught many passes in the UA run based offense, but he does have good hands averaging about 7-8 yards per catch.
Also, someone 6'6" would be nice to have on the field when opponents are trying to kick fieldgoals.

Posted by: PantherInAtlanta | Jul 7, 2009 10:52:06 AM

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Posted by: Panther Fan | Jul 9, 2009 1:18:23 AM

Here is a thought. Why don't we wait to see how he performs in camp. That would be an interesting idea. My god, save all your chatter for a time when you have something to base them on other than a You Tube video.

Posted by: bill | Jul 9, 2009 11:41:19 AM

Trade DE Julius Peppers to New England for TE Benjamin Watson, LS Nathan Hodel plus #1 2010 draft choice by the start of training camp. This gives the Panthers back a first round draft choice in 2010 they can use presumably on a QB. Good luck!

Posted by: jerie o'connor | Jul 15, 2009 3:58:23 PM

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