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August 22, 2009

Robinson miscue leads to Dolphins TD

Ryne Robinson, who is trying to win back his punt return job -- as well as make the team as a receiver -- after a knee injury last season, had a rough moment late in the game, letting a Dolphins punt bounce off him deep in Panthers territory. That led to a 2-yard touchdown pass from Miami's Chad Henne to Joe Kowalewski, giving the Dolphins a 27-17 lead with 3:03 left. -- David Scott

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Posted by: cheyne | Aug 22, 2009 10:26:19 PM

an issue that might hurt the Panthers this year; experienced depth. Not much of it on either side of the ball, especially on the O-line. Can only hope for no big injuries, other than Kemo's

Posted by: Phillip | Aug 22, 2009 10:28:13 PM

Remember seeing McCown getting freakin gang tackled in the endzone and he fumbled. God, Berandeau (#73) picked up that ball and gained some yards, that's the kinda hustle we need, he will make the roster.

Posted by: Cameron | Aug 22, 2009 10:36:22 PM

Long season !

Posted by: dee gray | Aug 22, 2009 10:38:02 PM

BEASON?????? come on panthers beat reporters get on the phone... talk to some trainers whatever. is it a serious injury or what?

Posted by: matt s | Aug 22, 2009 10:41:12 PM

no kidding! Where in the *@*@ are the Beason updates?????

Posted by: kelli | Aug 22, 2009 10:48:08 PM

Where's up with that goddamn defense (1st team). Where's this attacking style running to the ball they've been talking about all minicamp and otas and during training. The same old soft zone, read and react crap. Looks like Fox is at it again not letting the coordinators do their damn job. I'm sick of Fox's BS, the sloppy play etc. Ryne Robinson's ass needs to be cut immediately, depth we need it bad, get a damn or two veteran DT's by trade or the waiver line. I didn't see Peppers' name on the stat sheet, what's new. The rookie Brown shows more energy than him. I like Munnerlyn (looks like we got our punt returner and he can play corner. And Stewart (Nonaday) needs to toughen it up and get his ass back and practice. It has to be frustrating for everyone else busting their asses off in practice and he's just sitting around for all of minicamp, OTAs and most of training camp. Rosario looked pretty good this evening. Goodson did some good things and Williams does what he usually does, handling his business. I'm trying to stay positive but that defense sucks right now. It could be a long season, and that means Fox, Hurney and some others will be gone if this season goes down the tank. Someone has to be accoutable.

Posted by: Kevin | Aug 22, 2009 10:49:16 PM

Give me some time boys. That Trgo guy didn't leave me much to work with.

Posted by: Ron Meeks | Aug 22, 2009 10:53:01 PM

Our freaking run D is atrocious. Someone better figure something out. This is not looking positive.

Posted by: kelli | Aug 22, 2009 11:03:26 PM

Kevin, some of the points you made are just ridiculous all though I do agree on some things.. some... The new defense only consists of 4 plays, 3 coverages and 1 pressure defense, and Kevin... the defense is almost entirely in Meeks' fingers. He's calling the shots, but of course you don't hardly watch any of the games/news on the panthers to know that. Like every new system, it takes time to get developed, and this new system isn't like majority of the systems in the NFL, majority of the systems is a fit a player into the system, which means that they force players who may or may not have the talent and skill set needed to play what the coaches want them to play, but the Panthers system is a put the system into the player. So therefor, they build a system around the players strengths and talents. Our system allows our players to roam free without having to over think about our defenses, therefor less mistakes (but of course there's going to be mistakes now because it's pre-season and it's new).

I do agree Robinson played horrible and is on the edge of being cut, I also am starting to think that McCown isn't what he's hyped up to be. Moore will definitely get the #2 spot at QB and will eventually become the future QB.

Captain Munnerlyn pretty much put his job in the bag with the nice punt return.

But back to the point, you thinking that everything is Fox/Hurney's fault when there's more than half the teams in the NFL who wish they had a coach/gm like ours who have a nose for talent. You need to go back and look at all the talented players that have came and contributed to our organization under Fox/Hurney, they can spot talent. 12-4 also, remember? even though we choked in the playoffs, other teams were sitting at home wishing they were over .500, so get a grip, your probably one of those Bill Cowher guys and one of those "fans" that wanted Mike Vick.

Your just pathetic, get off this blog...

Go Panthers!

Posted by: Cameron | Aug 22, 2009 11:03:55 PM


Posted by: know_truth | Aug 22, 2009 11:06:30 PM

From Carolinagrowl.com>>>>>All-Pro middle linebacker Jon Beason to a knee injury. The extent of the injury is not yet known, but Beason did have his knee in a brace and was walking on crutches after the game.
He'll have an MRI on Sunday in Charlotte.

Posted by: Ronnie | Aug 22, 2009 11:39:56 PM

Cameron, wrong about Cowher and wrong about me being one of the people wanting Vick. I mentioned time and time again of not wanting Vick here. Did you hear me say anything negative about Jake. Yes I know it's preseason I'm just frustrated and have a right to my opinion as you do. I'm not one of those bandwagan fans. Yes Fox is our most successful coach. What I'm saying if and that's a key word if the defense.doesn't improve quick it's going to be a long season. For your info I've watched plently of Panthers games got all of them on tape or dvd. I know how their defense was playing great the first half of last season and then collasped the second half of last season. Remember that and if wasn't for our offense it's a possibility we wouldn't have made it to playoffs. I'm not one of those fairweathered, fantasy football fans. I said I will still pull for the Panthers regardless. When they do well I give them credit. Free country so if I want to state my opinion I will weather you and anyone likes it or not. Going back to Cowher, I would rather hire an unknown than Cowher. I remember the Seifert experience and that didn't go well at all. So their. As far as the 12-4 record. It was alot of other fans saying it was an easy schedule. And I said several of times that was bs. The second half of that schedule was tough. Pathetic huh? You're entitled to your opinion like I mentioned earlier and so am I.

Posted by: Kevin | Aug 23, 2009 12:25:12 AM

"Remember that and if wasn't for our offense it's a possibility we wouldn't have made it to playoffs."

LOL. Really?

Posted by: Rico | Aug 23, 2009 12:43:30 AM

Kevin the fact that you call Stewart "Nonaday" is what makes me think your a bandwagon fan. Just because he's out hurt doesn't mean he should immediately be thrown into the fire and practice and risk further injury, that would be stupid. He's proven himself, last year he broke the rookie rushing record for the Panthers, and our 2 RB's combined set a league record of total yards by a pair of backs that hasn't been done since 1984 and one other record that I forgot to mention since 1960. Right now you need to calm down and let Mike Goodson get some reps, when Steve Smith and Jonathan Stewart and everybody else gets better then we will be the playoff team we were last year. But giving nicknames to people who are hurt is just low. If you were hurt would you want people picking on you and telling you to get back to work even though you know you could worsen your injury? or would you want to wait to you were 100% and could do your job in tip top shape? Those "fans" who say this about Stewart are just pathetic, I'm sorry but you guys have no idea what it takes to recover from football injuries, I played football, I know. So next time put yourself in a players shoes before making a judgmental call.

Posted by: Cameron | Aug 23, 2009 9:33:56 AM

Look its real simple...no need to make excuses for the poor showing on Defense. The defense got completely shredded in the run game. There is no back up quarterback and for you fools that think these clowns are good then you can't evaluate talent worth a crap. We should have gotten Vick and we should be exploring an interest in Tavarius Jackson. Jake is no spring chicken and we need to address the future. Ryne Robinson is a failed experiment...he shouldn't have been drafted. Jonathan Stewart needs to grow some marbles and stop getting knicked up so much. There is a difference btw playing hurt and being hurt. I love D.Williams. For a team that is having Super Bowl dreams there doesn't seem to be too much enthusiasm coming from the players. Heck, I even heard them have the nerve to say we want to make it simple and let guys play...Well start playing..football is Run,Block, and Tackle....wasn't much tackling going on last night !!!!

Posted by: Deac | Aug 23, 2009 9:43:32 AM

Deac, Vick and Jackson are run first QB's, we don't need that in our system and Fox wasn't even going to touch one or the other. And when I started reading your post and you said that I immediately didn't take you seriously because no idiot would consider ether of those players on our team at the position of QB, maybe some other position, but not QB, no way.

Posted by: Cameron | Aug 23, 2009 10:49:10 AM

cut robinson, mcown and few others for a DT to replace kemo. you can get this guy off waivers when available..we need to strengthen our defensive line..the offense will be ok..

Posted by: tim | Aug 23, 2009 11:34:24 AM

Vick was only a run first QB because he was given the option in ATL. As for Jackson, he isn't going to cut in our system and hasn't been a person of interest. We could have used Vick as a QB but oh well, he's an eagle so he'll fly there. As for us, we need one or 2 interior D-Lineman. On offense, Moore showed good poise in the pocket. Let's not get all riled up just yet, after this 3rd preseason we should have a better feel of the season. Let's just hope Beason isn't too badly banged up.

Posted by: Qcdude | Aug 23, 2009 2:05:08 PM

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