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September 13, 2009

Jake, Julius back before #Panthers' home crowd as new season begins

In the eight months since the Carolina Panthers last played a game that counted, there has plenty of debate about the merits of quarterback Jake Delhomme and defensive end Julius Peppers.

Both have been at the center of a public opinon tug-of-war -- Delhomme because of his six-turnover performance in Carolina's 33-13 home  playoff loss to Arizona and Peppers because of his stated desire to move to another team, which the Panthers stopped by placing their franchise tag on him.

Today, Delhomme and Peppers are back in Bank of America Stadium together, still teammates, as the Panthers start another season against Philadelphia.

Delhomme finally gets to play another game, with a chance to begin proving the Cardinals' game was merely a blip in his career.

Peppers takes the field amid perhaps the highest expectations of his eight-year career. The contract tender he signed pays him more than $1 million per game, a stunning number.

It'll be interesting to see how both players are greeted by their home fans today.

The Jake-Julius watch will be one of the better subplots in a game that's one of the NFL's best opening-weekend matchups.

-- Charles Chandler

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lets go panthers

Posted by: Panthers Super Fan | Sep 13, 2009 9:49:43 AM

Let's Go Cats!!
44 here we come!

Posted by: PantherPerk | Sep 13, 2009 10:53:20 AM

Should we feel lucky that the preseason doesn't matter because both of them stunk up those games too? Peppers is gone after this year, and if our GM had a brain, he should've been gone a year or two ago. Jake will NEVER live up to his contract. We all know this, it isn't debatable. You don't pay a "manager" that kind of money, and Jake in Fox's offense doesn't rise to anything above a manager. The only thing I expect from Jake is not to force his throws and give the game away. He needs to hand off the ball and get out of the way. Make his short little crisp passes and hope the WR or RB can YAC it up. He does that, and I won't complain.

Posted by: JohnnyCornbread | Sep 13, 2009 11:01:08 AM

STOP TELLING US WHAT TO THINK (or speaking for us)!!!
---"Both have been at the center of a public opinon tug-of-war -- Delhomme because of his six-turnover performance in Carolina's 33-13 home playoff loss to Arizona..."

We don't like Jake because he has been turning the ball over and making risky passes his entire career! And for the immature posters, I personally am not a "Jake-hater." I just think he sucks as a QB! But we are stick with him, so I am going to pull for him and hope that he has some of his better perfromances more regularly from here on out.

And on that note, ESPN keeps reporting how the Panthers were the only team that undefeated at home last year. So Panther fans--- DON'T BOO YOUR TEAM! Cheer them on no matter what and be a factor (the 12th man on defense) and you will see similar results. Boo them like you have in the past, and you will create the atmosphere that breeds failure.


Posted by: SYRPIS | Sep 13, 2009 11:13:52 AM

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