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September 01, 2009

Moose speaks on changes at the top

Panthers wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad talked after practice today about the resignations of team president Mark Richardson and stadium president Jon Richardson. The team announced the resignations today in a news release:

"Both guys meant a lot to the organization, they came up through the ranks and had a lot to do with building this organization," said Muhammad. "Obviously, they'll be missed. The reason they resigned, no one knows exactly what it is. We all have complete trust and faith in Mr. Richardson's ability to own this organization, to put people in place and run it.

"Nothing surprises me in this business any more. Am I surprised or did I see it coming? I can say honestly, no I’m not surprised, but I didn't see it coming. There's always some new twists and turns in this business, you just expect it now."

A Panthers team official said owner Jerry Richardson has no plans to move or sell the team.

"We've got a beautiful stadium up there, a great city," said Muhammad. "I don't know how that even became an issue. Until I hear anything otherwise, I'll be lacing up my cleats and getting ready to play in Bank of America Stadium."

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Good for Moose!

It's nice to see Moose emerge as a little bit of a Sam Mills or Mike Minter character on the team. I always respect his insight into "off-the-field" issues.

BTW, nice catch Saturday...and nice blocks!

Posted by: rick b | Sep 1, 2009 3:29:59 PM

I can not imagine not having the Panthers in Charlotte, if they leave I will root for them but I will have no reason to keep up with Pro football how I do now. BTW Have the Panthers released that one more player (or two now that they made the trade for Leonard), and if so, who did they release??

Posted by: ANILORAC OG | Sep 1, 2009 3:49:52 PM

Folks who keep talking about the Panthers "leaving" keep in mind the one thing that makes the team not moveable (besides there is nowhere for them to move to) is a stadium partially paid for by PSLs, as in permanent seat licenses. (not to mention the huge mortgage that B of A just refinanced for them 3 years ago) THIS TEAM IS GOING NOWHERE.

Posted by: docnolz | Sep 1, 2009 3:56:18 PM

They released Lonnie Harvey because of the trade. Still waiting for the final player to be released for the 75.

Posted by: Bob | Sep 1, 2009 3:56:29 PM

The team is going nowhere - as long as they keep selling out games. And they will, so don't worry. If the money keeps coming in, then what is the incentive to move? Even if the team is sold, I would be shocked if a move was even brought up as an option.

Posted by: Nathan | Sep 1, 2009 4:34:05 PM

I'm young enough that the Panthers are the only team I've ever pulled for. It would suck if they moved.

Posted by: Nate | Sep 1, 2009 4:35:30 PM

They're not moving! They own the stadium, something rare in the NFL these days. Walk away from a multimillion-dollar asset like that? Hey, we all complain that NFL owners are in it for the money...so why would any owner do such a thing?

Someday Jerry will pass on and maybe his kids would sell the team then...but why would a BUYER move? Again, they have a stadium they OWN and, as Nathan said above, every game is sold out even when they suck. They'll be here for a long time and I'm happy with that!

Posted by: rick b | Sep 1, 2009 5:38:11 PM

um, where can I send the team my resume?
I'm sure I'm willing to work cheaper than anyone with "Richardson" in their name.

Posted by: Jon | Sep 1, 2009 5:40:15 PM

panther's 1 of only 2 sold out home opener games. they are not moving.

Posted by: joe cool | Sep 1, 2009 11:05:14 PM

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