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September 28, 2009

Observations from a spectacular stadium

-- If you think the 52-inch HD television you have in your den is impressive, you ought to see what's hanging from the ceiling at the $1.15 billion Cowboys Stadium. The four-sided video screen is 160 feet wide by 72 feet  high. And it's high definition (1080), which makes it all the more spectacular. It would take 4,920 of those 52-inch TVs to equal its size.

-- The Cowboys don't enter the field via the normal tunnel route that most other NFL teams do. They walk out through a bar/lounge area with fans right there -- but behind ropes. We understand that as the team waited to run on to the field recently, a fan (who had knocked back more than a few Lone Stars) asked coach Wade Phillips if he missed Jessica Simpson. They're probably going to buffer Phillips from the fans now.

-- They've actually got cheerleaders dancing on platforms above the one of the six "party decks" at either end of the stadium. It gives those areas -- which are general admission and have a capacity of about 30,000 -- the ambiance of, shall we say, a gentlemen's club.

-- The ends of the football-shaped stadium face east-west. So the sun streams through the huge glass windows at the western end as game time approaches tonight. At the eastern end is a great view of the Texas Rangers' Ballpark In Arlington, which is as cool as Cowboys Stadium, in a retro kind of way.

-- If you want to, you can actually spend some money here. A green chile Kobe burger goes for $13 and you can have a Peroni beer (it's Italian) for $9. Tony Romo jerseys go for $109.99 in the pro shop, and you can also pick up a T-shirt with a drawing of the stadium over the words "Ours Is Bigger."

-- Oh yeah, in about 15 minutes, there's going to be a football game. -- David Scott

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Clearly the O-line failed to make the trip, and it's questionable about the defense.

Posted by: John | Sep 28, 2009 9:09:55 PM

These guys just plain can't tackle.

Posted by: John | Sep 28, 2009 9:19:21 PM

OMG, Moose may NO ATTEMPT at that ball!

Posted by: John | Sep 28, 2009 9:28:57 PM

Another $1,043,750.00 performance by Julius "Panty Waste" Peppers. His only tackle was worth $693,833.33 and his only assist was worth $347,916.67. What a waste of money, flesh, and bones.

Posted by: Doug Edwards | Sep 28, 2009 11:46:24 PM

As much as I'm not a Jake supporter...his receivers hung him out to dry tonight. Moose made no attempt on the first interception and I'm tired of Steve Smith having tirades on the sideline and then when the ball is thrown his way he drops it. Then he has the nerve to stop on his route!! What's up with that bullshit? I'm tired of the conservative play calling, the timid defense, and the just the poorest special team I've ever seen here. Big Cat needs the get his business in order b/c this here is unacceptable!!!

Posted by: thenxtgreat | Sep 28, 2009 11:52:42 PM

Can you honestly say that those drops are good throws where Jake is hitting an open reciever in stride or as he is making a cut.
He doesn't get the ball out of his hand fast enough. On the other side our wide open pass defense allows the other teams recievers plenty of cusion to make a catch and gain some yards after the catch.

Posted by: Don | Sep 29, 2009 1:59:05 PM

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