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September 29, 2009

#Panthers fall to 0-3 as Gross bluntly says "it stinks"

   By Charles Chandler


   ARLINGTON, Texas – Mercifully, the Carolina Panthers have a bye this weekend.

   They can rest, hope to get healthy and contemplate a season that may already have slipped far, far away even though it is only three weeks old.

   The Panthers lost a game Monday night they admitted they had to win, falling 21-7 to the Dallas Cowboys at snazzy new Cowboys Stadium.

   Carolina is now 0-3, a hole so deep that only three teams in the previous 19 seasons have overcome it and gone on to reach postseason play.

   “It stinks,” said left tackle Jordan Gross. “There’s no way to sugarcoat it. We haven’t won in a long time and we’re losing ugly.”

   The Panthers’ last win was last year, back when they were 12-4 and on a roll.

   Counting their playoff loss to Arizona in January and a 0-4 preseason, they’ve suited up eight consecutive times without a victory.

   Their goal of making the playoffs for the second consecutive season for the first time in franchise history now seems too lofty to be realistic.

   But coach John Fox continues to preach hope of a turnaround.

   “We’ve got a lot of football left and we’re only through a quarter of the season,” he said. “We’ve been on three-loss skids before. We really need to stick together.”

   The Panthers are 0-3 for the first time in Fox’s eight seasons as coach. The other two times they started 0-3 were under Dom Capers – their debut season in 1995 when they finished 7-9, and ’98 when they wound up 4-12.

   Carolina’s offense, which is supposed to be the team’s strength, couldn’t do much of anything against Dallas’ defense in the second half.

   The Panthers punted without a first down on their first four possessions after halftime, then got the ball back at their 10-yard line with 5 minutes, 57 seconds remaining, trailing 13-7.

   DeAngelo Williams’ run for a first town gave some hope for a rally, but that dissipated moments later when quarterback Jake Delhomme was intercepted by Dallas cornerback Terrence Newman, who returned the pick 27 yards for a touchdown.

   A successful two point conversion raised Dallas’ lead to 14 and gave the Cowboys the cushion they needed to improve to 2-1 this season.

   Wide receiver Steve Smith said he was to blame for the interception, not Delhomme, because he failed to run his route properly.

   Fox said of the play: “We obviously weren’t on the same page.”

   Delhomme also threw a first-half interception and now has seven for the season. He also lost a fumble with one minute remaining in the game, his second lost fumble of the season.

   The Panthers had difficulty, especially after halftime, stopping Dallas’ impress array of offensive talent.

   Quarterback Tony Romo bounched back from a three-interception performance in a loss to the New York Giants last week to complete 22 of 33 passes for 255 yards.

   Running backs Felix Jones and Tashard Choice combined for 176 of Dallas’ 212 yards rushing, providing further proof of the weakness of the Panthers’ run defense without out-for-the-season defensive tackle Maake Kemoeatu.

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Stinks puts it mildly - Fox is out of his mind; he takes a 12-4 team and does NOTHING in the offseason to make it better. And what's worse, he's done this before too, so he hasn't learned very much from history. Worse yet, we can't even take solace in next year, because we traded away nearly all our draft picks...

Maybe we'll at least win a game at home...if the players really think they played bad, how about refusing to collect your next check as a show of faith to the fans...but that'll never happen

Posted by: Tom | Sep 29, 2009 12:40:52 AM

Fire Fox, Fire Hurney, Bench Jake and give Moore a chance to either sink or swim and see what we got, because the playoffs arent happening this year. We need to try to trade Peppers asap. More than a million for 1 tackle??? Come on that's just sick. This has flashbacks to 1-15 and not looking too good to get the 1. Peppers played decent in Philly and hasn't done a thing since, if we put him on IR for a heart transplant can we free up the cap room????

Posted by: Slash | Sep 29, 2009 12:40:52 AM

Need new coaches. Played good against Dallas first half got pressure on Romo, second half they just quit blitzing. WR and QB have to be on the same page! Defense cant be missing these easy tackles and given up more yards. Carolina has got to play more aggressive. Need better pass defense. This whole letting people catch the ball (jump a route please!) is not working, all the offense has to do is run as far as they want and turn around and boom easy catch every time!

Posted by: Bryan | Sep 29, 2009 12:51:59 AM

WOW I've yet to read something on here as accurate as Bryan just put it. So true. I completely agree..it's pretty obvious to me too and if it's obvious to us, it's obvious to every team that plays us. Not good. We are way too predictable. Way too conservative. That blame is all on Fox.

Posted by: Mike | Sep 29, 2009 1:12:08 AM

Delhomme has lost his confidence. We need to let Moore develop under center since playoffs are out of reach. Not likely going to amount to anything but atleast he has potential, while Jake has none. At the end of the season, fire Fox and Hurney, and bring in Cowher. He would do wonders with our team. Our players are good, but the coaches don't put them in position to make big plays. It's sad when our best and trademark big play is a draw play...

Posted by: G | Sep 29, 2009 1:16:30 AM

These commies are not posting my stuff again! Your friends and family members are risking their lives to kill "a-rabs" so you can go to the beach on $10 worth of fuel instead of $20, meanwhile evoking nationalistic BS underlined with their version of "democracy" and "freedom", and I can't even get a simple post published with nothing offensive in it??? WHY ARE THEY SO SCARED OF PRINTING THE TRUTH!?! Communist Capitalism at its finest yet again!

...I usually copy my posts in so I can keep posting them over and over again until they go through but I got complacent and didn't do so this time. Anyway, on the third quarter post, before the analysts started in with their BS, I wrote:

They are going to cover Jake by leaving out the fumble he committed (as usual) and focusing only on one interception (the one they can blame on Smith. Even if that was the only turnover he committed, why did it throw it when there was nothing there anyway??? What, was Smith going to beat ten opposing players to get a first down??? What a joke.

I also pointed out how Meeks found the perfect spot for Poopers to line up on gameday... the sidelines. What does that scumbag have so far, two tackles in three games?? What is that, almost two million per tackle?

I also pointed out how they gave one of these jokers $20M guaranteed and the other the franchise tag at a ridiculous amount! Oh yeah, they also gave the golden boy Kasay a contract extension during the bye week last year when he still had more years on the original and others were waiting for extensions??? Then they make Gamble practically the highest paid DB in the NFL soon after that. He is good, but not that good. So what was the management's/ownership's message??? I think it must have to do something with lipstick and pigs if you ask me. AND NO I DON'T "GOTTA-WANNA-HAVE...!" In fact, I have been embarrassed by the whole thing for a while now and it only keeps getting worse! It gets really hard to call yourself a Panther fan around others who are not with this inexplicable insanity going on.

Look at the Packers! Publicly owned, they make prudent decisions with their players and they have for Panthers running their defense. And how about that defense? They (Capers, Greene and Trgovac) are dominating!


Posted by: SYRPIS | Sep 29, 2009 1:36:54 AM

Bench Jake? You people are out of your mind. If you think Jake turns it over just watch what Matt Moore will do. If we had a 1st rounder I could see your logic of tanking the year to build for the future but if we do that all we will be doing is hooking SF up with an even higher pick. This team needs to try to win as many games as we can.

What this team needs to do is run the freaking football. Last night we rushed 16 times for 73 yards. That is 4.6 per rush. Not bad. You can't say it wasn't working. It did work. We came out of the locker room at the half with all of the momentum and instead of playing the kind of football we are built to play we come out slinging the football all over the yard with Jake, like he is 1988 Joe Montana. That is on the coaches. We also finally blitzed in the first half. Every time we blitzed Romo we either sacked him or the Cowboys committed a holding penalty. Then in the 3rd quarter they came out in the softest of soft zones again. It makes no sense. I want Fox gone after this year. I am not a fire the coach in the season kind of fan. But there is no reason to keep Marty Hurney as the GM. Needless to say his trading of our 1st round pick for Everette Brown might end up being the 2nd biggest blunder in the history of this Franchise (Sean Gilbert). They should have tried to trade Pep for what they could get in the offseason. He won't get us much as things are right now. The guy looks like he is playing for $1 a game instead of a Million per game. I would think he would actually show a little bit of pride in himself as a pro but he doesn't.

Trent Dilfer had the quote of the night when he described the Panthers. The names on the back of the jerseys are good. The team is not. This team looks disheveled and disjointed. We need to get it together and at least make it respecteable.

Posted by: Eric | Sep 29, 2009 8:16:47 AM

Did they stop teaching journalism students to re-read what they wrote? It's getting to the point that most journalists no longer care about typo's. Please read what you just wrote, prior to posting, and stop being lazy

Posted by: James | Sep 29, 2009 9:24:40 AM

You know, in another article it was mentioned that the Panthers come out of the bye week, and play a "soft" part of their schedule... With the way they are playing, don't you think the Redskins, Bucks, and Bills are looking forward to playing them? I mean, right now the Panthers don't seem capable of fighting their way out of a paper bag, much less winning a football game!

Posted by: Mike | Sep 29, 2009 11:23:54 AM

Oh my Lord...how we need a new coach.

Posted by: Ron | Sep 29, 2009 9:27:25 PM

Romeo Crennel for defense and Charlie weiss for Offense after Notre Dame fires him under Bill Cowers

Posted by: greene | Oct 1, 2009 9:39:20 PM

jerry please.
talk to bill cowers to coach the panthers i bet you will see a trun around. plus bill lives in nc.

Posted by: lee godfrey | Oct 28, 2009 10:23:52 PM

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