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September 20, 2009

Pregame #Panthers-#Falcons observations

Some thoughts before we head to the Georgia Dome for today's game in rainy Atlanta:

-- Be careful what you wish for, if you're among those who want a quick hook for Jake Delhomme. With Josh McCown out, Delhomme's backups today are a quarterback who has thrown more career interceptions than touchdowns (A.J. Feeley) and one who has three career starts and couldn't beat out McCown for the No. 2 job in camp (Matt Moore). Perhaps it's an indictment on how ill-prepared the Panthers are for the post-Delhomme era, but that's another debate for another day. Delhomme's the best guy for the job today and going forward this season. Forget I said that if he throws four more interceptions today ...

Incidentally, we'll let you know as soon as we do who the No. 2 QB will be today.

-- Watch for defensive end Louis Leonard to make his first start for the Panthers today, with Nick Hayden questionable. Also, former Coastal Carolina player Quinton Teal would likely play in Chris Harris's spot at strong safety if Harris can't go because of a hurt knee.

-- It'll be interesting to see if the Panthers keep using the "Wildcat" formation, with either Steve Smith or DeAngelo Williams. Carolina, incidentally, successfully used Williams in that set against the Falcons in 2006, before it became popular league-wide.

-- A must win today? Perhaps. The Panthers play in Dallas next Monday night, not a good spot to go if you're 0-2. Then comes the bye week, which would be interminably long long if they're 0-3. At least a split of these next two games is critical.

-- If you get NFL Network, I'll be on at 11:30 this morning, talking about Jake and the Panthers. -- David Scott

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It stinks to not have Chris Harris on the field, but that stupid artificial surface is no place to test an injured knee. Better to save him for next week maybe.

Posted by: jeff | Sep 20, 2009 8:36:18 AM

How was using the Wildcat in '06 incidental?
Dan Henning was here then.
Henning was inspired to use it in Miami because of how it worked here.
The only reason nobody cared is because we weren't playing the Gaytriots.

Posted by: PantherPerk | Sep 20, 2009 11:01:25 AM

Well it's a great day to do nothing but watch football, what with the wet weather...let's hope Carolina gets out there today and beats a good Atlanta team....just let's not repeat last weekend guys. The cardiac cats need to return this week, and not go into cardiac arrest in the second quarter again.

Posted by: huntergates | Sep 20, 2009 11:23:00 AM

Time to turn this thing around!

We believe in you Jake!


Posted by: SouthFloridaPanthersFanClub | Sep 20, 2009 11:51:59 AM

Sometimes slow starters finish strong.Let us hope that is the case with the Panthers.One of the key areas of concern is the Quarterback position with the Panthers.Win or lose,Richardson,Fox and the whole organization MUST go Quarterback hunting.They should draft one next year.The bitter truth is Carolina needs a younger,vibrant and mobile quarterback.It is time to change guards at that position.

Posted by: Joseph Sakpa Rogers | Sep 20, 2009 12:02:29 PM

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