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October 16, 2009

A Peppers statistic worth noting

With all the anti-Julius Peppers talk going on these days, here's a striking statistic from this week's NFL news release: He has 17 1/2 sacks in the Panthers' past 18 games.

-- Charles Chandler

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Take away Oakland and Detroit last year and post the total if you want to make a valid point....

Posted by: Phil | Oct 16, 2009 3:57:25 PM

Take away Oakland & Detroit? What kind of statement is that???...using your logic, we should also take away 2 games last year when Peppers had -0- sacks...

Posted by: nunya | Oct 16, 2009 4:00:34 PM

Nobody is worth his salary playing football. I did not go to the games just to see Pep. I don't think Richardson understands how many fans feel that way - as a use to be loyal fan that crossed the line for me >

Posted by: kelso | Oct 16, 2009 4:07:51 PM

17 1/2 sacks in 18 games is pretty impressive. He's a great pass rusher.

Now maybe one of these days he'll learn how to stop the run...

Posted by: 704Champ | Oct 16, 2009 4:16:07 PM

I like this blurb by Charles. NFL players are not unlike commodities on the stock market; except that they are definitely perishable. They have their bull days as well as bear days. I want the NFL to learn to respect another critter: The Carolina Panther. I do believe JP#90 can and will help.

Posted by: Carl Childers | Oct 16, 2009 4:20:48 PM

Everyone should just leave Pep alone and get a life!!!

Posted by: Butterfly | Oct 16, 2009 4:22:48 PM

How would you take out games and keep a real stat? That was the most retarded post i have seen all day. I have disagreed with them franchising Peppers from the day after they did ti & he didnt sign the tender so they could talk about trading him, but come on dont try & make him look any worse than he is just because you dont agree with his salary.

Posted by: mrbernz | Oct 16, 2009 4:30:16 PM

Interesting stat. Solid numbers for sure. The brutal truth is that nothing short of monstrous, beastly numbers from Peppers in each and every game would prevent him from being crucified for his franchise contract (that he was essentially forced to sign, by the way).

By my estimation, he's had two really good games (against Philly & Washington), and two disappearing acts against ATL & Dallas. Disappearing on the stat sheet is one thing, but it's the perceived lack of effort on the field that kills most fans (myself included). As long as he shows genuine effort on game days, I think the natives won't be so restless.

Posted by: Newsinz | Oct 16, 2009 5:01:11 PM

the sack he got vs Philly was meaningless garage time and came in the midst of taking 6 plays totally off!! Redskins sack was casued by everette Brown, Peppers ran up field out of the play as he often does and once Brown forced movement then Peppers suddenly (and give him credit for that) turned back and got the sack. Media and the guys still need to stay ion him. CONSIDER this, 60 play at 6 seconds a play = 6 minutes Can a man making 1 million per game give great effort for 6 minutes??? Surely anynone no matter what the pay can give all out full effort for 6 minutes!!!

Posted by: Isaiah | Oct 16, 2009 6:16:03 PM

He was forced to sign a contract for more than a million dollars a game? They offered him one for less than that which he voluntarily chose not to sign. I feel terrible for the guy, honestly.

Apologists. He is selfish and lazy. He is Julia Poopers.

Posted by: cmo | Oct 16, 2009 8:02:40 PM

i heard peppers is about to be traded for a first round pick before the deadline

Posted by: James | Oct 16, 2009 8:10:54 PM

and also heard we were trying to pick up brady quinn for a 4th round pick

Posted by: James | Oct 16, 2009 8:11:38 PM

I don't think $1 million dollars per sack is anything to be excited about.

Posted by: BlockParty | Oct 16, 2009 9:22:03 PM

He could have 90 sacks in 18 games and would still have haters...

Keep doing your thing Pep....you still have some fans that support you 110%...

Posted by: junipher | Oct 16, 2009 9:39:50 PM

Peppers was forced to sign the contract and make 17 mil for the year thats true, however, had he really wanted to leave he could have signed the tender right away so the Panthers could negotiate with other teams. He didnt sign it so they couldnt try to trade him, there is where the blame lies on Peppers. He let his agent try to find a team that wanted him and either the teams he wanted to play for wouldnt deal with an agent, as Bellichick said he wouldnt, or they didnt want Peppers. So it was his decision to stay with the Panthers.

Posted by: mrbernz | Oct 16, 2009 10:43:43 PM

"17 1/2 sacks in 18 games is pretty impressive. He's a great pass rusher.

Now maybe one of these days he'll learn how to stop the run..."

Are you kidding me? What year are you living in, Peppers rookie season? He always does fine against the run and a lot of the time teams run away from him.

Posted by: Jerad H. | Oct 17, 2009 3:18:53 AM

Just a minor little issue. It is impossible for you to support anyone, or do anything else for that matter, at a level that exceeds 100%. Next thing we know the apologists will say that Peppers is super man irregardless of his stats.

Posted by: cmo | Oct 17, 2009 6:57:25 AM

Peppers can play and at times like the Vikings say the team is willing to play harder if they know the Offense is going to go out there and score when Farve is giving his all out there. Jake at times doesn't give the Defense time to rest and as soon as they get off the field they where right back on the field. Half the time Pep was being held and the refs standing right there and no calls also.

Football a team effort and it takes a team to win the game , sure Pep can give more but when he does its darn it he does darn if he doen't . Pep need to be more control of his body and change his technic and not go outside as much and maybe look at some Reggie white film .

Posted by: Panthersfan | Oct 17, 2009 7:43:47 AM

Take the emotions out of it, professional football is a business. Julius has the skills to be a dominant player. He does not want to be, said that he wanted a change. Jerry Richardson supported the $17 mil that the Panthers pay for a player that does not care. This has stripped the team of depth. What about team morale? Guys like Beason and T Davis play their hearts out and Julius goes through the motions, watch him!!!!

Posted by: Bill McDonough | Oct 17, 2009 9:43:54 AM

While on the surface its a nice stat it is also misleading. Allen got 4.5 sacks the other night playing against the 3rd string tackleand will clearly bump up his statistics. Anyone watching Julius knows he has the talent to blow up games if he wants to the problem is he normally does not want to. I go to all the games and watch him a lot. a serviceable linemen not a pro bowl linemen can handle him when he does not want it. IN the Dallas game Jason Whitten blocked him of a long running play by himself and he is a tight end for gods sake.

Posted by: mclifford | Oct 17, 2009 9:59:46 AM

You mean one of those sacks being the Safety from last week that should have been credited to Thomas Davis? Also, here is an interested fact as well regarding Gaines Adams and why he was traded from Tampa.

"But Adams had one sack and 10 tackles in Tampa Bay's first three games. That apparently caused the Bucs to give up on Adams as they go through a rebuilding process."

And our Million Dollar man has 14 TOT and 3 sacks (one of those being Thomas Davis' safety) doesn't look like too different of numbers.

The numbers can be skewed but let's face it but that Pepper's guy seems like a real bargin.

Posted by: hackney | Oct 17, 2009 10:07:12 AM


Posted by: hackney | Oct 17, 2009 10:10:14 AM

safety was credited to Thomas Davis according to official score sheet. Whoever above said Peppers is good against the run is not watching him, I have watched two games with binoculars trained on Peppers and DVR'd both games, he will NEVER hit anyone near a pile up, but constantly removes himself to protect his legs, he gives (and Fowler documented this last Sunday) "half" on at least 50% of plays he is in. It is not being non-positive, or a "hater" or a downer to tell the truth. Watch him! DVR it and watch. He gives little effort half the plays, goes all out when he may get a key stat, like chance at safety, heck, he totally jacked up the OT once (I think on the safety) and sent him three yards backwards - and he could do that most plays if he tried. Heck2 if he gave even the effort of Everette Brown, let alone of Jared Allen, or Reggie White or Thomas Davis or those who hustle (and why do Pros walk so much on the field, I was taught never to walk on the field, jog or run but move) if Pep gave that effort he would be the all time sack leader now, against the run at him he is driven five yards back, he takes bad angles constantly, he runs up field and gives up big gains in his vacated space, he gives up contain often, that is reality the truth, and as I said earlier, these guys play 60 plays or less per game, each play lasting approximately 6 seconds, that is 360 seconds or 6 minutes of all out effort - or 6 seconds walk to huddle for 20 seconds, get lined up for 10 seconds, give 6 seconds of effort, maximum of one full minute of effort on a ten play drive (or give great effort and be out in 18 seconds of actual play!) Seriously, are we not allowed as PSL owners and fans to ask for 18 seconds of all out effort? one minute of all out effort of 5-10 minutes with a 10 minute break after that. 6 total minutes of all effort in one single game? if you don't get that there is nothing to add.

Posted by: Isaiah | Oct 17, 2009 10:59:54 AM

Isnt a sack when they tackle the QB? The safety wasnt the qb....... and Peppers did not get the credit for that on his stats...

Posted by: mrbernz | Oct 17, 2009 1:02:13 PM

i don't know why everybody blames peppers for how much money he makes. i mean that's the nature of the business. richardson and hurney didn't dictate that, they're part of it but by no means all of it. the fans more than anything do. the fans are willing to pay X amount of dollars to see the team play and the players union negotiates based on that income and peppers being the standout athlete he is, commands the majority of the money by supply and demand.

its business, its not his fault he commands a large salary he doesn't deserve. atleast he's not matthew stafford or brady quinn.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 17, 2009 1:14:20 PM

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