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October 12, 2009

#Panthers sign former #Bucs WR/KR Jackson to practice squad before playing Bucs

Six days before playing at Tampa Bay, the Panthers signed former Bucaneers wide receiver/kick returner Dexter Jackson to their practice squad.

Jackson was a star at Appalachian State and was a second-round draft pick by the Bucs in 2008.

However, he played sparingly as a rookie and was released Aug. 31.

Jackson played in seven games for Tampa Bay on special teams last season. He returned 14 kickoffs for a 23.4-yard average and 20 punts for a 4.9-yard aveage. He didn't catch a pass on offense.

Jackson replaces wide receiver Jason Cherry on the practice squad and might be able to give Panthers' coaches and players some insights about Tampa Bay's system under first-year coach Raheem Morris.

-- Charles Chandler

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The Bucs are 0 - 5. What insights do they need? Maybe the Bucs are getting ready to unleash the dragon and we need to know about it. Ha.

Posted by: Roger | Oct 12, 2009 5:12:50 PM

No offense, but please use him for strategy info for now...


Posted by: sch | Oct 12, 2009 5:16:30 PM

I really hope we didn't sign him for his insight. If we did, that gives some "insight" as to how desperate Foxy has gotten.

Here's some insight.....Tampa Stinks! Can I be on the practice squad now?

Tampa is just what the Panthers need. I hope/think they might just turn this season around with this three game cupcake stretch.

Posted by: jeff | Oct 12, 2009 5:29:42 PM

Jeff's last comment is dead on. It's just what they need to keep building. I saw a team that didn't give up yesterday. I saw emotion. I saw heart and none of us have seen that in a long time. It's amazing how far you can go when you believe in something.

Posted by: williwonka | Oct 12, 2009 5:40:53 PM

I dont see how people can keep saying these teams are easy wins, theyre just as desperate for wins as the Panthers & they also have professional players. No game is an easy game. The only easy game is 1 that you already won.

Posted by: mrbernz | Oct 12, 2009 6:54:19 PM

Just Win Baby !!!!!

Posted by: Big Will | Oct 12, 2009 6:57:19 PM

Let's Run the Wild Cat with Jackson....Maybe he can get the ball to Steve Smith in the end zone ...

Posted by: Big Will | Oct 12, 2009 6:58:52 PM

u can say the again big will

Posted by: mj | Oct 12, 2009 7:04:35 PM

Dexter has the speed. Try him at running back. He's quick AND fast.
Welcome home Dex!

Posted by: JRB | Oct 12, 2009 7:48:37 PM

Heres my thing....I dont leave many comments but this is sad..we fumbled how many kickoffs?? 3-4 we had one good kick return and the rest of the time it looked like we ran straight to the tacklers..Put Jackson on the roster and keep Stewart at running back..plain and simple

Posted by: anthony | Oct 12, 2009 8:15:15 PM

Obviously we signed him because he is a better player than Cherry, and Mark Jones just re-signed with the Titans the other day!!!!!! D. jackson is a smitty like player who we might can develop into an explosive wideout!!

Posted by: NJ | Oct 12, 2009 8:17:46 PM

And to get help to be the Bucs you let your team's BEST kick and punt returner go - what will you let go when you really need to know something from a good team - three / four players. All you need to know is " IT'S THE BUCS!!! Hope you land somewhere special Jason!! Like a good team - hummm who are the Panthers playing the next couple of weeks - Oh well they don't need to know anything to beat the Kitty's...

Posted by: fhahscoach | Oct 12, 2009 8:41:04 PM

we signed him because we are terrible at KR. (Cptn. Munnerlyn drops another one)

Posted by: chris | Oct 13, 2009 7:01:28 AM

Only way this dude will get the time of day in Carolina is to paint an 89 on his chest. We have a very explosive, quick, fast, good hands kid in K. Moore but Jake never seems to see him.

Posted by: JAR | Oct 13, 2009 9:50:40 AM

Jackson is one of the fastest players in the NFL. This may be his last shot to sticking on a roster... lets hope he has put it together enough to possibly contribute to our deficient return game.

Posted by: KMA | Oct 13, 2009 9:54:40 AM

alright,foxy is taking a lesson from belicheat.

Posted by: ray | Oct 13, 2009 10:43:28 AM

I'm cool with it. Let's see what this move was all about. GO PANTHERS!!!!!

Posted by: mr.garcia | Oct 13, 2009 1:25:13 PM

I'm cool with it. Let's see what this move was all about. GO PANTHERS!!!!!

Posted by: mr.garcia | Oct 13, 2009 1:25:16 PM

You drafted a top return specialist, led the nation in Larry Beavers, decided to not give him a chance in preseason then turn around and let him go. Now looking for another return guy...Go figure, Typical Panthers

Posted by: space | Oct 13, 2009 10:59:51 PM

We should sign Matt Jones he's huge and still young..sign him for a 1 yr contract to make him play for a better contract. and let Peppers play linebacker or receiver every once in awhile, lets see a corner try take him down! LOL!

Posted by: Josh | Oct 14, 2009 1:42:15 PM

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