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October 11, 2009

Sunday's Panthers-Redskins gameday links

Has Peppers been worth the money? Scott Fowler sets out to answer the question of what $1 million a game really buys by watching every snap Julius Peppers has played this season. His analysis. / Charlotte Observer 

Poll: Is Peppers worth $1 million per game? / Charlotte Observer 

Three keys, including why the signs point to an early Panthers lead / Charlotte Observer

Scott Says: Time for Panthers to crank up the run game / Charlotte Observer 

Expect Redskins to lean on Portis, and why tight ends have been a concern for Panthers / Charlotte Observer

Three questions with Panthers deep snapper J.J. Jansen: What was the coolest thing about playing at Notre Dame? / Charlotte Observer 

NFL Gameday: Former Independence High receivers Hakeem Nicks and Mohammed Massaquoi have shone so far this season / Charlotte Observer

Key stats, starting lineups for Panthers-Redskins / Charlotte Observer

Redskins wary of latest winless opponent / Charlotte Observer

Get updates on Twitter / Charlotte Observer

Sorensen's NFL Picks: Skins will fall / Charlotte Observer

Continuity plays a role in Panthers organization / Rock Hill Herald

Look for more runs from Panthers today / Rock Hill Herald

Taming the Wild West: Redskins run a version of the West Coast offense under Jim Zorn, but the way they have run it make it scarcely recognizable. / Washington Post

Sally Jenkins: Redskins in unstable condition. It's clear to Washington Post columnist that management is undermining coach Jim Zorn / Washington Post

Panthers want to run the football / Gaston Gazette

Panthers, Redskins both have their share of problems / Gaston Gazette

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Our receivers,receiver coach,Quarterback coach should get slammed for what they have given to the fans and the Panrther organization.Our receivers can't get away from any rookie, third string cornerback or safety. When have you even seen Steve Smith open? He has been reading his press clips too much and not getting away from a simple jam. Not to mention his pouting of the sideline because "He couldn't break away from any corner press coverage he faced.
When Dan was running the offense we made adjustments. Look at the way our 2 minuet drill have done. We seemed to be clueless as to what receivers we need and what patterns to run. This had never happenned when Dan was calling the offensive shots. OK I left out Delhome but come on give him something to throw too. I get sick everytime the TV shows a quaterback throwing to a receiver wide open or at least a receiver that has beaten their defender.

Posted by: rrosko | Oct 11, 2009 9:00:45 AM

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