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November 29, 2009

Panthers lose as Delhomme throws 4 interceptions

   By Charles Chandler

   [email protected]


   EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Quarterback Jake Delhomme’s early-season passing troubles resurfaced Sunday, contributing to the Carolina Panthers failing to score a touchdown and losing 17-6 to the New York Jets.

   Delhomme threw four interceptions and completed only 13 of 33 passes for 126 yards.

   One of his interceptions was returned for a touchdown and the other led to a TD. He now has thrown 18 picks this season, setting a career single-season high with five games remaining.

   His previous season high for interceptions was 16, set in 2003 and 2005. Carolina made the playoffs both of those seasons, but this is an entirely different kind of year.

   The Panthers fell to 4-7 heading into next week’s game at Tampa Bay. With the most difficult part of their schedule coming up in their final four games, Carolina is in danger of finishing a season with double-digit losses for the first time in coach John Fox’s eight years with the team.

   The Jets, who had lost six of their previous seven games, improved to 5-6.

   New York’s only TDs came as a result of Delhomme interceptions.

   Carolina drove to the Jets’ 39 on their opening possession, but their scoring chance ended abruptly on one of the most bizarre plays in franchise history.

   Delhomme threw left to Smith, but Smith apparently didn’t know he was supposed to turn for the ball. Smith kept running and the pass hit his foot, then ricocheted into the hands of Jets’ cornerback Darrelle Revis, who returned it 67 yards for a touchdown.

   The Jets’ other TD came in the second quarter after Delhomme’s pass to Muhsin Muhammad was picked off by safety Kerry Rhodes at the Carolina 49 and returned to the 38 with 1:48 remaining in the first half.

   Five plays later, running back Thomas Jones scored on a 3-yard run for a 14-3 halftime lead.

   The Panthers appeared to score a touchdown early in the fourth quarter on a 10-yard pass from Delhomme to Steve Smith, but Jets’ coach Rex Ryan called for a replay challenge which showed that Smith did not have two feet down inbounds.

   Delhomme’s final interception came with 1:10 remaining after two long passes from Delhomme to Dwayne Jarrett had moved Carolina into scoring position.


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I know it is impossible to compare basketball to football, but I wish Fox had any resemblance to Coach Brown. Brown is always looking for ways to push his players, the team, the system and even the franchise. Fox is so one dimensional, while Brown is an artist at his. These Bobcats are not the most talented, but they ALL know what to expect from Brown and each other b/c he coaches that way. His expectations are so very high and the players know that. They know that he can/will get them through things. Fox is a .500 coach at best and does not have the creativity or flexibility to lead the Panthers. Unfortunately, Delhomme is now in that spot as well as the players do not believe in him or trust that he can lead them.

Posted by: Charlanta | Nov 29, 2009 4:04:24 PM

When is enough enough? Gohomme may have had his time but it is over. How is the performance of this team going to help next year? Don't tell me it will be Jake, I just can't take it. This season is starting to remind me an awful lot of the Weinke/Seifert debacle.

Posted by: Blane | Nov 29, 2009 4:06:14 PM

DumbA$$ Delhomme strikes again. If either this moron or Fox are on this team next year fans need to revolt

Posted by: Bye Bye Peppers | Nov 29, 2009 4:08:38 PM

I am to the point that Icould care less about this team any more.

I'm done.

Posted by: Amazed | Nov 29, 2009 4:10:27 PM

Time for a regime change in Carolina and esp a quarterback.

Posted by: Magic J | Nov 29, 2009 4:10:52 PM

you got that charlanta but the thing about the 2001 team they did'nt have the talent like this team have but they never quit playing this team have!

Posted by: tony joe white | Nov 29, 2009 4:12:27 PM

I still cannot fathom why Delhomme wasn't benched at half-time. If something is broken, fix it. Point blank, the end. Offense was, yet again, to blame for this loss, yet we still haven't done anything to change it. Very poor coaching.

Posted by: Allie | Nov 29, 2009 4:14:06 PM

done with jake....

Posted by: wit | Nov 29, 2009 4:17:15 PM

It's time. I won't spend any more time and especially any more money when it comes to the Panthers until there is change, starting at QB!!

Posted by: CMF | Nov 29, 2009 4:18:02 PM


Posted by: Greg Fliehr | Nov 29, 2009 4:20:10 PM

I'm getting to where I think firing Fox would not be enough punishment for him. Can he be sued?

Posted by: j.b | Nov 29, 2009 4:21:32 PM

If our backup QB's are not any better than Jake was today, why are they even on the roster? Cut them and bring in someone with a pulse.

Posted by: Ghoul | Nov 29, 2009 4:23:10 PM

If Jake truly gives this team the best chance to win, as Fox is so fond of saying, then we have 2 of the worst backups in the history of football.

Man, it must suck to be them.

Posted by: Albireo | Nov 29, 2009 4:23:48 PM

jb that is funny.

One more game closer to being rid of Dehlomme and Fox....

Posted by: fox has to go!! | Nov 29, 2009 4:24:51 PM

I don't think Fox watched the same game I watched.

Posted by: Evan | Nov 29, 2009 4:24:52 PM

how the hell can you write an article about needing to find a no. 2 wr when you have no qb. please fire fox tonight so we can enjoy christmas

Posted by: joe cool | Nov 29, 2009 4:27:06 PM

This is John fox he isn't a good coach. He wnt pull Delhomme even if he broke both his legs and his throwing arm. He did the same with D.Lo and Deshaun a few yrs back the only reason he started D.Lo was because Deshawn admitted that D.Lo was better and should be starting!

Posted by: snowman3 | Nov 29, 2009 4:29:05 PM

Everyone who is posting that they are done with the Panthers aren't really Panthers fan anyways. So dont let the door hit your A$$ on the way out. Panthers are still my team and I will always root for them. Obviously this year isin't our year for a superbowl run. Delhomme hasn' been productive this year but I dont think Moor nor Feely will give us a chance to win either. Everyone is hyped up on Moore but I don't think he is a NFL caliber QB.

Posted by: Chris | Nov 29, 2009 4:29:14 PM

How bad must the back-ups be if another mulit-interception Delhomme dubacle is preferable to a substitution? What does sticking with Jake say about what the coaches and staff have done about building a little QB depth? Fox has obviously elected to hitch his fortunes to the errant arm of Bad Jake rather than 'gamble' on inserting a back-up... too bad because I think this team has more than enough talent to make it into the playoffs with less than average QB play. Coach Fox - please make an adjustment... I respect your steadiness but at some point steadiness becomes stuborness in the face of reality.

Posted by: Rob | Nov 29, 2009 4:32:39 PM

When this season ends with a losing record, it will mean that in 8 seasons, Fox has managed 3 winning seasons, 3 out of 8 is horrible, for that reason he should be fired. I'm through blaming Jake, it's Fox's fault for continuing to play him. Richardson should be aware that the life is being sucked out of his franchise.

Posted by: kenny | Nov 29, 2009 4:32:55 PM

The offensive coordinator calls sandlot plays when he isn't calling a run. Why you hired someone from Cleveland who has never been a winner is still a great mystery. Get a winner in here. Go get me Gruden and let's get all Chucky up in here.

Posted by: Willy | Nov 29, 2009 4:32:55 PM


Posted by: Roastnutz | Nov 29, 2009 4:37:11 PM


Posted by: Roastnutz | Nov 29, 2009 4:39:21 PM

I am soooo on point with every post about Delhomme and Fox... and too right j.b. can we, like, start giving his paychecks to charity and demanding back all the seasons previous checks. THIS is what happens when an owner, apparently, doesn't have ANY respect for his fanbase. We are screaming loud and often about Fox and Delhomme... what is his reasoning... oh just let ALL the fans who watch on TV and pay to go to the game languish in mediocrity for the season and keep Fox and let him keep Delhomme starting??? I really truly wish their was some petition or walkout we could start to SHOW, on national TV, our disgust. We all know the problem and if Fox is too stubborn to bench him and TRY something else, let him die by his stubbornness and go coach div 2 college!

Posted by: handyman | Nov 29, 2009 4:40:14 PM

They just dont get it;same thing week after week after week.Face it,Next week JAKE will start,he will throw more than 25times,DeANGELO will carry the for 12to16times.The next week the very same thing.

Posted by: SNOOP | Nov 29, 2009 4:40:51 PM

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