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January 03, 2010

Answering your questions

Q. So is Moose really too old to be a receiving threat? He looked pretty good today with a more accurate QB under center.

Posted by: JM | Jan 3, 2010 5:48:15 PM

A. Depends on what you mean as a threat. He's still able to have days like he did today -- and he didn't catch any deep balls --, but he certainly didn't show this season that he can still do that on a consistent basis. 

Q. Should we go after Matt Lienart? I think it would be a good idea and hey Arizona don't want him.

Posted by: Telling Like It Is | Jan 3, 2010 5:51:07 PM

A. If the Panthers were to go after a free agent, it would be somebody who's already established himself as a successful starter elsewhere. That's not the case with Leinart.

Q. If there is no extension to the CBA and 2010 is an uncapped year, could the Panthers choose to cut Jake, paying him his 12+ million guarentee, but lessening the hit against the future. Matt Moore wasn't as impressive as recent weeks but he was effective. For a team needing a "game manager" not a "superstar qb" one has to wonder if that would be the best way to move forward.

Posted by: rick | Jan 3, 2010 5:57:16 PM

A. The Panthers have to pay Delhomme anyway, so they'll bring him back.

Q. will pep be in a panthers uniform next season

Posted by: Al | Jan 3, 2010 6:09:26 PM

A. He will be if the Panthers offer him a contract he likes, or if the Panthers decide to franchise him again. It's going to be one of the big stories of the offseason.

Q. Would Ron Meeks make a good fit for Head Coach, in your opinion, should Fox choose to leave??

Posted by: Simon Says | Jan 3, 2010 6:25:01 PM

A. The defensive players love Meeks and what he's done this season. He's got a lot of experience and has been around. Don't know if he's got head coach aspirations, but he could fit the bill somewhere some day.

Q. Is there any chance they consider getting a new special teams coach? I feel that is one area the team could upgrade.

Posted by: cheerman23 | Jan 3, 2010 6:26:10 PM

A. Always a chance. But the special teams, which struggled earlier this season, are another area that got much better as the year went along. They probably need a kick and punt returner more than they need a coach.

Q. If you could pick three players you don't see returning who would it be?

Posted by: cheerman23 | Jan 3, 2010 6:28:23 PM

A. Peppers, Hollis Thomas, Keydrick Vincent.

What are the home and away games for next season?

Posted by: Pantherfan | Jan 3, 2010 6:31:33 PM
Tampa Bay
New Orleans
San Francisco
Tampa Bay
New Orleans
New York Giants
St. Louis

Q. WHat are the chances that John Fox moves on to another coaching job. $6 mil for next year would most likely be more then anything he would get else where. If he were to leave what sort of compensation would the Panthers get? Tampa gave up two 1st rnd picks to get Gruden away from the Raiders...I doubt Fox would command that after an 8-8 season but a draft pick or two is certainly a possibility.

Posted by: Matthew McPhail | Jan 3, 2010 6:57:27 PM

A. He hasn't answered questions about whether he wants to stay. The Panthers could get draft choices as compensation if he were to leave.

Q. It seems like Schwartz and Bernadeau played pretty well as starters. How will their play, combined with Gross and Otah returning and Vincent being a FA, effect the makeup of next year's O-line? Also, which of the many D-tackles (Kemo, Lewis, Tyler, Leonard, Thomas, Irvin, Hayden) will be back

A. If they don't re-sign Vincent, Bernadeau has probably shown he can step in and they'll again have a stout group. DT will stocked, but don't know if Thomas or Tyler (both FAs) will be back.

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What makes you think Peppers will possibly sign a long-term deal with the Panthers? Do you not believe it when he said he wants out? What kind of money do you believe it would take?

Posted by: JD | Jan 3, 2010 8:07:18 PM

do you see the panthers extending d-williams contract next season after stewart showing he can be a no 1 RB. and how do you the panthers getting into the playoffs next season

Posted by: ed | Jan 3, 2010 8:27:55 PM

What about David Garrard..he's a free agent..an East Caroilna Alum and Carolina native..strong arm..would connect great w.\Smitty.

Posted by: Melissa | Jan 3, 2010 8:43:01 PM

I may be reading too much into his response. On the Panthers.com website, in the saints post-game interview, John Fox is answering a question about the injuries and seeing young guys play. He says that the young guys stepped up big and it will help "us" build for the future.

Posted by: Simon Says | Jan 3, 2010 9:12:15 PM

The thing the Panthers must do is work out a deal and let Jake walk. Jake is the reason that we are not in the playoffs. Those first three games this year he just shut his eyes and threw the ball up for grabs. Fox still said that Jake was our best chance to win. Fox is either a liar or an idiot. I think we would be better off with both of them gone. I think Meeks would be a good choice for a replacement. I get sick to my stomach watching Jake spit tobacco all over the field and talk to Moore. Like there is anything Jake could say to help Moore. Jake has never been anything but a backup. Fox, Hurney, Richardson, Bojangles are too much in love with the guy.

Posted by: kevin | Jan 3, 2010 9:18:36 PM

I spoke with Hollis Thomas this past wed. @ practice and he said he would like to come back we will see,but then again Im only a lowely young fan who doesnt bad mouth or try to stir up stupid controversey to sale newspapers like these b.s. observer writers so why would he be forthcoming with me?

Posted by: GhostOfSparta | Jan 3, 2010 10:36:29 PM

Honestly, does anybody think that Jake could have made that touchdown throw to Dwayne Jarret? I say no!!! And I think the defense has rallied behind Moore..Its hard to play all out defense when your qb (Jake) turns the ball over two plays later when you have made a great defensive stop!!!

Posted by: WTF | Jan 4, 2010 12:18:00 AM

I think Jake's lack of mobility leading to sacks killed more drives than the Interceptions. Moore can move around and keep the play alive.


Posted by: John Weems | Jan 4, 2010 12:39:09 AM

hilarious. somebody run and look at film and history. jake has made those throws day in and day out in his career. his w/l record is still phenominal. did moore play great down the stretch? no question. did jake play horrible first half this year? no question. doesn't change the past and the past was good. only fairweather fans forget the good when it goes bad.

if jake doesn't make a stellar comeback next year and they end up eating his contract, i do hope they show him a ceremonious exit because he carried this team on his back in countless 4th quarter comebacks. grass is always greener huh?

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2010 1:52:33 AM

Actually Charlottean, the grass is greener within our own fence (see Matt Moore). What is everyone's problem with the oversight of Jake's problems before this year? Why do you, and others like you, seem to discount the fact that Jake was bad last year too? The best football that Jake has ever played was the year that he hurt his elbow against Atlanta. I think he had 8 TD's and 1 INT through those first 2 1/2 games or something like that. He started descending a season and a half before that year. Jake had so many 4th quarter comebacks because the guy turned the ball over so much during the first 55 minutes of the games! I've always liked Jake and still do...but when you're time is up, it's up. It happens to every football player whether he's great or not. Get over it! Move on...Moore is the future if given the same amount of preparation and support. Thanks to Jake for everything that he's done for this organization. He will always be remembered as the guy who came in after halftime against the Jags and led us to the Superbowl as the Cardiac Cats!

Posted by: NFL247 | Jan 4, 2010 2:19:28 AM

I think Peppers will be back. I doubt we will just let him walk. However, I also think we will get a long term deal done and make it a moot point. I have never seen Peppers as happy as he has shown the last half of the season. I think he enjoys his fellow players and his new Defensive Coach. Thomas is almost certainly going to go. Even though he played well, he was a stop gap. They brought in a lot of young talent at DT and I think those guys will be the ones we keep.

Posted by: Josephd0 | Jan 4, 2010 10:42:25 AM

Jake might have made 2 of those throws in his good years, in 2 games. He would have made the throws but the receiver would have went and got it(ball). Moose, Smitty and others sprinkled in, have made Jake look Good over the years. Usually, MAYBE 2 passes a game were like the throws Moore has thrown over the past few weeks. Moore has had some wild ones, but come on!

Posted by: fox has to go!! | Jan 4, 2010 10:55:32 AM

When I was in high school there was a player who started ahead of me until the last 3 games of the season. He looked good in practice and made some big plays in games but he also gave up some big ones. It wasn't until before the final game (the third i started) that the coach who had made the decision to start the other guy apologized. I was upset all season and even after the apology but eventually realized that sometimes you just can't tell that another player is better in the games. Fox thought Jake was the better guy and he probably had good reason. Matt Moore didn't start to show his talent until 2nd half of the Vikings game and before that many believed he was not much better than Jake. It was a mistake by Fox but one that many other coaches may have made as well.

Posted by: Ryan | Jan 4, 2010 11:48:48 AM

Canned Fox anyone! ,served on a slice stubborness with a side of Clue-less-ness and wash it down with glass of mediocrity! and for dessert a slice of humble "pink slip" pie!

Posted by: hellfish | Jan 4, 2010 4:22:58 PM

why after a 0-3 start would u not give Matt a try 2 start 4 that reason only Fox should b fired. 1 again after the Buffalo lose an again when we lose too the Jets... Jake could have been gone but nooooo... Fox was blind. I think not, he was Stupid as a coach can be an 4 that he should be fired... not later but now.. why because he could see it too.....that why he is a coach. Live with Jake Die By jake sorry Foxx!!!!!!

Posted by: charles | Jan 4, 2010 5:20:49 PM

I have liked Matt Moore since his original starts when injury occurred to Jake. He threw with authority & looked confident in himself. He has played well enough to sign him again> At worst, he can be back up again. It would be nice to see the him given the equal opportunity to compete with Jake in next camp. Jake has been good to this team in the past. He really tried to lead this year, but did not have the physical ability. It may be that he can get some of this back by camp time. I believe he could be a good back up behind Moore. Moore needs to assume this is his team, and take on the leadership roll going forward. It's now his to lose. John Fox keeps good talent on the bench & does not recognize the potential until forced to with an injury. Most 2nd stringers & many rookies stood up to the plate & performed well this year. Go Panthers.

Posted by: Old Hickory | Jan 4, 2010 5:27:22 PM

Yes, Fox is a deceit coach and yes he must be let go for not benching Jake after his first outing this season, and yes Jake must go, this loyalty to Jake is misplaced,this league is about winning,there is no question in anybodys
mind that we would be going to the playoffs if Moore would have been the starter all year,this team has more weapons then anybody in the league. I would not be at all suprised if they bring in some guy like Leinhart,what does Moore have to do to prove himself? How could you even suggest not giving the starting job to Moore! I guarantee
you one thing ,if we cut Jake, noboby will pick him up, not even as a backup,I like the man, but this isn't about like,this is about reality.

Posted by: roger l. wilson | Jan 4, 2010 8:41:23 PM

Hello fellow panthers fans,
To begin with let me comment on our qb position first.Jake Delomme is washed up.
Ok before he had that elbow injury he was
our number one qb,but ever since then he has
been interception prone.Yes he had a lot of goood seasons and also took us to the super bowl which we should have won but panther fans lets face reality here Jake Delomme's career as a panter is over with.let's put our faith in Matt Moore who could be our future qb and possibly take us to a super bowl.Don't yall get tired of making the playoffs almost every year and coming up empty handed.Ok John Fox is a good coach and the first year he came to us we went to the super bowl but he don't know when to take players who fucking up the game and jepording our win by keeping them in the game.I would have been took out Jake Delomme and switched qbs before it was to late.I like John Fox and I got respect for him but maybe its trime for him to go.Let's get Tim tebow out of the draft and start him behind Matt Moore and Jake as third qb

Posted by: jonathan howard | Feb 4, 2010 4:50:07 PM

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