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January 07, 2010

Report: Browns staying with Mangini

It appears speculation linking Panthers coach John Fox to Cleveland can stop.

According to a report by ESPN's Adam Schefter, new Browns president Mike Holmgren has informed Mangini and the Browns' coaching staff that they'll be retained.

Reports in recent days had suggested Fox might be a candidate if Mangini was kept as Browns' coach.

Fox has one  year remaining on his Panthers' contract and said on the team radio show earlier this week that he expected to return for next season.

-- Charles Chandler

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Mr. "I don't make mistakes" Fox will return. Can we send Jake to the Browns or the Reds or the White Sox or the Red Sox or to the UFL?
OR can John just take him home to live with him and his family. We DO NOT want Jake ever again.

Posted by: kevin | Jan 7, 2010 3:36:30 PM

When did Fox say he doesn't make mistakes? He might not be overly candid, but the guy can hardly be accused of always thinking he's right, or that he's never been wrong. Several times throughout the season in press conferences he admitted that coaching played a role in the team's struggles. Personally, Kevin, I think you just don't want to hear that because it would make Fox harder to hate. This Browns rumor was silly speculation to begin with, and I'm glad we can finally put it to rest.

Posted by: Jon | Jan 7, 2010 3:43:14 PM

Jon Fox said that in the press conference Sunday when asked if he made a mistake by not benching Jake much sooner. He said he did not regret the decision. He went on to say that he never makes mistakes. He was a arrogant A**hole as always.
The video can be seen on WFNZ's websit in Brett's blog section.

Posted by: kevin | Jan 7, 2010 4:01:23 PM

every1 new this already. This was 1 of the worst reports i had ever heard.

Posted by: cboss | Jan 7, 2010 4:05:21 PM

Well were scre*ed for ANOTHER year...but Fox don't make mistakes...Hard to make one when you ARE one...what a A**hole!

Posted by: hellfish | Jan 7, 2010 4:06:58 PM

Hellfish you are not only a dumb@zz, you spread dumb@zz wrong information. Remember your dumb@ss posts about Fox wont coach without a long term contract? & Kevin, go cry to your mommy. I posted when this article came out it didnt sound anything like what Fox would say. These stupid reporters were reporting about speculation. They may as well report on what they hear from Hellfish in here. Its about as accurate as the browns newspaper's speculation.

Posted by: MrBernz | Jan 7, 2010 4:21:15 PM

Mrbernz,that is one of the best post of the day.I concur.

Posted by: GhostOfSparta | Jan 7, 2010 4:27:54 PM

LOL i just watched that interview, obviously sarcasm is lost on Kevin.

Posted by: MrBernz | Jan 7, 2010 4:31:45 PM

Mr. Bernz which office do you work in at Panther HQ's?

Posted by: kevin | Jan 7, 2010 4:34:27 PM

What do you mean which office do i work in? I have never claimed to work for the Panthers, i dont even live in nc dummy.

Posted by: MrBernz | Jan 7, 2010 4:35:17 PM

Oh, do you date one of Jerry's daughters?

Posted by: kevin | Jan 7, 2010 4:44:51 PM

lol at these reporters they tryed so hard to get the fans to hate John Fox. Nice to see the fans come out and stick up for him. I guess you reporters will have to wait another year to get your sound bite coach. Wait this did not work with Gamble either.

Posted by: cboss | Jan 7, 2010 4:52:50 PM

No i date your momma.

Posted by: MrBernz | Jan 7, 2010 4:52:56 PM

It was reported on NFL Network that Fox absolutely would not coach next year without an extension. NFL Network is much more reliable than any other network about most things, but this had to come from his agent, trying to get a little leverage.

Posted by: Ben | Jan 7, 2010 4:57:57 PM

Can we just send you somewhere? How about Gripe City?

Posted by: CatMan | Jan 7, 2010 5:27:39 PM

My only gripe is with whoever is behind Jake playing for this team. He does not deserve to even be in the league. The Panthers have won in spite of him when they win. Fox was serious when he said that he does not regret his decision to let Jake continue playing. Jake will get 13 million next year and he will be the thief not Peppers.

Posted by: kevin | Jan 7, 2010 5:37:48 PM

i predict jake is the back-up to moore next year. fox has to have been able to see the difference between delhorrible and matt moore.

Posted by: huh? | Jan 7, 2010 5:50:59 PM

I hope you are right huh. My only concern is the politics involved. If Jake is making 13 million and Moore is making 500,000 I am afraid Fox and or Jerry will play him. In a perfect world Jake would take a discounted lump-sum and maybe a Bojangles from Jerry and go off into retirement.
Do you remember Peppers going up to Moore and smiled big and slapped him on the head after he threw a touchdown? I think Peppers knows that the Panthers will not be a great team as long as Jake is the QB.

Posted by: kevin | Jan 7, 2010 6:06:41 PM

@MrBernz & ghostofsparta that was ALL on NFL network and ESPN...DID Fox get a long term contract?...NO!...and he WON'T either...GO !@#k yourselves KOOLAID DRUNKS!

Posted by: hellfish | Jan 7, 2010 6:18:21 PM

Winning 4 of the last 5 games, after being eliminated from playoff contention, transformed fox into the best coach in the NFL? It also happened to coincide with a qb change he refused to make. Sign him for life!!!!

Posted by: Rudeboyardee | Jan 7, 2010 7:11:27 PM

Actually, they should make the Jets the head coach. They made the best coaching decision in years for the panthers by breaking jakes finger.

Posted by: Rudeboyardee | Jan 7, 2010 7:14:12 PM

You are right Rude about the "injury". To bad the Jets didn't remove his entire arm. Just kidding, but a guy can dream about never seeing Jake in a Panther uniform again. He looks so ignorant on the sideline chewing his tobacco, spitting everywhere acting like he has this valuable information to tell Matt Moore. Jake I beg you if you ever cared about the Panthers then please retire now and go talk to your horses.

Posted by: kevin | Jan 7, 2010 7:37:12 PM

Coach Fox will be back next season. He will have a competition and will more than likely start Matt Moore. Yes Jake is getting the big bucks, but Fox is more concerned about his job and big bucks. Fox isn't going to leave on his own will because he built this team from the ground up within an 8 year span. That's to much time and dedication to walk out on, he will make the decision next season to play the QB who will get us a playoff birth and keep his job... Matt Moore. Glad I could clear this up for you boys and girls.


Posted by: Cameron | Jan 7, 2010 9:10:27 PM

thank you cameron.
well said and I couldn't agree (hope) more

Posted by: john | Jan 8, 2010 2:53:35 AM

I wish I could see the look on all your Diluted(from the koolaid)faces when Fox starts Jake this season. "Your" Head Coach!
Oh thats right some of you want Jake to start(talk about diluted).

Posted by: fox has to go!! | Jan 8, 2010 11:50:53 AM

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