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March 08, 2010

Teammate: Hoover cut by Panthers

   It appears another name has been added to the over-30 casualty list for the Carolina Panthers.

   Fullback Brad Hoover, one of the more popular players here, was released Monday according to strong safety Chris Harris on his Twitter feed.

   Harris said on a subsequent feed that he saw Hoover at Bank of America Stadium this morning and that they spoke briefly.

   However, the team is neither confirmining nor denying the information and team spokesman Charlie Dayton said there are no announcements planned.

   Hoover, a 33-year-old fullback, was due a $100,000 roster bonus soon, and coupled with his $860,000 base salary, made him an endangered species.

   The Panthers drafted Tony Fiammetta last spring to eventually succeed Hoover.

   Hoover's departure leave the Panthers with just three players 30 or older on the roster — kicker John Kasay, punter Jason Baker and wide receiver Steve Smith.

   It also leaves them with questions to answer among the players who remain.

   “If I state my opinion I might be the next on the long list of released players,” Harris replied to a follower on Twitter.


   — Darin Gantt and Charles Chandler

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I would hope not, we dodn't have anyone else to play safety.

To me, it's looking more and more like the Panthers are "punting" the '10 season. All I see is them cutting contracts, but not bringing anyone in.

Do you think the Panthers would let me "punt" my PSL for a yr without losing my PSL rights? Not!!

I might just do it anyway...

Posted by: PanamaRed | Mar 8, 2010 1:35:13 PM

This is shaping up to be a great year. Why to give Matt Moore a good shot.

Posted by: Steven | Mar 8, 2010 1:35:22 PM


Posted by: Steven | Mar 8, 2010 1:35:36 PM

hate this....i'm trying to be patient but so far this free agency period has been like watching pets put to sleep

Posted by: stanmarsh2376 | Mar 8, 2010 1:36:24 PM

This is about 2 years overdue. I like old Hoove, but its time.

Hope all is well for you Brad.

Posted by: AKJoe | Mar 8, 2010 1:37:25 PM

What about Muhsin Muhammed? Isn't he over 30, and still on the roster? Do you guys think that this may mean that John Kasey's time may be coming to an end?

Posted by: Jeff | Mar 8, 2010 1:39:55 PM

damn carolina panthers we still have a season to play. if we cut everybody and then not replace them, who plays for us? can we at least bring in torry holt and will witherspoon?

Posted by: bigbikerider | Mar 8, 2010 1:40:00 PM

"What about Muhsin Muhammed? Isn't he over 30, and still on the roster?"

No, Moose is a free agent, and not on the roster.

Posted by: dw | Mar 8, 2010 1:44:04 PM

Not Hoover too! Good grief. Don't think we have to worry about John Kasay's leaving us...he just signed a four-year deal last year--correct? I hope the Panthers' organization has a plan, because this is getting scary! As Jack Tripper on "Three's Company" would say, "Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!"

Posted by: Panthergirl | Mar 8, 2010 1:44:35 PM

I think they have a plan, alright, but it's strictly related to the CBA situation, and they obviously are not concerned about fielding a contending team. Hoover's salary was nowhere near excessive and he was still very productive. This move stinks and really hilights that for all intents and purposes, the CBA situation has Richardson already shutting it down. Too bad - at his age and health condition, he'll have to start all over again with an expansion-like team. Sad.

Posted by: Wayne D | Mar 8, 2010 1:50:17 PM

Delhomme signed a longer, more expensive contract than Kasay. Didn't save him.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Mar 8, 2010 1:53:14 PM

Are we going to actually sign anyone? Cuts galore, but no addition since we picked up the DT from the Colts. Just a little disturbing...

Posted by: Newsinz | Mar 8, 2010 1:58:53 PM

Mr. Richardson is letting this "sending a message" thing get to his head. What Williams and Stewart loved about Hoover was that he could find the holes like a running back and they trusted him. Tony is not ready by any means to take over. Loyalty means nothing to Richardson when money is the priority. Hoover's contract was no where near excessive. I know he likes to model himself off Rooney but even wasn't this cheap or stupid. Richardson is sticking it to the fans and we should let him know it.

Posted by: Paul | Mar 8, 2010 2:03:32 PM


Posted by: Big "T" Hosch | Mar 8, 2010 2:04:41 PM

Man that sucks, I liked Hoover but he was getting up there and he was hurt a lot last year. I can understand a youth movement but we don't have any one to replace Hoover. They drafted Fiametta but he was a joke and got hurt as well. Hoover was a quality fullback for less that $1 million a year. Hopefully they have some type of plan that we'll start to see take shape soon. I just can't see Richardson intentionally giving a season away because of a CBA...its not like this football team doesn't make any money.

Posted by: JT | Mar 8, 2010 2:07:34 PM

This is shaping up to be the most exciting off season in a long time. For those of you who are worried... I guess you enjoyed that 8-8 season more than I did. Changes have to be made to improve. PEp was the main problem, Jake second. Pep was killing the whole team in many different ways. Jakes arm is clearly shot. When Maake got hurt our D got better once we got the right FA in place. I hate to see
Hoov go but he dropped some key 3rd down conversion passes last year and we recently drafted a new FB. I am very happy with the changes. I wish we actually had a QB on the roster tho. :-)

Posted by: panthster | Mar 8, 2010 2:10:42 PM

I dont think the Panthers will be very active in FA at least not till the end. There just isnt much out there this year. Look for some trades and hopefully a VERY strong draft to fill the holes, in my opinion.

Posted by: panthster | Mar 8, 2010 2:13:12 PM

I have wanted several things done differently this offseason but cutting most of these vets is the right thing to do because there is no cap. So far the only one I didn't agree with was this one. Hoover has been a great leader and FB for the Panthers. He is also fairly cheap labor. That being said if we were planning on cutting all of these guys they should have tagged and traded Pep. These moves have cut the books in a big way and if they were planning on it they should have tagged Pep & got something out of him. There obviously was a market for him. Philly & New England both made him an offer and probably would have given us a 2nd rounder for him. That would have been better than nothing.

Posted by: Smiley | Mar 8, 2010 2:15:26 PM


Posted by: fox has to go!! | Mar 8, 2010 2:17:51 PM

ok free agency has only just started and y'all are already complaining they aren't doing enough? Give them a chance...

Regarding Hoover the Panthers haven't actually confirmed this yet and it's just Chris Harris tweet. Not that I don't trust him, but maybe we should wait and see? And according to Yahoo Sports Hoover was injured for part of last year.

I get its sad to see players but don't attack Richardson over not spending. He's proven over and over again that he's willing to spend money when needed. He's just not going to tie up money when it can be put towards other players.

Posted by: Andrew | Mar 8, 2010 2:20:12 PM

Looks like the front office has not intention of being competative for a long time. NFL network is predicting the Panthers to be in the bottom of the division next year. Looks like the front office is only concerned with saving money and not winning. It's a sad time in Carolina. Lot's of PSL for sale real cheap!

Posted by: Zack | Mar 8, 2010 2:22:50 PM

This is reminiscent of what the Tampa Bay Bucs did last year by releasing all their old players..Although it is sad to see players like Delhomme and Hoover leave, we need some influx of youth..I am thinking Fox may not be a lame duck coach..Its difficult to think that he has only one yr and he is getting rid of some of his core players..

Posted by: PantherPride | Mar 8, 2010 2:30:22 PM

This being an uncapped year, i thought they would be renegotiating contracts to pay a lot this season & little next season, but it looks like they want to get rid of everyone completely.

Posted by: Mr Bernz | Mar 8, 2010 2:32:10 PM

I realize its a young man's game, but you also need some veteran leadership. We don't have any now. Not looking good for next year.

Posted by: dw | Mar 8, 2010 2:39:25 PM

Seems to me that the team has just said bye-bye to the old era. It seems like they are starting the next one much like they did in 2002. In 2002 Fox came in and cut over the hill guys and motivated the young ones he drafted or the young ones that were already on the roster. It sounds to me that it is a cost cutting move and a new start at the same time. It could be that Fox and Richardson agreed that if they did not win the Superbowl last year or the year before then the team would need to be demolished.

Posted by: An Opinion | Mar 8, 2010 2:40:35 PM

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