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April 26, 2010

Panthers play the numbers game

    Their familiar 7s and 14s were taken, so the two most high-profile draft picks on the Panthers roster are going to have new identities when they get here this weekend for minicamp.

    QB Jimmy Clausen wore 7 throughout his time at Notre Dame, but that belongs to P Jason Baker. Likewise WR Armanti Edwards wore 14 at Appalachian State, but that's QB Hunter Cantwell here .

    So Clausen will wear 2 and Edwards 10, and they'll be among the most closely watched numbers on the field this weekend.

    Here's a look at the rest of the draft pick numbers, along with some of the free agents picked up this offseason:

    WR Brandon LaFell (11), LB Eric Norwood (92), DE Greg Hardy (76), WR David Gettis (12), S Jordan Pugh (29), QB Tony Pike (16), CB R.J. Stanford (35) and CB Robert McClain (36).

    Also, K Todd Carter (5), WR Wallace Wright (15), S Aaron Francisco (21), CB Marcus Hudson (25), CB Brian Witherspoon (32), LB Brett Warren (48), C Steve Justice (63) and DT Ed Johnson (99).

    The Panthers have Norwood listed as a defensive end on thier roster, but coach John Fox said the plan was to start him at strong-side linebacker. 

    As for numbers, equipment manager Jackie Miles will often sit on the numbers of departed veterans who had a little clout around here.

    So it's worth noting at the moment there's no 17, 45, 53 or 87, and it would be surprising if former QB Jake Delhomme's number gets issued for a while.

— Darin Gantt

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Darin, the only guy that cares about Edwards is you. The guy is not worth a second round pick, and deep down you know it.

Posted by: Steven | Apr 26, 2010 1:38:35 PM

How likely is it for these guys' numbers to change again before the season starts? I'm wanting to get an Armanti jersey custom made, but I would hate to have that done and then have him change his number... I recall back when Dwayne Jarrett was drafted, he was originally assigned number 82, but ended up with 80.

Posted by: appstategrad2008 | Apr 26, 2010 1:38:55 PM

how can anybody have the balls to say who is and isn't worth something before they've even been given the opportunity to prove it?

it's kind of hard to say that he's not when all of the guys that took his same career path turned out pretty good.....seneca wallace, ronald curry, antwaan randel el, hines ward, brad smith.......i'd give up a 2nd rounder for any of those guys given our stretch of luck with WR's over the past 5. Beats drew carter, keary colbert, dwayne jarrett or ryne robinson any day.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 26, 2010 1:54:36 PM

No 90 on the squad yet, either.

Posted by: Dan | Apr 26, 2010 2:03:14 PM

TO: appstategrad2008

It looks like you can preorder his jersey @ http://shop.panthers.com and they will ship it when his number is settled.

Posted by: LittleKing | Apr 26, 2010 2:12:06 PM

The NFL has a set way of how position numbers are designated. What I find interesting is that they gave Edwards a QB number and not a receiver number. It tells me they aren't going to just use him as a 'true' receiver. In other words, I think they -are- going to use him in the backfield, but how much remains to be seen. Bottom line, we just added another weapon to our already potent arsenal. I mean, who, and how do you figure out who you're going to cover? A slot receiver with a cannon of an arm.... Whoa momma.

However, if I were you, I'd wait until the beginning of the season to either make or buy a jersey because numbers are definitely going to change between now and then. Positions change, and players are added from other teams... so just be patient until the final roster is set.

Posted by: Huskers86 | Apr 26, 2010 2:15:06 PM

Numbers 1 to 19 are worn by quarterbacks, kickers, and punters. Since 2004, wide receivers are also allowed to wear numbers between 10 and 19 if they so choose, even if there is an 80-89 number available. Four WRs besides Edwards are wearing numbers below 20 so I wouldn't read too much into it.

Posted by: catfandave | Apr 26, 2010 2:36:21 PM

on the panthers website you can buy armanti jerseys and they will put his official number on there for you same with clausen

Posted by: joe | Apr 26, 2010 2:59:18 PM

yo Steve, so it was D Gant's call to get him in the 3rd round? Man he's got a lot of pull.

Posted by: Gwaltineer | Apr 26, 2010 3:11:36 PM


Posted by: GEORGE | Apr 26, 2010 3:19:51 PM

I think it is a great idea to give up a second round pick for a guy who is undersized, switching positions, and coming from the sub series. I am not down on Armanti, he could be great. However, he could have been had much later, and we would still own the second round next year. Charlottean, I think you should apply to that logic to Darin Gantt (Gwalt two T's) who has anointed him Steve Smith Jr.

Posted by: Steven | Apr 26, 2010 3:40:31 PM

Why would anybody want to get a practice squad players jersey?

Posted by: jgib | Apr 26, 2010 4:53:48 PM

Steven, I watched a press conference where the Colts GM said they would have taken Armanti at #94, and doubt he would have made it to the 5th round. I'd leave judging talent to the NFL teams who all were interested in Armanti as an 2-4 round pick.

Posted by: Justin | Apr 26, 2010 4:56:03 PM

steven you said hes not worth a 2 pick i think he is look at what he did at app. state man won 3 not 1 but 3 fcs championships beat floccos delware def. beat every big school except LSU reemember mountainners and woverine game now tell me if he anit worth it i know they are going to try him out at widereciver steve smith will help him he said he would out the WR that they picked to help out he WILL BE THE NEXT 89 STEVE SMITH what and see

Posted by: nick | Apr 26, 2010 5:41:21 PM

Grow up steven.....armanti is better than you can imagine and you will soon find out..in the meantime take your valium

Posted by: tim | Apr 26, 2010 5:54:58 PM

What is with you losers who come on here just to mope and groan about a player that they have never seen play before (if they had they wouldn't be so anti-edwards) and WONT see him play a second of football until July. What type of low class moron actually does that? LOL its ridiculous

Posted by: Gamble20 | Apr 26, 2010 6:36:28 PM

Is it bad that I am really into the #'s our players wear? I mean I love Norwood and I love he's 92 for whatever reason, and LaFell being 11 is pretty solid, Armanti being 10 isn't bad but Cantwell should give 14 up to a better talent/prospect, and same goes for Baker's 7, Let Jimmy get that. I just like how the numbers look on the field, plus I don't want a Matt Ryan #2 on our Panthers. But as far as veterans I'm happy except I'd like E.Brown to get his 99 back.

Posted by: Jeff | Apr 26, 2010 7:13:27 PM

Are they going to retire 17? In my opinion, they should.

Posted by: Guy | Apr 26, 2010 7:16:06 PM

Calm down people. Clearly we have a bunch of App. St. Fans on here, or Darin is signing on as a lot of different people. I like pick, just not that high.

Posted by: Steven | Apr 26, 2010 7:34:17 PM

Calm down people. Clearly we have a bunch of App. St. Fans on here, or Darin is signing on as a lot of different people. I like pick, just not that high.

Posted by: Steven | Apr 26, 2010 7:34:17 PM

Personally I like #11...but the end of the day...I just want to see these mo-fo's produce. Ryne Robinson had #10...but what did he do?

Posted by: J-Mid | Apr 26, 2010 7:40:52 PM

Why does Clausen have Matt Ryans number... I would of rather had Clausen at like #6 or #8 or something a little different. #2 is just demeaning...

Posted by: Cameron | Apr 26, 2010 8:56:01 PM

Yea...I'm not feelin that #2 for Clausen. Hopin he gets that changed before it becomes official. Numbers 7,8,9,10, or 12 I will be happy with...but that number 2 just isn't workin for me. Oh well.

Posted by: kev | Apr 26, 2010 9:02:00 PM

i hated the picks at first but i guess if you believe in best talent available you have to stick with your board.i have a lot of respect for don gregory so i will defer to his judgement.17 of the 22 starters are draft picks so its hard to argue with that.

Posted by: raydaz | Apr 26, 2010 9:19:49 PM

Is everybody sure that "Jimmy the C" isn't that McVey guy caught at the Ash-evil-le airport. I mean, really, look at the pics...... and he's Irish and everything...Haven't the Feds read those Tom Clancey books? By the way, isn't Gantt am Irish name...., and, and, has anybody seen Christy McVey lately.....Now, I'm not sayin', but there se (aaargh)

Posted by: David H | Apr 26, 2010 10:18:17 PM

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