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April 02, 2010

Two more ex-Panthers find work

    The former Panthers continue to scatter, as DT Damione Lewis has agreed to a deal with New England.

    Lewis confirmed the moved Friday afternoon. 

    The 31-year-old Lewis should fit in nicely, replacing some of the inside rush the Pats lost when Jarvis Green went to Denver.

    Also, former Panthers LB Na'il Diggs is close to a deal with St. Louis. He's got a shot to remain a starter there.

    Those are the kind of heady vets the Panthers are going to struggle to replace, as they go younger at a number of positions.

    Of the six players the Panthers released last month, the only one who hasn't found work is FB Brad Hoover, and he said recently he expects to sign somewhere after the draft, with several teams interested.

    QB Jake Delhomme (Cleveland), DT Maake Kemoeatu (Washington) and LB Landon Johnson (Detroit) all found work quickly.


— Darin Gantt

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lewis had a pass rush?

Posted by: john fox | Apr 2, 2010 5:22:39 PM

Struggle to replace? We have not replaced anyone!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Dom Capers | Apr 2, 2010 5:35:23 PM

This time next year, I suspect the headline will read, "Two more ex-Panthers coaches/GM's find work", unless there are some major improvements in the upcoming draft.

Posted by: Panther Dan | Apr 2, 2010 5:41:37 PM

i thought dom capers was dead?

Posted by: john fox | Apr 2, 2010 5:54:49 PM

Dom, our fine Observer scribes wrote, "...are going to struggle..."

BTW, how's the new Victoria Secret catalog merchandise looking?

Posted by: Captain Stuebing | Apr 2, 2010 6:49:34 PM

Not a Panthers fan

But wow, don't teams know that they are helping the Panthers gather more "compensatory" picks for 2011.

Especially they will receive a 3rd rounder for losing Peppers.

Maybe a 6th or 7th rounders for losing Damien L and Nail D. Possibly Hoover and Mushin M will be sign at some point.

All these moves they are making are smart, gathering picks while u can. I don't care they are late rounders.

Posted by: josh smith | Apr 2, 2010 7:38:50 PM

i agree with josh smith, panthers got rid of no one, except pep

Posted by: darren | Apr 2, 2010 8:47:59 PM

good pickup by the pats, the guy has a good motor

Posted by: manny | Apr 2, 2010 9:13:52 PM

U say so manny.

Posted by: Nasty704 | Apr 2, 2010 10:37:55 PM

U say so manny.

Posted by: Nasty704 | Apr 2, 2010 10:37:55 PM

I can't wait to go to the stadium and not have to ever see Jake play for the panthers or spit tobacco on the field.

Posted by: kevin | Apr 2, 2010 10:44:00 PM

I also forgot them getting "compensatory" picks for losing Jake D, Landon J, and Maake K as well.

Maybe they will at least get a 5th rounder from one of them, just saying.

But they will be happy with adding more 6th and 7th rounders picks. Damn they are setting themselves up for the future.

Smart moves i like, considering their will be bashers hating on Fox/Hurney.

Posted by: josh smith | Apr 3, 2010 12:16:10 AM

Darin, you just spat in the face of the players that are on this roster that have already filled those spots.

Anderson for Diggs
Leanord for Lewis
Conner for Johnson
Tyler for Kemo
and of course Matt for Jake.

The question mark would be Fiametta for Hoover, but that can be covered in FA or the draft, if need be. Sutton has also shown he can fill that spot in a pinch. Nick who?

Gnatt, I can't wait to see this organization show you up as well. Read one of your analysis reports in a sports magazine too. You make some good points, but you obviously are not familiar with the talent this team has, which makes me wonder how you (and Greenpants Fowler) get the job of insider sources for the Panthers for various publications. I still can't get over Scoot's prediction of 2008, when he said Fox's team will be below .500 (even though he admitted he knew nothing about that team). Joke.

Posted by: SYRPIS | Apr 3, 2010 12:41:59 AM

BTW, Shaun Rogers is a real man with real character. What an apology for something like that. Makes me proud to be a fan.

Posted by: SYRPIS | Apr 3, 2010 12:43:52 AM

The panthers are going to be getting a 4 compensatory picks (the max amount allowed) next year. The picks are based on playing time, so considering almost all the players cut were starters, I expect the picks to be fairly high (3rd round to 5th). This is also a reason I believe the Panthers will be looking to make some moves up in the draft if they see a player they really want.

Also, I keep reading about people screaming about signing playes to fill holes created by these cuts. The replacements are already on the roster for the most part. I believe we will sign a veteran QB as backup. They might have an interest in Alex Brown, recently cut by the Bears, if the price is right. But for the most part what we get will come from the draft and bargain vets after the draft. Be patient people, there is a master plan.

Posted by: george | Apr 3, 2010 12:51:36 AM

@ george

I thought if any team such as the Panthers were to sign a couple of FAs, it will affect their compensatory picks.

Thats maybe why they aren't signing so many FAs, due to losing the picks. Can anyone explain that one

Posted by: josh smith | Apr 3, 2010 1:26:40 AM

Guys you don't get compensatory picks for people you release. That's why we didn't get one for Bridges when we released him last season. We will only get a 3rd round compensatory pick next season. No more.

Posted by: Nate | Apr 3, 2010 3:56:46 AM

I hate that Hoover got cut (honestly, he's hit his limit and has a bad back), but that was clear when Fiametta was drafted in the 4th last year. But after 09, the team needed to purge the group that made it to the Superbowl in 03. They needed a fresh set of hungry guys, not vibes in the locker room saying "we almost made it a few years ago".

The Patriots have been blasted for years for letting "star" or favorite guys go. Yet each and EVERY year they are a serious contender. Not, mind you, every OTHER year like Fox and company.

I applaud Fox/Hurney for their courage. It takes guts to do that.

Posted by: Ben | Apr 3, 2010 7:14:21 AM

compensatory picks are given when a free agent sign with another team. The Panthers don't get get picks when they cut a player who later signs with another team.

Posted by: jim | Apr 3, 2010 8:18:06 AM

I read all these comments about how our team is going to be horrible next year? What the heck are you talking about we really only lost Peppers the rest of the players let go were past there prime and we have many young guns waiting to take over. Matt will do great this year they will run the ball down other teams throat and dump passes to Smith and Jarrett like at the end of the season.

Posted by: JC | Apr 3, 2010 10:35:37 AM

On top of that I beleive they will pick up a Receiver in the draft hopefully in the second. We can also pick up a very good defensive lineman and linebacker in the 4 or 5 round. The draft is deep this year!!!!

Posted by: JC | Apr 3, 2010 10:37:23 AM

The way I see it, if the Panthers draft a TOP NOTCH WR in the 2nd round, a quality backup for Matt in the 3rd round, then address depth on the O-line and D-line, we will be set! It's not really rocket science. I don't know why everyone is screaming that the sky is falling, It's not. Some of the people let go this off season were the REASON we went 8-8 last season (Ahem *Jake*, Ahem *Peppers*, Ahem *Kemo). Sorry had to clear my throat... I honestly think this team has added by subtraction. Next season WILL be a playoff year, no doubt about it.

Posted by: Tarheel Soldier | Apr 3, 2010 1:01:48 PM

Well said T-Soldier. I think we will have a few surprises for some of these teams this fall !!

Posted by: Nasty704 | Apr 3, 2010 4:40:34 PM

It seem to me the Jerry Richardson is more interested in union-busting than fielding a winning team in 2010.

Posted by: TribeHeel | Apr 5, 2010 9:29:50 AM

u crazy idiots will wake up someday and rea
izte we lost the best quarterback in Jake to ever wear the Panthers uniform i have always been a diehard fan in 2008 traveled to exvery awy game except Minnesota but 1 game next year i hope when we play Cleveland Jake rubs it in their face for my favorite player of all time GO JAKE

Posted by: cliff | Apr 12, 2010 11:07:52 PM

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