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June 04, 2010

Panthers can begin sorting out WR options

    There's a definite ceiling on what can be gleaned from non-contact June practices, but the Panthers can at least begin the process of sifting through their many receiver options.

    For all the offseason turnover, however, there may not be many jobs truly up for grabs. 

    The Panthers generally go into a season with between four and six wideouts. If they go to the high end of that range, there's probably only one job available.

    It's safe to say Steve Smith's got a spot on the 53. Dwayne Jarrett probably does, though he's nearing Garry Templeton status ("If he ain't startin', he's departin'). Third-rounders Brandon LaFell and Armanti Edwards will have jobs.

    Number five is almost certainly Wallace Wright, who was brought here for his special teams prowess (the Jets were pushing him for Pro Bowl honors). The Panthers haven't had a wideout that mattered in the kicking game since Karl Hankton, and Wright has the opportunity to make a huge impact there.

    So if they keep six, there's going to be a pretty good fight for that last job. There's Kenny Moore, the local hero and slot guy, who hasn't shown the same elusiveness he did at Wake Forest. There's Charly Martin, the sleeper of the bunch, but a well-rounded player who has supporters here. There's sixth-round pick David Gettis, a size-speed guy who may be destined for the practice squad. There's Trent Guy, the West Charlotte grad who has opened eyes with his potential as a returner. There's Dexter Jackson, who's learning how to catch but became an endangered species once his old ASU quarterback arrived.

    It's going to make for some interesting days in training camp, and third and fourth quarters of preseason games.

— Darin Gantt

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Great assessment!

With a tight roster, I don't think the Panthers will carry more than 5 WR's. That's bad news for the following WR's (unless Jarrett is traded or cut):

6th David Gettis
7th Charly Martin
8th Kenny Moore
9th Dexter Jackson
10th Trent Guy

Posted by: FaithandTruth | Jun 4, 2010 10:00:19 AM

Darin, please do write anything else about App. State. No one but you and a few others care about that JV team.

Posted by: enoughAPPSTalready | Jun 4, 2010 10:01:31 AM

Darin nice analysis!

It is good to see we have some depth at WR this year.

How about an analysis of the Special Teams - since we upgraded there (allegedly) during the offseason?

Posted by: manu4t | Jun 4, 2010 10:28:33 AM

i agree with faith and truth,unless jackson starts to live up to his 2nd round status.put gettis on the practice squad.we dont need 6 wideouts.we barely use 3 wideouts with fox as the coach.thats one of the big reasons fox needs to go.in the nfl today you pass to set up the run and teams routinely use 4 and 5 receiver sets .fox doesnt get it and he never will.

Posted by: raydaz | Jun 4, 2010 10:28:39 AM

That JV team is where i attend college sir, so please keep your negative comments to yourself. Many people in the Carolina's have ties to App.State.

Posted by: Scotty | Jun 4, 2010 10:29:12 AM

"Many people in the Carolina's have ties to App.State."

The Carolina's...what?

It's good to know that fine hall of academia has taught you how to properly use punctuation. Good on you, App.

Posted by: curious | Jun 4, 2010 10:40:52 AM

How can you in 1 sentence say they dont need 6 wide outs then turn it around to bash Fox? You stated your opinion then said why your opinion is the reason Fox should go, hmmmmm. I think having too many players for 1 position is a good problem to have for the Panthers. Too many quarterbacks, too many receivers, good depth at runningbacks, nice fast youthful hungry defense, i think theyre ready for the season.

Posted by: MrBrenz | Jun 4, 2010 10:46:34 AM

Great article.

In my opinion:

1. Smith
2. Lafell
3. Edwards
4. Jarrett
5. Wright

I think they keep 5.

Posted by: Steven | Jun 4, 2010 11:03:21 AM

anyone who thinks Appalachian State plays JV ball has never seen them play and is a complete idiot.

Posted by: Panthers Super Fan | Jun 4, 2010 11:11:58 AM

Time for Jarrett to step up or move on. He needs to earn his roster spot this year or move him. Martin should move up onto the roster if he falters and Gettys should be retained on the practice squad.

Posted by: GooseCreek | Jun 4, 2010 11:14:32 AM

The smart money is on John Fox kicking Gettis in the shin, and then stashing him on IR like Corvey Irvin.

Posted by: PTR | Jun 4, 2010 11:24:17 AM

Hey App State Haters. Who cares about puncuation and grammar, tv is gooder than books anyway.

Posted by: BooneJeanius | Jun 4, 2010 11:28:32 AM

Wow what a problem to have but for the layman so little to separate this field. I hope someone stands out in preseason. I would like to see Jarrett go but keep Smith, LaFell, Edwards, Wright, Gettis and if a 6th Moore.

Posted by: Jrauhauser | Jun 4, 2010 11:34:33 AM

At the risk of turning this into an ASU debate, let's just leave it with the fact that there is a reason why there is a division IA and IAA (or you can get into the silly subdivision stuff if you want).

More importantly, it is good to see that the Panthers have depth at WR. But, honestly is it quality depth? That is the part I am unsure of. Unless Jarrett takes giant steps forward, he certainly is not "quality". Armanti Edwards will likely spend a large part of the year simply learning to play the position. I really have no idea as to whether he will be good or not. I sincerely hope that he winds up being good for us... I like the Lafell kid also, but wonder how much we can count on a rookie who has a history of dropping balls. It could play out very well for us in the long run.

My guess is that Moose has been told to be on the ready come training camp. If they decide to let Jarrett go, I look for him to come in at that point.

Posted by: Ryan | Jun 4, 2010 11:53:47 AM

Good points Ryan...up to the point of thinking Moose will ever return.

Posted by: Jrauhauser | Jun 4, 2010 12:17:29 PM

Let me preface this by saying that I graduated from App in 2002. Enough already people. We're not a football powerhouse, we going to be, all this talk is further diluting any relevancy of the sheet of paper that hangs on my office wall.

Outside of some some classes geared towards simpletons, decent smoke, and the occasional ski-bunny visiting from another school, it was a complete was of four years.

Posted by: Really App? | Jun 4, 2010 12:19:25 PM

I wouldnt mind seeing Moose return for 1 more year to help teach if not to play. & you know he is a player that can go out there & play when called upon.

Posted by: MrBrenz | Jun 4, 2010 1:06:47 PM

"Darin, please do write anything else about App. State. No one but you and a few others care about that JV team."

What are you talking about? The letters 'ASU' were mentioned one time, in a brief sentence about a WR he predicted not to make the team. Seems the only reason this became an ASU discussion was because of you.

Posted by: Mike | Jun 4, 2010 1:21:22 PM

First off, I certainly am happy to see a competition at the wideout spot going into training camp. Its been too many years since the last time WR was an overstocked position going into the pre-season and here is hoping we come out with names better than Colbert, Jarrett or Johnson. As a previous article on Matt Moore indicated, OTA's have contained 4 receiver looks and a more agressive passing attack so I certainly think 5 or 6 wideouts is a significant possibility going into the season especially since we're carrying only one fullback and two kickers (Kasey and Baker.)

Secondly, you people hating on Appalachian are a bunch of tools. Not only does that "JV" school boast a top 10 business school in the Southeast, it is also gotten to a point where it is easier to get into Carolina then Appalachian. While they remain a 1AA school, they have proven that in the pool where they swim, they are the sharks year in and year out. Armanti Edwards has received national accolades for his capabilities in college and assuming he can adapt, will certainly become a marquee receiver in the league due to his speed, agility and grit. Also keep in mind that Appalachian is the only NC school to win a national title in football since most of us have been alive. No matter how you slice it, that is worth mentioning. So if you want to hate, go ahead, but bear in mind that you are hating on a fine institution that is a credit to the state which you call home.

"Oh yeah its great to be a Mountaineer!"

Posted by: Hate on App? really? | Jun 4, 2010 1:22:34 PM

"Not only does that "JV" school boast a top 10 business school in the Southeast, it is also gotten to a point where it is easier to get into Carolina then Appalachian." - -

Try again.

Percent of UNC-CH Applicants Admitted: 34%
Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile
SAT Critical Reading: 590 / 690
SAT Math: 620 / 700
SAT Writing: 590 / 690

Percent of ASU Applicants Admitted: 65%
Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile
SAT Critical Reading: 510 / 600
SAT Math: 530 / 610
SAT Writing: 490 / 590

Go back to taking basket weaving classes at ASU.

Posted by: Laughing at ASU Moron | Jun 4, 2010 2:04:06 PM

Don't underestimate Gettis, he will definately be in the mix. That kid has talent, strong work ethic, very competitive and he's an unbelievable athlete. Let the competition begin and may the best man (WR) get the spot.

Posted by: calicat | Jun 4, 2010 2:43:22 PM

I don't think people are hating on App State as much as they are hating on Darin's unabashed homerism (not that her cares). It's become pretty clear that Darin writes the majority of his stuff on two types of players: those from App State, and those whom he likes. Don't believe me? How about his recent twitter post about the prospect of big pre-season stats based on the plays made between Edwards and Cantwell during OTA's. Hey Darin, why don't you update us on the prospect of regular season stats of the players that might actually start, like Moore and Smith? Probably because they don't fall into one of the two categories above.

Otherwise, it's a great post about the receivers.

Posted by: PTR | Jun 4, 2010 2:50:57 PM

@raydaz- The Panthers have actually been working on a 4wr during OTA's. It has been a pretty big topic, especially last week... BTW are you a Raiders fan because it seems your name kind of insinuates.

Posted by: Virman | Jun 4, 2010 3:35:00 PM

Wait until November when App stuns the football world by beating the Gators down in the Swamp ! That'll top taking down mighty Michigan in the BIG House ! Go Mountaineers !!!

Posted by: Pete | Jun 4, 2010 4:58:51 PM

What about Tre Young? He is a great wide receiver!

Posted by: Dr. Mac | Jun 4, 2010 8:01:12 PM

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