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July 29, 2010

Thursday night quick-hitters

    It's hard to glean as much from the night practices at training camp, though there are a few things that stood out from the first short-pants sessions:

    —- There was a good bit of special teams work, kickoffs tonight. They're running through a slew of options there, as there are a good handful or more guys who show the kind of burst they want.

    Mike Goodson, Tyrell Sutton, Brian Witherspoon, Trent Guy, Armanti Edwards and Dexter Jackson all took turns. 

    Goodson's probably the one you'd call the leader in the clubhouse, but it's way too early to make a call.

    -- It's easy to see that they have big plans for Jordan Pugh and Eric Norwood in the kicking game. Both have the kind of explosiveness you look for in that phase.

    Norwood keeps doing things to get noticed. It'll be fascinating to see what they put together to get him on the field.

    -- Speaking of special teams, new assistant Jeff Rodgers was using a bullhorn to get his instructions out there.

    Somewhere, Scott O'Brien just started yelling profanities at innocent passersby and he doesn't know why.

    -- During the 9-on-7 work, there were a number of nice grabs.

    WR Kenny Moore followed up on a solid morning with an excellent diving catch on the sidelines. TE Jeff King made a couple of the kinds of catches he makes, and actually got yards after the catch on a few of them. WR Brandon LaFell looked like a kid who could put some serious heat on Dwayne Jarrett for a starting job.

    -- DE Charles Johnson and LB Jamar Williams were held out of the night session with hamstring strains.

    DT Tank Tyler had the night off, but his looks like more of a maintenance thing.


    That'll take care of tonight. We'll be back with more in the morning. Promise.

— Darin Gantt

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Jeff King "actually got some yards after the catch"? Come-on! Jeff ALWAYS gets yards after the catch. Usually only one or two but he always puts his head down and punishes the tackler getting the extra yard. I love that kind of play. Just hope he saves it for game day and gives our defenders a little break. Hope LaFell pans out but we need another real burner to get under Moore's deep ball and compliment Steve Smith. Somebody will step up 'tho Panthers are gonna surprise a lotta folks this year.

Posted by: moondown | Jul 29, 2010 10:25:16 PM

Matt Moore

Posted by: hamptohowle | Jul 29, 2010 10:35:08 PM

Matt Moore

Posted by: hamptohowle | Jul 29, 2010 10:35:08 PM

We're all praying Lafell is able to put pressure on Jarrett. If he can't beat him out, we're in trouble.

Posted by: Ron | Jul 29, 2010 11:06:39 PM

I have to agree with you on that RON. If LaFell can't beat Jarrett and Jarrett has a poor preseason. Our Receiving Corp will be Smitty against the world.

Go Panthers

Posted by: DavethePanther | Jul 30, 2010 1:09:28 AM

With the improvement at QB we should see more YAC as the recievers will be getting the ball in stride instead of getting hit at the catch.

Posted by: Sportsdon | Jul 30, 2010 9:59:31 AM

funny how quick they forget.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 30, 2010 11:26:48 AM

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