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August 04, 2010

Panthers OT Otah has knee surgery

Carolina Panthers right offensive tackle Jeff Otah went back to Charlotte on Wednesday for an arthroscopic procedure on his left knee. Panthers coach John Fox said he thinks Otah can still be ready to play in the regular season opener Sept. 12 against the New York Giants, but the knee, which had been bothering Otah in recent days, needed to be cleaned out.

Otah missed the final three games of last season with a torn meniscus in the same knee.

When asked if Otah would be ready for the opener, Fox said, "As with all injuries, it's hard to predict, but that's the plan."

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What???? I thought he was finished with all that!

Posted by: Chuck | Aug 4, 2010 5:23:31 PM

Who are the orthopedic surgeons the Panthers use? First Thomas Davis and now this! Davis surgery sure didnt hold up very well and it looks like Otah's surgery wasnt done very well.

Posted by: Mark | Aug 4, 2010 6:33:30 PM

haha bunch of joker surgeons.anyways both jeff otah and jordan gross are too soft.never liked them anyways.overpayed and overrated like julius peppers.

Posted by: danny | Aug 4, 2010 8:01:38 PM

In the words of Chris Rock. Put some tussin on it! And get back out on that field!

Posted by: Mark | Aug 4, 2010 8:06:55 PM

umm Thomas Davis injury isn't on the same leg

Posted by: chknwing | Aug 4, 2010 8:27:20 PM

Wrong. Same leg.

Posted by: Authority | Aug 4, 2010 8:29:20 PM

I really can't recall, but I don't think Otah had surgery for the torn meniscus last year. Can anyone confirm?

Posted by: Authority | Aug 4, 2010 8:30:35 PM

Authority, you're wrong. It was his other ACL.

Posted by: emuns4579 | Aug 4, 2010 8:44:31 PM

And wouldnt put Gross or Otah in Peppers territory at all. Gross is one of the best in the league. Otah, when healthy, is fantastic and often plays injured. Id rather have him for the opener and beyond so whatever they need to do, do it.

Posted by: emuns4579 | Aug 4, 2010 8:47:27 PM

How are they soft? Mainly Gross. Up until last year Gross has been very durable. Knee just had to be cleaned out. Injuries are part of the game. Look around the whole league.

Posted by: Kev | Aug 4, 2010 8:49:53 PM

Hey Danny, you're a POS.

Posted by: Chris | Aug 4, 2010 9:06:19 PM

Reports said the Davis injury was the same leg but not the same spot. Otah will be ready for regular season & thats all they need him for anyway. He & Smith are pros & already know their job, this gives others more playing time & thats a good thing, I mean as long as the injured players come back for the regular season games.

Posted by: MrBernz | Aug 4, 2010 9:20:12 PM

OMG! How can stuff like this happen? The knee is just bothering him now?
Perhaps better offseason workouts and conditioning would catch these problems during the offseason instead of August!
These guys should be running and conditioning all year for the coin they are being paid.
Hopefully the new CBA will make them full time athletes...they should show up to camp in shape and healthy.
Mark is correct; what morons are cutting on these guys? At least we have some depth at O-Line and I know we still have a month to go, but I don't want him to come back too soon and be shelved for the season (like TD is, even though the Panthers won't admit it).

Posted by: SCPOAB | Aug 4, 2010 9:34:50 PM

Why does this stuff always happen to the Panthers (with regard to stupid injuries in camp)?
So the knee needed to be "cleaned" out? Seems like we need to "clean" out some surgeons as well.

Unless this is just another "Fox" diversion?

Posted by: SCPOAB | Aug 4, 2010 9:38:49 PM

Get well Otah! We will see you playing with the rest of the team when season starts and beyond. Go Panthers!!!

Posted by: PantherFanD | Aug 4, 2010 9:49:34 PM

Surgeons for the Panthers are some of the best in country, Ortho Carolina, ranks in the top of every type of surgery. Players get hurt, especially 300+ lbs guys.. Players bounce back in weeks from these surgeries, he will be walking and running within a few weeks. As someone said, look around the league, injuries are happening to a lot of players..the regular season, is when it counts..

Posted by: catsnmbr1fan | Aug 4, 2010 10:01:19 PM

"Unless this is just another "Fox" diversion? Posted by: SCPOAB | Aug 4, 2010 9:38:49 PM" ..... Wtf kind of drugs are you on?

Posted by: MrBernz | Aug 4, 2010 10:31:16 PM

As a 300 pounder myself and getting older I can relate.It took falling down brick stairs with my leg behind me but I have been sucking it up and dealing with mine since last year. Could I play on it? No way. Just a fact though.Put 300 plus pounds on a knee and at some point something is going to give.At least they are young enough to bounce back

Posted by: BigGuy | Aug 4, 2010 11:32:15 PM

What the heck, do we have Dr. DeAllessandro doing surgeries on our players again?

Posted by: James Reed | Aug 5, 2010 12:08:31 AM

A torn ACL, even with a perfect surgery, always takes close to a year no mather how hard you work on the rehab. Davis was pushing it and, sadly, payed the price.

Get well Otah, we need you.

Posted by: Thorrez | Aug 5, 2010 7:07:45 AM

I can understand where some of the paranoia comes from, it's a natural question to ask. But I tend to go by whether the player and his agents are upset about the treatment they get from team trainers and doctors, since they have a financial stake in it.

In the case of Davis and Otah, neither think there's a problem with the care they received.

Posted by: Darin Gantt | Aug 5, 2010 7:30:56 AM

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