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August 31, 2010

Sorensen chat: Panthers answers only

Here is an excerpt from Tom Sorensen's chat, which was held today from noon to 1 p.m., edited for Panthers answers only. If you want to read the full text (with questions on a lot of other topics), click HERE.

Jim: Tom, you've written nice things about Armanti Edwards, but realistically, this is looking like a wasted draft pick for 2010. He won't be able to return punts, and he can only be a receiver in special situations. Wildcat? Maybe. Not enough for a 2nd-round pick. Right?
tom sorensen: It probably will be a wasted draft pick for 2010, or most of 2010. But I think the guy will be a star, albeit not immediately. I like the player and I like the pick.

Mark: Week one, NY Giants or Carolina Panthers? Your pick? Can the Panthers win on the road?
tom sorensen: Won't make my picks until next week, but leaning toward the mediocre Giants.

Towelboy: Deangelo Williams will be 28 next year, how many years should they resign him and at what cost?
tom sorensen: Too many variables to make the call now. How good is he this season? How good is Stewart? How good is Goodson? Money is about priorities. What do they need?

Leonard: I am confused about why the defensive line is playing so much better without Peppers when he commanded double and triple teams much of the time?
tom sorensen: Everette Brown has improved dramatically. That's a factor. Julius really is a talent, and he's tearing it up in preseason for the Bears. But the defensive tackles, the weakest part of the Panthers going into camp, have been solid, and the outside rush has been outstanding -- in practice games.

Towelboy: What are the chances Jake Delhomme continues playing as well as he has in the pre-season? Will Jake or Matt have better stats this year?
tom sorensen: I think Jake's legs probably are gone. Don't know if he can last the season. But hope he does. Moore was really good in camp and has been really bad in the three exhibitions. Have no idea what kind of season he and his offense will have.

Steve: If the Panthers want a new stadium, should the citizens be on the hook to pay for any of it?
tom sorensen: All Panthers want to do is have land when the inevitable comes. The average lifespan of a stadium is 30 years, BOA is halfway there. Should we pay? Depends on variables; how much will stadium generate for the city and for local businesses?

Jim: Tom, how short of a leash does Matt Moore have? Do you think Jimmy Clausen will be the starter at some point this season?
tom sorensen: I loved what Clausen did in camp. Picked up the offense faster than any rookie QB they've ever had. It's so early. Give Moore a chance and see what he can do and how many games the team can win. I do think Clausen will become their QB at some point, but not necessarily this season.

Jon T: If the Panthers build a new stadium in the next 15 years - what do you think the chances are they build a dome and possibly land a Super Bowl as a host city?
tom sorensen: A dome in this climate would be a waste. Only way the NFL puts a Super Bowl here is if Panthers build a new stadium, and then it's a one-time gift. No need to play this far north. Keep it in Miami and New Orleans and Phoenix and San Diego, and life will be good.

jerry: Tom, do you think we need to go get a dropped reciever from another team??? Bryant, Coles, etc.???
tom sorensen: Coles isn't Coles anymore, and Bryant is up and down. I think they have the receivers, but obviously the offense isn't working. There wasn't a free-agent WR this summer I loved. I really like Boldin, but he gets hurt so often that it's surprise when he does not.

Matt: Why haven't we seen more action from Dwayne Jarrett? Everytime the ball is thrown to him, he seems to catch it.
tom sorensen: You see him break open down the right side on Saturday? Moore overthew him by five yards. You get sick of hearing this, but there were times in Spartanburg when Jarrett was the best player on the field. Maybe we'll see that on Sundays. Or this Thursday.

Jon T: Follow up: What happens first - Charlotte hosts a Super Bowl or Charlotte gets a MLB team?
tom sorensen: Charlotte hosts a U.S. Open, I-485 is finally finished and I retire.

Toriano: Think there will be any surprise cuts from the Panthers...not today but in general
tom sorensen: I do. Some players I really like, and fans really like, could get canned. Saturday will be a tough day for Fox and Hurney and the coaches, and for the players who have to turn in their equipment and might never have the chance to wear it again.

Chris: Why not more playing time during these preseason games for Hunter Cantwell? Wasn't he number 2 on the depth chart going into to the preseason?
tom sorensen: He was No. 2 going into camp but Clausen supplanted him there. Clausen is a clear No. 2, as playing time attests. Panthers like Pike's talent, but transition from the spread to a pro style offense is rough. They can't keep four QBs, but if they put Pike on the practice squad, somebody will claim him during the 24-hour window in which he's exposed. Panthers, meanwhile, don't dislike Cantwell. They just like Clausen more.

Shawn: Tom, Do you think that Armanti Edwards will make the Panthers roster?
tom sorensen: Of course. If he is not deemed worthy as a punt returner he could be inactive early. But they wouldn't consider cutting him.

John: Tom - If the Bills were to play the Panthers this year, do you think they would win by 100 points, or more?
tom sorensen: Buffalo couldn't score 100 points if it were on the field by itself.

Chuck: Thinking about all the scandal we've seen in sports over that last few years (steroids, DUIs, gun offenses, Tiger, etc)...is it that sports are reflective of our society, or do professional athletes believe that are above the law?
tom sorensen: But think of all the athletes who do not get busted for steroids or gun offenses or Tigeresque escapades. I occasionally go to a charity function arranged by a player. Went to two put on by Thomas Davis, the Panther LB. He and his wife threw themselves into it. Was moving to be there. Some players do think they're above the law and above the constraints that govern behavior. They're young, they're popular, they have money and they're surrounded by sycophants. They'll learn, I hope. But so many others quietly do good work for their teams and their community.

Swanner: When Joe Person arrives, will you and/or Scott duct tape him to a pole, make him sing, or force him carry your bags for a while?
tom sorensen: Only morons engage in hazing. But, yeah, he'll carry my bags. Scott has done it long enough.

Bill: Is this Kasay's last year in the NFL?
tom sorensen: Tough to envision the Panthers without him. Look at the numbers. Guy can still kick. He's only 51.

andy: hi tom - with the panthers having reducing payroll, have no commitment to a coaching staff in 2011 and kicked out the jon and mark richardson, it smells like jerry is cleaning house in order to sell the franchise. thats what businesses do when they are looking to sell. thoughts?
tom sorensen: Jerry will not sell the team. This is his legacy, and nobody wants to win more than he does. I'm not just saying that. Guy wants to win. Richardson isn't cleaning house. He's just rearranging the furniture. I can tell you, unequivically, he does not plan to sell.

JF: Over or under for the Panthers this season - 7.5 wins
tom sorensen: I lean toward over but need to see who they cut, who they pick up and get a better feel for what kind of difference addition of Smith and Stewart will make. Is O as bad as it has looked? Is D as good?

Chris: What is the situation with Otah? Is he going to be OK for the season opener? Thanks.
tom sorensen: He had surgery early in camp. I think he'll be ready.

Busta Rhymes: Do you think Beason is overrated? He makes alot of tackles because there is no one else on the D capable of making the plays.
tom sorensen: Thomas Davis was capable last season and Beason still stood out. I think Beason is exceptional. Not huge but, man, what instincts. Reminds me of Dan Morgan, albeit not as fast. And that's a compliment.

mark: what's the likelihood of Fox being back with the Panthers next year?
tom sorensen: Slim. And the departure will be mutual.

andy: tom - you go to opposing nfl games and see their venues. how does the environment at BofA compare?
tom sorensen: I like BOA. But I never liked fans screaming not because the game dictates it but because they can, and I never liked guys picking fights with fans wearing another team's jerseys. I don't need drunk and obnoxious. BOA works for me.

JF: Any Hall of Famers on the Panthers roster right now?
tom sorensen: Maybe

Guest: what about the former steelers coach as our new head coach? what is going on with that?
tom sorensen: The longer Cowher stays away from coaching, the larger his legend grows. But if the Panthers follow the Pittsburgh model, they'll hire the next great coach. Noll, Cowher and now Tomlin were all in their mid-30s when the Steelers hired them.

Chuck: Tom, 30 years from now, will Charlotte be one of those sports cities like Cleveland, where the city has never had a professional sports championship, so everyone else feels sorry for us?
tom sorensen: If I feel sorry for Cleveland, it has nothing to do with their lack of championships. If anything, I'd feel sorry for the cities that lack a pro team. If neither Panthers nor Bobcats win a title in the next 30 years, I'll be surprised.

Mark from Kannapolis: So what did you think of John Clayton ranking Matt Moore # 32 in NFL starting QB's.???
tom sorensen: Didn't know he had. Based what we've seen in the preseason, he might be right. Based what we saw at the end of last season, John is wrong. ESPN is always saying something, and we're always overreacting. In related news, Michael Vick will not be a Panther, despite what ESPN said last summer. Clayton is really informed, however, I must say.

Tim: Who will last longer with the Panthers... John Kasay or John Fox?
tom sorensen: Kasay

Pete: How good would Smith be, have been, if he played for a different team?
tom sorensen: You don't think Steve had a chance to excel here? He and Jake tore it up for years, and that wasn't all because of Steve. Smith is a great player. He would have been great anywhere. He was great here. And he hasn't had to share.

Michael: What will it take to keep Fox Here?
tom sorensen: I wrote last week that things wear out -- cars, batteries, relationships. Maybe something will happen this season to save it. But don't see it happening. Sometimes it's time to move on.

Reisy: I want to purchase a Panthers jersey....do I purchase a Moore or Clausen jersey? Nobody wants the jersey of a bench player.
tom sorensen: If I were to wear a jersey, I'd find an obscure player -- like Reggie Howard, the former cornerback. That would have been a good jersey to have. Buy Tony Pike.

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I plan on buying a Jeff King Authentic Jersey if he signs a contract extension,I usually have bad luck with Jersey's and players leaving when I purchase them,thats why I suggested to a few other people that have asked to buy a John Kasay jesey,because he will finish up his career in carolina.

However I cant do it after that kick in the SuperBowl down in Houston.Just cant do it.

Posted by: GhostOfSparta | Aug 31, 2010 3:01:00 PM

You could get a Dayemune Craig #2, or a Lamar Smith Jersey. Anthony Johnson. Frank Reich, Randy Fasani, Rodney Peete, or Matt Lytle.

I actually have a #38 Tyronne Poole...my first panthers jersey.

Posted by: Chris | Aug 31, 2010 3:16:41 PM


Posted by: Larry Harris | Aug 31, 2010 3:24:47 PM

I got a gamble and smith. if i had to get another it would have to be beaston or a half of double trouble. buyers choice.

Posted by: zach | Aug 31, 2010 3:49:51 PM

i have a sam mills.i cant think of a finer jersey to have.

Posted by: ray | Aug 31, 2010 3:53:53 PM

Mike minter

Posted by: zach | Aug 31, 2010 3:57:53 PM

Mike minter

Posted by: zach | Aug 31, 2010 3:57:53 PM

I have my "He Hate Me" jersey.

Posted by: Bryan | Aug 31, 2010 4:02:37 PM

I personally think they should organize a bonfire before the Chicago game and people can bring their Peppers jerseys to burn.

Posted by: Brandon | Aug 31, 2010 4:42:39 PM

So do you think the Panthers will stop by the Steelers front office to get their pictures taken with the Super Bowl trophies?

Posted by: Smiley | Aug 31, 2010 4:44:16 PM

I really like the burning of the Peppers Jersey idea...we could call it Roasted Peppers Day

Posted by: Marvin | Aug 31, 2010 5:08:07 PM

I really like the burning of the Peppers Jersey idea...we could call it Roasted Peppers Day

Posted by: Marvin | Aug 31, 2010 5:08:07 PM

Great choice: Dayemune Craig #2 a Panthers player with his jersey in the hall of fame...

Posted by: Ashe | Aug 31, 2010 6:32:53 PM

Four words. "Jumbo" Geno James jersey.

Posted by: Fatty McButterpants | Aug 31, 2010 7:49:18 PM

Bryan, I like the idea of a bonfire but instead of burning the Peppers jersey, I say burn the season tickets of the fair weather fans!!! You know the ones that leave BOA stadium at half when we are only down by 3... The same fans that scream for the 2nd string QB after the starting QB throws one pick in preseason. The WHINE and Cheese crowd. I am sure you remember Winkie dinky do, Schaub and now Rookie Clausen. Same old stuff ... scream for Clausen (great talent but not ready to start). Not intending to knock all the fans at BOA but we have way to many arm chair GM's in the stands that only complain. Leave the coaching and team management to the ones who get paid to do it.

Posted by: Jp_here | Aug 31, 2010 8:30:46 PM

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