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August 11, 2010

Wednesday wrap: On to Baltimore

    After finishing up their final walk-through, the Panthers are now on their way to Baltimore, for tomorrow night's preseason opener.

    Panthers coach John Fox said all the expected things, that he'd play his starters about a quarter, and that all these chances are important to the evaluation of his team.

    What he wouldn't say is how he'd rotate his quarterbacks. 

    Obviously Matt Moore will start, but beyond that he wouldn't say.

    Judging by the way they went through Wednesday's walk-through, however, it appears rookie Jimmy Clausen will be second in line. Clausen took all the second-team reps this morning, with Hunter Cantwell third.

    Tony Pike will get what's left over, and Fox did say his intention was to get all four some time. Pike has received very limited snaps over the last week, and is clearly the fourth of four.

    Eleven players won't even make the trip, including the four on the physically unable to perform list (WR Steve Smith, RB Jonathan Stewart, RT Jeff Otah and LB Thomas Davis). The others staying behind are: CB Chris Gamble, S Aaron Francisco, LB Jordan Senn, WRs Charly Martin and Trent Guy, RB Mike Goodson and T Garry Williams.

— Darin Gantt

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This year, let's all ignore pre-season and perhaps it will go away to the point that the games turn into camp scrimmages that we don't have to pay to see.
Dry up the revenue by continuing NOT to show up to the games, concessions, souveneirs sales fall, gates closed. No more charges. They'll probably parlay them into the regular season ticket price. Good luck PSL holders

Posted by: secrules1 | Aug 11, 2010 11:56:05 AM

Good luck with that. Count me out though. Im ready for football. I think you should defintely stay home though.

Posted by: zach | Aug 11, 2010 12:18:49 PM

Even though its pre season, can't wait to see how our DLine does. From a run stopping stand point.

Will they rotate the DEnds/Dts to take advantages on 1 on 1 situations. Gel together as a unit.

Im not very sure playing our starters for 1 quarter is a good ideal btw. Considering both teams are physical on the offense/defensive side of the ball. Anybody can get hurt on any play.

Posted by: adamcarter16 | Aug 11, 2010 12:24:51 PM

Just because ya go to a game don't mean ya have to spend a bunch of (or any) money at the concession stands. For preseaon games we just grab a bite on the way. No need to eat of drink while in the game.
I had to pay for the preseason so might as well go.

Posted by: pland67 | Aug 11, 2010 12:39:43 PM

If you HAVE to pay for it that makes sense, but as a non season ticket holding fan, turning them into scrimages would SUCK.

Either shorten it, or keep it.

Posted by: Gamble20 | Aug 11, 2010 1:07:07 PM

I would like to see them bring out our #2 players to start against the Ravens #1 team, just so the #2 players can see what the real nfl is going to be like. That would prepare them better than playing against the other teams #2 players. I mean at all the positions that they already have #1 players designated.

Posted by: MrBernz | Aug 11, 2010 1:20:05 PM

Yeah, let's keep the ones from knocking off some of the dust and getting used to game speed.
Genius, sheer genius

Posted by: Don Rickles | Aug 11, 2010 1:25:26 PM

If that was replying to my comment, i didnt mean sit the starters the entire game, bring them out in the beginning of the second half for a quarter. I just would like to see the players fighting for spots and second team players get real game experience. You can judge them somewhat against the Ravens second string but against the Ravens first string would really show you how they play in real game time.

Posted by: MrBernz | Aug 11, 2010 1:36:04 PM

Wasn't it mentioned earlier in the summer that Stewart would be able to practice now that his foot was better? Not only has he not practiced he won't be going to the first preseason game. He proved last season that he doesn't need to practice but it still seems odd.

Posted by: pland67 | Aug 11, 2010 1:53:44 PM

I think they should play the 1st team against B-More's first team. Those guys need reps against someone different than our guys. I also think that a quarter is about right for game #1. Those guys need to knock the rust off against live bullets more than our 2nd stringers do. I have a feeling they are going to play Hunter Cantwell a lot in the preseason in the hope that someone likes what they see in him enough to give us a late round pick for him before the season starts. I have my doubts that they want to carry 4 QBs on the active roster and that they don't want to risk losing any of the 4 for nothing by putting them on the practice squad. Stewart will be fine. They are being extra cautious with him this time so they can finally have him at 100% for the first time since he has been a Panther. That should be a scary thought for opposing teams.

Posted by: smiley | Aug 11, 2010 2:18:49 PM

Well, considering a lot of our #1 guys this year were #2 guys last year, you probably will get your wish. Personally, I want to see how well our 1s stack up against another team's 1s. The Cats are so young this year, I just hope they can create some consistency. I know most questions won't be answered tomorrow, but I hope we can see a glimpse of hope that this team will gel and play well together. The D-line and the WRs are my biggest points of concern, as I'm sure it is for most of you guys. I guess we'll see tomorrow night if they can produce results.

Posted by: Tarheel Soldier | Aug 11, 2010 4:41:33 PM

Being that preseason is a time to put the team together, I think the Panthers should do like the Cowboys did on Sunday. Leave Moore in for one series then check out everyone else. lol, it's an away game and Panther fans cant complain they wasted money like they always do

Posted by: TeddyN | Aug 11, 2010 6:51:07 PM

hope eve brown has a huge preseason???? We need a young player to step up, especially on d....

Posted by: JC | Aug 11, 2010 8:46:16 PM

Too many people put too much on whether you win or lose a preseason game. Most of the time it comes down to which 3rd or 4th string does better.

I usually look at what happens in the 1st half as my guage on how well we did. Win or lose.

Posted by: DavethePanther | Aug 12, 2010 2:10:40 AM

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