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September 30, 2010

Panthers' pass rush hurting

Between them, Panthers defensive ends Tyler Brayton and Greg Hardy have two good wheels.

That’s going to make it tough to chase Saints quarterback Drew Brees around the Superdome on Sunday.

Brayton and Hardy have not been ruled out, yet, but neither has practiced this week. Brayton is battling a high ankle sprain that has lingered since the preseason, while Hardy has a foot problem he says is related to the new cleats he wore last week and unrelated to his foot injury at Ole Miss (some enterprising marketer should get this man a shoe deal).

Rookie defensive end/linebacker Eric Norwood has been getting increased reps this week after he was inactive for the Bengals’ game. Norwood was relentless in his pass rush at South Carolina, finishing as the school’s all-time leader in sacks and tackles for loss.

But he is thinner than he was in college. And you wonder if at 6-1 and 241 pounds, Norwood will be able to do much other than a speed move against offensive tackles who outweigh him by 100 pounds.

The Panthers are tied with three other teams with an NFL-low two sacks, just one of which was recorded by a defensive lineman. Despite the departure of Julius Peppers, Brees said Carolina’s front four still can be disruptive.

“I don’t know about the number of sacks, but I do see them getting pressure on the quarterback. Making them having to adjust, step up and just kind of making things a little uncomfortable in the pocket,” Brees said.

“I think they’re a pretty athletic and skillful group. I know they’re a lot of new faces on that D-line, obviously with the absence of Peppers now there are some new guys in there. … But I see a group that flies around and, with the pressure package, they have been trying to get after the quarterback a little bit more.”

--Joseph Person

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Man, you don't work for the Panthers you know. Instead of wasting our time with this B.S. why don't you try actually talking about something that matters this year. If the Panthers had any class they would "TRADE STEVE SMITH" and I mean today not tomorrow. One: we need the draft picks. I believe that you could get a first rounder from a contender ie the Bears or Dolphins. Two: He has sacrificed his body beyond anybody's expectations to not be given at least one more chance at a title. The Panthers are (let's face it)rebuilding and they need the picks anyway. Do not punish Steve for the bad management that got us in this situation in the first place. Now that is forward thinking...can you do it?

Posted by: moboythunder | Sep 30, 2010 6:53:15 PM

I wish we could trade our fan base for a competent one. There is no way we are trading Steve Smith. We've scored 3 touchdowns this year, two of them from #89 even with garbage QBs slinging him the ball. You don't give up your biggest playmaker for picks.

Posted by: rico2221 | Sep 30, 2010 7:37:30 PM

Shut up moboythunder...it was dumb with the other guy said we should trade smith and it sounds worse coming from you.

Posted by: seriously | Sep 30, 2010 7:50:16 PM

Seriously (TRUE DAT!!)

Posted by: Chuck | Sep 30, 2010 7:58:29 PM

Having a ton of sacks is good and all, but if your are horrible at stopping the run, that teams can easily run on you.

Then what's the purpose to just having a ton of sacks? But having a below average run defense against the run, that opposing teams could just run on you all game long.

The run defense has improve alot, 3.2 ypc is one of the best in the league. Not only but also having a top 15 defense, despite losing alot veteran players.

If the offense was to get intact, the defense could once again be in the top 10 already.

Posted by: adam carter | Sep 30, 2010 8:23:32 PM

Unfortunately the offense is just killing us; even if we would just stop turning it over we would actually have chances to win.
Trading Smith would give us picks, but we don't need more young faces we need some veteran leadership and talent.
Some of these young players will be good in the future (for whoever the new coach is) but we are dead in the water right now. I hold out hope that the new regime will be different.
Jerry is starving John Fox out and sacrificing this year and the fans in the process. Perhaps a new coach will be trusted enough to make good decisions and JC will help him out with a few FA pickups.

Posted by: SCPOAB | Sep 30, 2010 10:30:13 PM

I hope somebody can put pressure on Brees, because he's gimpy and vulnerable this week...wearing a brace. That and 150-200 rushing yards could give us a good chance of actually beating them. The Saints without Brees are basically an average team.

Posted by: ThanksJerry:( | Sep 30, 2010 11:24:36 PM

The run defense will never look good when we are playing from behind and the other team is running to kill the clock. The pass defense suffers from being put back out on the field after the typical 3 and out
offense doesn't give them a break. You burn a lot more energy chasing recievers, or in our case running ahead of them so they can make the catch then having to tackle them in open space. I hate our game plans and look forward to then end of the Fox era.

Posted by: Sportsdon | Oct 1, 2010 12:08:45 PM

Jon "the Beast" Beason will be ready to play this weekend just like he's plays every weekend. Will will kick some "who dat" butts.

Posted by: Ryan | Oct 2, 2010 10:10:10 AM

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