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September 01, 2010

Wednesday update: Plans can change

   Panthers coach John Fox said Wednesday, before heading for the airport, that his plan was to play his starters "about a quarter," in Thursday's preseason finale at Pittsburgh.

   "But like all plans," he added quickly, "they can adjust."

   In recent years, Fox has kept all his starters off the field for the final preseason game, and that could extend into the Steelers game.  He laughed when asked if WR Steve Smith or RB Jonathan Stewart might play, referring to them as "game-time decisions."

   -- He did rattle off the list of guys who didn't practice Wednesday. It's largely the same as recent days, with the addition of G C.J. Davis (head). 

   We even asked if he meant CB C.J. Wilson (also out, with a head), since sometimes he gets confused -- like on Tuesday when he referred to released WR Oliver "Tre" Young as "Tre Oliver." But Fox confirmed that he had all his C.J.s in order.

   Also not making the trip, per his list, will be DE Tyler Brayton, CBs Richard Marshall and Captain Munnerlyn, S Aaron Francisco, RB Tyrell Sutton and RT Jeff Otah.

-- Darin Gantt

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is me or the more i look at that mike Goodson return - the more i think they can use him in SLOT and he would absolutely Murder the competition.

Think wes welker only better. >?

Posted by: nick | Sep 1, 2010 2:41:46 PM

Or line him up as a second back then run the option!

Posted by: manu4t | Sep 1, 2010 2:52:17 PM

He should definitely get some chances to catch the ball in space. I would like to see more of him on returns as well.

Posted by: John | Sep 1, 2010 2:59:01 PM

thought he looked great in the screen game. I'm sure Davidson is going to try and get this guy the ball but I wouldn't expect to see them show their hand before the opener on anything special.

Posted by: Talbot | Sep 1, 2010 3:05:30 PM

I was thinking the same thing! Line Goodson up in the slot. He seems like a better option than any third reciever we have.

Posted by: Chris | Sep 1, 2010 3:41:34 PM

Just think of the last Panthers game in NYC. They'll attack Eli from everywhere.

Posted by: Al | Sep 1, 2010 3:46:53 PM

ive been wanting to see goodson in the slot for 2 years.maybe the new head coach will listen next year.i bet jon gruden would know how to use goodson

Posted by: dazray | Sep 1, 2010 5:32:41 PM

Posts like that just serve to make you look foolish.

Posted by: MrBernz | Sep 1, 2010 5:34:23 PM

Hey bernzy the only one looking foolish is the guy NOT making recommendations, giving ideas or making effort to be innovative with an OAF-ence that can't score on prom night. I say why NOT? He can run, teach him a few routes and put goodson in the slot, if he's open and behind the linebackers occasionally it could scare back the 9 in the boxes we WILL be seeing without a down the field threat/ long range or accurate passing game. Screens and delayed handoffs can work well with blitz's I.E. new england, but you also have to have a good passing game to make it work. It doesn't take long to get 9 in the box outside to tackle a runner, screen man or smoke play with smitty. We need some tricks and to get our hands on a veteran WR to bolster our passing game. And someone tell Moore to start playing aggressive and fearless like last year and stop worrying about INT's (get the ball out QUICK to someone!)

Posted by: handyman | Sep 1, 2010 6:21:57 PM

The problem with Goodson is he can catch pretty well for a RB, but not so well for a receiver. Whoever thinks he can be a Wes Welker type is severly mistaken. (Wes Welker led the league in receptions in 2008 BTW). It would be nice to give him more opportunities in open space, but I don't think he's got the hands for receiver. Best case scenario, he is our full time kick returner and gets 5-10 snaps per game on offense.

Posted by: rico | Sep 1, 2010 7:24:24 PM

I am a fan of Goodson but to see someone trying to fire the coach & pretend to know the next coach that comes in makes people look foolish. & even though i like Goodson, maybe they havent done those things with him is because he fumbled a few times last year, & he was injured a while last year i believe. I think the coaches here know what theyre doing & would trust them over anyone posting here.

Posted by: MrBernz | Sep 1, 2010 8:20:45 PM

I've always felt this guy would be a monster once he got a year into the nfl. slot is the right spot for him. I say teach him some routes put him in front of a jug machine for sometime and he'll punish defenses for doubling smitty

Posted by: blkpanther | Sep 1, 2010 8:56:55 PM

The black cat ninja is coming and going to sneak up on alot of teams. dang I am ready for some Panther smash mouth, head busting, steam rolling, snot bubble making football that our defense is going to bring. GO PANTHERS!!!

Posted by: Pat Daddy | Sep 1, 2010 10:35:33 PM

Geesh i hope they dont show any Panther players, or fans, blowing snot bubbles. Just another thing for the Panthers hatin media to jump on!

Posted by: MrBernz | Sep 1, 2010 11:57:03 PM

@ dazray

You bet Jon Gruden would know how to use goodson? How? What elite offense have he had with the Bucs?

What team has he built? Gruden proved he couldn't build a team with the Bucs. Constantly playing players, who were in decline mode.

Why not hired an offensive coach. Just keep Ron Meeks,as defensive coordinator.

Posted by: josh smith | Sep 2, 2010 2:54:08 PM

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