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January 20, 2011

Panthers hire OL coach

    The Carolina Panthers moved quickly to name their offensive line coach, hiring former Baltimore assistant John Matsko the same day he interviewed.

    Matsko was fired by the Ravens Wednesday, and was here meeting with coach Ron Rivera today.

    Matsko has 19 years in the NFL among his 37 years coaching, and was the line coach in St. Louis during the Rams record-breaking run under Dick Vermeil.

-- Darin Gantt

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nice hire

Posted by: matt | Jan 20, 2011 8:01:40 PM

Good show. Perhaps he can make Jimmy "Pop-n-Fresh" Doughboy Clausen into a guard.Coaching choices are looking good, but Hurney still needs to go, he's dumber than a box of rocks.

Posted by: Joe Friday | Jan 20, 2011 8:18:02 PM

Only time will tell if this is a good hire or not. After seeing how the Steelers DLine and Lb's had dominated the Ravens OLine in the 2nd half of the playoff game.

Matter of fact the Ravnes Oline has been inconsistent at best all year, should waited for someone else. But solid hires at the dc and oc position though. Who will be the QB, WR, RB, TEnds coach though?

Posted by: oh wow | Jan 20, 2011 8:23:34 PM

what the hell's going on here? someone's hiring real assistant coaches!

Posted by: joe cool | Jan 20, 2011 11:52:34 PM

I like the hire. As always it has to be one person that has to find something negative about everything.

Posted by: Kevin | Jan 21, 2011 4:46:58 AM

this a great great hire!

Posted by: tom | Jan 21, 2011 6:18:40 AM


Posted by: Jrauhauser | Jan 21, 2011 9:12:57 AM

Do you really think that the Raven's O-line was that bad Joe Friday? That team didn't make it to the playoffs inspite of the O-line. they keep Flacco upright most of the past two years and opened up big holes for the running backs. The Ravens used Matsko as a scapegoat. Their lose, the Panthers gain!

Posted by: vinny_57 | Jan 21, 2011 9:24:39 AM

Appears to be an upgrade. Let's hope the deal with Ricky Proehl goes down today. That hire would be huge!

Posted by: SC Ken | Jan 21, 2011 9:33:24 AM

Great hire and he has alot of knowledge VS 3-4 defense's and running on them.

Posted by: hellfish | Jan 21, 2011 11:24:54 AM

I hope we make the same decisions with players as we are we coaches. Excited about all the hires, really hope they bring Ricky & Shula in. The past 2 Superbowl Teams have had fairly young coaches in Tomlin & Payton. Keep up the good work BIG CAT, don't do it all in vain and not get skilled players who are coachable.

Posted by: Reggie-D | Jan 21, 2011 1:56:01 PM

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