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June 11, 2011

Panthers have not heard from "Hard Knocks"

If "Hard Knocks" is interested in coming to the Carolinas, it's news to the Panthers.

The Panthers have not been contacted by HBO about its popular training camp series, and one team official said Saturday it would be “highly unlikely” the Panthers would agree to let HBO film the first camp of coach Ron Rivera and quarterback Cam Newton.

Center Ryan Kalil got Panthers' fans buzzing with a Twitter post Thursday that read: “Reliable source telling me possible reality sports doc TV series coming to NC after today’s media presence covering Panther POTA’s.”

Kalil's next tweet is an apparent mockup of the “Hard Knocks” logo, along with the words, 'Training Camp with the Carolina Panthers.' Kalil also lobbied on Twitter for the Panthers to bring back quarterback Jake Delhomme, who is reported to be on his way out after one season in Cleveland.

Panthers spokesman Charlie Dayton said he had no knowledge of the Panthers being approached by the producers of "Hard Knocks," which followed the New York Jets last summer.

Despite a 2-14 finish in 2010, the Panthers have several interesting storylines – headlined by the arrival of Newton, the controversial Heisman Trophy winner from Auburn who was the No. 1 pick in the April draft.

But it is doubtful Panthers owner Jerry Richardson or general manager Marty Hurney would want the distractions of a 30- to 40-person film crew recording every move while Rivera installs his systems in what could be an abbreviated training camp.

The Denver Broncos – and former Panthers coach John Fox – already have turned down an invitation to appear on “Hard Knocks,” as have the Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

--Joseph Person



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Why would Hard Knocks want to focus on the Panthers? Hard Knocks is in the entertainment business...the last word that would describe Jerry Richardson and his crew would be "entertaining".

Rex Ryan and the NY Jets = entertaining!

Jerry Richardson and the Panthers = BORING!

Richardson needs to go. Needed to go a long time ago. GO JERRY! Anywhere but here, just go, please...

Posted by: George Hanson | Jun 12, 2011 1:06:21 AM

I am still amazed how people are critical of Richardson. The man has spent money every year the Panthers have been in existence. How the money was spent (i.e. trusting his GM and coach on personnel decisions) is debatable. However, he completely funds the stadium HE built with no city money (the city spent $ on infrastructure, not the stadium). Last year everyone knows he pulled back on player spending, but doing that is paying big dividends now. The Panthers are one of the few NFL teams not laying off non player personnel (regular working stiffs like you and me) during the lockout. So, he took money from the overpaid player payroll last year to ensure the regular folks making up the Panther organization would be in a better position this year. I say hats off to Jerry! Great job, and I look forward to a great run this year under Coach Rivera!

Posted by: Mike | Jun 13, 2011 8:00:51 AM

Rivera and Newton. Double trouble. No values. No integrity. Two peas in a pod who wil live and die the football death together.

Is this the best Jerry Richardson could do? Of the remaining 31 NFL franchises name a single one who would go this route with a new rookie defensive passed over 7 time coach who knows nothing about offense and his "franchise" non-passer college dropout scam artist soon to be ex-Heisman ex-champion who worked the system like no other has with insider help from his unscruptulous ex-NFLer dad turned evangelical hillbilly hick redneck Georgia small town "pass the loot" preacher?

All this in a union strike plagued 2011 season where the prima donna "players" and their crook lawyer bandit thieves attempt to EXTORT many billions more off the American masses (not owners) in the Great Depression II that will double already killer gas prices and everything else just ot satisfy their bottomless pit of greed?

Who do these overpaid overrated pretend athletic strutting cocky showboater jackazzes think they are anyway? Even the starters of every play spend only 7 minutes of active play time on the field 16 times a year in regular season or 112 minutes for mega millions.

Is this a total CROCK or what? Its laughable. Is this the Bizzarro World?

NFL plays 16 games
NBA plays 82 games
MLB plays 162 games
NHL plays 82 matches

Dont let them CON you America !!! You have been taken to the cleaners already.

Posted by: Zster | Jun 13, 2011 9:40:59 AM

HBO will not want to set Hard Knocks around the Panthers. If they do something Jerry doesn't like, he will get them assigned to some college assignment that know one cares about. Sorry Darin.

Why hasn't this paper or Darin Gantt stated the truth about his demotion? Am I the only one that finds it funny that weeks after Jerry Richardson called Darin a liar, he is reassigned to cover a Division II school that not a single person cares about?

Posted by: Steven | Jun 13, 2011 9:47:47 AM

Another article about a local team, another negative comment by George Hanson. Oh, but he is a realist. Right. Don't sell HBO short George. They could even make your life look interesting. It would be cool watching you make things up to impress your internet friends.

Posted by: Gary | Jun 13, 2011 12:27:25 PM

HBO only does hard knocks for contenders not back to back #1 pick teams with a bust QB!

Posted by: seenthisb4 | Jun 13, 2011 12:33:28 PM

Bruton Smith please buy this team so i can quit pullin for the Skins...if they ever learn how to pick a head coach or draft a real NFL QB your PSL's will fill with NASCAR drivers...I think you need us baaad!

Posted by: Dale Earnhardt jr | Jun 13, 2011 12:40:51 PM

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