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June 21, 2011

What proposed CBA means to Panthers

Details are leaking out today from discussions just outside Chicago between NFL owners and players about a new collective bargaining agreement.

A new deal, a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press, could include a straight split of total revenues that would give players just less than half.

Expense credits (about $1 billion last year) that the league takes off the top would disappear, the AP is reporting.

The bottom line is players would share all revenues, which would mean far more money than they got under the previous agreement, meaning the salary cap would be higher. A new CBA is expected to run anywhere from six to 10 years.

Players would get up to 48 percent of the total revenues, and their share could never dip below 46.5 percent.

And there's this: A salary "floor" would keep lower-revenue market teams from spending less than 90 percent of the cap.

Other details of the proposed deal:

-- Players with four, five or six years of NFL service who are not under contract would be unrestricted free agents. There would be 19 Carolina Panthers in that situation, including RB DeAngelo Williams, LB James Anderson, DE Charles Johnson, TE Dante Rosario, CB Richard Marshall, QB Matt Moore and C Ryan Kalil (who has been franchise tagged by the team and couldn't leave without compensation if that tag, as expected, remains in the CBA).

-- Talk of an 18-game regular season is dead, according to CBS Sportsline's Mike Freeman.

-- A 16-game Thursday night television package will be a source of new revenue, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

-- Other items, such as a rookie wage scale and health benefits, have been discussed in those owner-player meetings, but won't be settled until the revenue split is determined, AP reported.

   What does all this mean to the Panthers? In theory, it means the team that fans accused of going cheap in a woeful 2-14 season in 2010, could be in great shape. A large payout to former quarterback Jake Delhomme is off the books, and the team is far below the salary cap, meaning when free agency opens -- with a large number of players in that 4-5-6 unrestricted category on the market -- Carolina has lots of money to spend.
When a deal gets done, the shopping would begin.

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This is the situation that a new coach would dream of!!!! WOW! And now Jerry looks like a GENIUS, provided he writes the check now. Which he always has until last year. I guess he played a hand, and it looks like he may come out a HUGE winner if this goes through!

Posted by: mike | Jun 21, 2011 4:46:10 PM

Good post Joe

Posted by: manu4t | Jun 21, 2011 4:46:26 PM

Coming soon: The negative Cam Newton comment.

Posted by: Nosebleed fan | Jun 21, 2011 4:47:59 PM

Two components to this story.

1) Jerry has potentially put the team in a great position to take full advantage of the new salary cap...which is awesome and is proof that he knew all along how this was going to shake out and he positioned the team for long term success

2) point #1 blows up if he fails to spend money to keep or add key people thru Free Agency. Time will tell....

Posted by: cwilli | Jun 21, 2011 5:39:46 PM

I'm not sure how this is such a great advantage for the Panthers. Money tied up from Delhomme would be a plus but having to re-sign several players at a near 48% of revenue sounds harsh? It seems as if it's higher contracts to me for signing the 19 others. I do like the Rookie Salary cap. that needs to be in place imo. What I don't like is how the owners are losing out on some of the revenue. I wouldn't be surprised if some bitter owners hold out on stadium upgrades or raise prices to compensate for their lost income. In the end the Panthers may end up on the better side of teams, but as a PSL owner and fan; I'm not too excited other than to at least see the games being played again. I still think they should change the way the Pro Bowl is done. Allow each division to send a certain amount of players and have a divisonal challenge. The division that wins enough contests wins bragging rights and money for the division... and a home game for each team in the wining division on this new Thursday night series that would not count against other primetime games. (They wouldn't lose a monday night game because they already have a primetime Thur. game) This would allow them to at least earn the money, give fans more reasons to watch the Pro Bowl, and have a driving factor for the team and players.

Posted by: rob | Jun 21, 2011 5:42:29 PM

Panthers with all the guys JR decided not to pay (Peppers, etc.) were still barely a playoff team. Now - with all this money - he can build the team he wants. He has a coach who knows what wins and the money to build it.

The Big Cat made a decision to rebuild the team - he wants a Super Bowl - not to just win the NFC South. He wants much more and that team was never going to get there so he destroyed it so he could rebuild it better.

Posted by: Dominator | Jun 21, 2011 5:43:35 PM

The only thing that saves the Panthers in this deal is the salary floor. Without it, we field another junior varsity team.

But dig that list of unrestricted free agents! We would have to keep DeAngelo, Anderson and Johnson to have hope of being competitive. And what about Thomas Davis? Shouldn't he be on this list too? He is a must-sign as well, assuming his knee is sound. And assuming Smith is gone, who is Cam going to throw to besides Shockey?

Given the Panthers long-time inability to accurately judge which free agent to sign, I remain skeptical of our ability to be good in 2011 under this proposal. I just have this queasy feeling in my gizzard that any free agent we have that is worth having will wind up in New York, New England or Pittsburgh, and we'll wind up with a bunch of has-beens or never-have-beens and we'll go 2-14 again.

Posted by: J | Jun 21, 2011 5:43:39 PM

Old nosebleed fan.......somebody should trip you down the steps......just kidding, but I hate haters.

Posted by: semperdemperfefifo | Jun 21, 2011 5:48:48 PM

Assuming this plays out, you guys want the "net-net" from a Panthers perspective? Go back and read the post from "cwilli" - that's as clear as it gets...every word of it. Hats off to you, cwilli.

Posted by: PSLOwner | Jun 21, 2011 5:54:02 PM

to clarify, drop the 48% a few % and put this money in a Pro Bowl Pool. Have several contests such as QB challenge with a point system. Whoever wins the most points wins the higher share of that percentage (make it so they all get a portion but drastic drops outside of top 3.) and the winning division has the home games on primetime. My division is better than yours!

Posted by: rob | Jun 21, 2011 6:00:07 PM

I feel so smart after this cause I said time and time again that the problem was the way the owners split their money. It looks like I was right.

Posted by: cboss | Jun 21, 2011 6:01:42 PM

Just hurry up and get this thing finalized.....football season is right around the corner!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Demisfit2000 | Jun 21, 2011 6:27:12 PM

I'm sure Richardson is leading the charge for a rookie pay scale. It will save him millions. I just don't think he's of a mind to invest in the team.

Posted by: Peter W | Jun 21, 2011 6:54:19 PM

I still think it should be two preseason games if not 18 regular season games. I dont want to pay for practice. If they arent playing to win, i dont want to pat to watch! Period! League statistics show over 60% of all team injuries happen outside of regular season games. Don't give me the more injury stuff, or else that's a better arguement not to practice not play!

Posted by: Realanswerman | Jun 21, 2011 6:59:17 PM

This team better make sure with a new coach and coming off a 2-14 season that they keep the top, young, core performers from last season. DeAngelo Williams, Charles Johnson, James Anderson and Ryan Kalil are a must. I think Thomas Davis after his two straight injury years could come back at a discount, but I don't doubt that if he does, he would be a solid starter.

Beyond that, there are so many good free agents coming available this season that we need to make sure to evaluate and choose from to help supplement the draft and create a turnaround. Another wideout to complement Smith and LaFell, a veteran rotational defensive tackle, and a replacement for Richard Marshall and this team isn't looking half bad.

Just remember that nearly all of our issues last year came from the offense, and that was because of having piss poor quarterback play. Our running backs and offensive line are some of the better corps in the league. Let's hope we can give Newton the pieces to make an impact starting this season!

Posted by: Twisted | Jun 21, 2011 8:33:42 PM

i've been saying this the past 2 years that everything richardson has been doing was to capitalize on this moment. we have one of the better run franchises in the league and we've come close a few times to winning it all. that's all you can ask as a fan.

not only that, but we should be getting the best of the rookie wage scale implementation. we get the number 1 pick signing AFTER they implement the scale. couldn't have wrote it up any better for us, any worse for st. louis/detroit/etc.

Posted by: charlottean | Jun 21, 2011 8:43:02 PM

Jerry has NEVER been afraid to write a check.

Posted by: Russ | Jun 21, 2011 8:54:15 PM

So I guess I am missing something... The players will get more money than they had under the old CBA, which I assume means the owners get less... So the owners exercised the clause in the old CBA to cancel it, then implemented a lock out of the players, so they can negotiate a new CBA, and get less money for themselves?? I understand there are more elements than the revenue, but since that was the focal point, it makes no sense. Also, forcing all teams to spend between 90-100% of the cap, seems to nullify a rookie salary cap since whatever is saved there needs to be spent on veterans (which I think is a good thing). Hey Joe, how about elaborating on how this leaked info benefits the owners and players?

Posted by: Mike | Jun 21, 2011 9:01:51 PM

You guys that think JR won't spend because he cut the fat last year so we'd be in good shape under the new deal should go follow timber sports or something... it's not as complex. Maybe you can understand it.

Posted by: Reginald Spicyweiner | Jun 21, 2011 10:02:56 PM

The ones that have posted that the salary cap floor would keep jjr from being cheap are ignorant. With the exception of last year the panthers have always been close to the top of the cap. Anyone with half a brain could see he knew what was the probable outcome for this season.....
The panthers are in a position to build a winner.

Posted by: Steve | Jun 21, 2011 10:04:34 PM

Did someone say we have a good offensive line? I haven't seen so many pocket collapses and scrambling, fumbling, sacked QBs in my life. And with those running backs, we should be smashing other teams with the run game. What I don't see is open running lanes. Give me a break with this good offensive line business.

Posted by: wildcat | Jun 22, 2011 3:08:08 AM

@wildcat: We do have really good O-Line. One of the best in the league. The only O-Line in history to block for two 1,100 yd rushers in the same season. Last years that O-line had key components injured and that hurt. If you follow the Panthers you'd know this. But if all of your info comes from the major market media, then I can see why you post some garbage like that. QB Scrambles and collapsed pockets also come from a QB who wouldn't pull the trigger and moved around unnecessarily.

Posted by: chaos03 | Jun 22, 2011 7:36:05 AM

Good shape? All we have is the ability to overpay and keep the core of a 2-14 team. And what did we do with the #1 pick we earned? We blew it on a player who won't help the team for years, if ever.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 22, 2011 10:07:14 AM

Enough already with this "Just because we have money means we have to burn it all on players". I agree with being proactive in FA, but not to spend just to spend. We spent like mad men bringing aboard Maake Kemoeatu and Ken Lucas...where did that lead to? You have to address where needs are and sign the proper person in a solid economic deal for the team in the present and future.

Posted by: Daniel | Jun 22, 2011 10:31:00 AM

There are several comments here that are right on. Including the O Line is a solid unit and that the Big Cat knew what he was doing last year when he made all the moves to get young not sign high priced players. Apparently he either has a really good crystal ball or is a pretty shrewd business man that really does know this NFL business. I am not concerned that he would break out the checkbook to sign some talent once this thing gets moving again because he has proven in the past he's not afraid to spend money. I believe he really wants that Super Bowl title he promised us way back in 95 when this ride started and is now set to make a solid run at it. Let get this thing done and play some football!

Posted by: Willis Cat | Jun 22, 2011 1:08:18 PM

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