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August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Carolina Panthers links

Tuesday's Carolina Panthers links as the team prepares for Friday's 8 p.m. exhibition at Miami:

From The Charlotte Observer

Sorensen: Pilares fastest Hawaiian, getting faster

Jon Beason will rest achilles in return to Miami

Notes: Anderson backs QB mentoring plan

Mike Goodson's fumble-itis: Inside the numbers

Rivera expected to name QB starter next week

 From the Gaston Gazette:

Pilares out to make Hawaii proud

Notes: Anderson accepting role as QB mentor

From elsewhere:

ESPN: Only logical move is to start Newton vs. Miami

CBSsports.com: Cam Newton not arrogant toad we expected

Newark Star-Ledger: Tynes feels lucky not to have knee injury

Bleacher Report: Cam Newton will shock the fantasy world

 Palm Beach Post: Dolphins' Matt Moore used to biding his time

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agree @smith been washed hanging around for nothing but a free paycheck. he needs to retire b4 he gets the axe and apply to be a reciever coach somewhere. keep him away from the qbs and oline.

Posted by: kyl | Aug 16, 2011 8:34:19 AM

Please sign up kyl to be our next GM. He speaks the truth and we should all follow his incredible brilliance.

Posted by: whitemiket | Aug 16, 2011 9:22:23 AM

Even though Anderson and Clausen by far the superior Qbs, Pike needs a shot at the fixed "tryout" for appear sake. The CO picked the starter Qb way back in Jan 2011 since they have the the only media game in town bully pulpit. Big bullies.
Motto: Do as we say not as we do... or else ...
ps CO passed up the only running passing qb 2 yrs ago becuz he had "too much baggage" (their exact words). Need anything more be said?

Posted by: riverbank zoo | Aug 16, 2011 10:03:56 AM

Hey riverbank zoo, what exactly are you basing your assesment of superiority of the QB's not named Cam on? Is it just a random opinion? Bias against the new guy, jealousy?

Clausen can't handle the speed of the game, a full season hasn't made much of a difference in that. Anderson has been declining since 2007. There is no upside to either guy. Pike may never play in a real game in his life.

Guys that watch NFL for a living have been impressed by Cam. They are not saying much about anyone else right now on this team.

Posted by: Sportsdon | Aug 16, 2011 8:44:23 PM

This blog is so much better than it use to be! Thanks to Joe and Ron! They even put a link to BleacherReport!

Posted by: T-Mac | Aug 17, 2011 11:52:32 PM

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