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November 23, 2011

Colts coach: Newton 'playing exceptional football'

  Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Caldwell is spending most of his time these days trying to squeeze a victory or two out of his winless football team and the next opportunity for the 0-10 Colts comes Sunday when they host the Panthers.

   While Caldwell is focused primarily on breathing some life into a stagnant offense, he's taken time to study Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

  "Obviously he's playing exceptional football," Caldwell said. "He's a talented guy who not only has a real good feel for what they're doing offensively, he's also making a lot of big plays. Anybody in his position who scores nine touchdowns and is on pace to break the NFL record, that's quite an accomplishment.

   "Besides that, he can throw the ball. He's been a very dangerous guy to deal with week in and week out. He just seems to keep getting better all the time."

   Though the Panthers have struggled defensively, surrendering 79 points over the last two games, Caldwell was throwing platitudes Carolina's way on a conference call.

  "They still have a lot of talented players even though, much like us, they had a few injuries here and there," Caldwell said. "They're a pretty talented group over there. They run around. They have guys who have been in the mix. I anticipate it will be a real tough battle."

-- Ron Green Jr.


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Don't ya just love it when two bad team tell each other how good they are?

Posted by: WM | Nov 23, 2011 2:35:55 PM

I agree with Caldwell in that Newton is a talented QB that makes big plays, but he's completely wrong about stating Newton "seems to keep getting better all the time". Actually, the truth is that Newton hasn't been getting better in the last few weeks. Against the Titans Newton had a QB rating if 61.3 and then a week later his rating went down even lower to a 51.0 QB rating. If this is getting better he should be as good as David Carr in just a couple of more games.

Posted by: Out of town Panther fan | Nov 23, 2011 2:36:10 PM

ROFLMFAO. Yea OK idiot. Stick with golf. On 2nd thought forget that too. That 2-8 and 4 interceptions is def "exceptional" if you are trying to trick the enemy into a false sense of security with BS.

Get real moron. Newton is a loser. Build a team about what? Get a real QB in there and get rid of this overrated hyped losing BUM. He is average at best and def not the sharpest knife in the drawer plus has more baggage than US Air.

Hard to believe they still hype this loser and even hyping him for next year. Rivera is such a coward not to start All Pro Anderson knowing if Derek won it will be over for the Scam the Ham.

Posted by: fratboy | Nov 23, 2011 2:37:03 PM

cocaine is a hell of a drug!

Posted by: joe cool | Nov 23, 2011 2:42:14 PM

Hey Fatboy...i mean Fratboy. You are the loser bro! Do i need to refresh your memory that Cam is a rookie and is still learning not to mention is on a team with no defense. He is 1000X better than Jimmy was as a rookie. We are on pace for another top 5 draft pick and this team will be on the way up with Newton as the centerpiece. He has already made charlotte relevant again. imagine what will happen when we actually win games. Go back to drinking your busch light you worthless POS.

Posted by: Actual Real Fan | Nov 23, 2011 2:52:38 PM

Hey Fratboy, it's 14 int's. If you're going to try to bash someone, at least know what the heck you're talking about. But I guess when you're dealing with an ignorant redneck, like yourself, what can one expect. I know you're mad that Nascar is over and Jr disappointed you once again. But don't worry, unfortunately that "sport" will be back on in just a couple of months. Then you can get back to your busch light drinking ways while watching other rednecks "athletically" turn left. Yeehaw!

Posted by: Yankee Joe | Nov 23, 2011 4:26:20 PM

From insider word these pos 30 yr old adult runt mouthy ex-waterboy registered sex offender pedophiles still hanging around boys shower rooms will watch games in a cell as the bitch wife of the jailbirds again. The sooner the better before they get hurt on the outside. Apply to be a priest or maybe a perv pop singer.

Posted by: waterboys suck | Nov 23, 2011 4:56:11 PM

Ratboy, I watched the Detroit game. I didn't see Cam Newton on the field for a single Panthers defensive play. The offense, led by Newton, did their job and scored 28. Special teams added 7 more. It was the 49 given up by the defense that lost the game.

Posted by: pack73 | Nov 23, 2011 7:09:28 PM

Let's just all accept that this is a rebuilding year for the Panthers and a learning year for Newton. If you've watched the Panthers over the years, we've finally got a franchise QB to be excited about. Sure he's going to throw picks and make mistakes, but he has also shown he can make big plays.
Next year we'll get some weapons back: Beason on D and Gettis at WR. Add that in with a top 5 pick (Hopefully a stud corner or DT) and the Panthers are on the way up. Anyone who says that Newton is average at best needs to look at our past QBs and also check the stats. Next year we'll be in the mix for the playoffs and then the year after we should be contending for the NFC South title on a regular basis.

Posted by: NorthKakylak | Nov 23, 2011 9:18:16 PM

NorthKakylak....Newton is talented and should get better over time, but right now after looking at his stats, Newton looks average with a QB rating of 80.0, he has a 60% completion with 12 TDs and 15 Ints. Andy Dalton has a similar QB rating of 79.7 and completion percentage of 59.8, but Dalton has thrown 15 TDs and only 12 Ints.

Cam has more rushing TDs, but this is to be expected since he gets so many opportunities to run with the ball in the redzone. If Cam handed the ball off more to Stew and DeAngelo in the redzone then they would have a lot more rushing TDs instead of Cam. Right now Stew and DeAngelo don't have many rushing TDs because Cam's running instead when the Panthers are in scoring territory.

Posted by: Out of town Panther fan | Nov 24, 2011 3:50:06 AM

the thirty yr old redneck trailor trash hillbilly whiteboy racist kunthead ex-waterboy well known pedophile posting under 500 names needs to be barred from all school shower rooms and obviously another sandusky in the making. he better hope they dont catch him again or its life. get off your knees white boy & get a janitor restroom job & stay away from schools. they are watching. even jailbirds hate sicko pedophile waterboys.

Posted by: informant | Nov 24, 2011 7:14:26 AM

It's insane. Our Newton lead offense has scored more than enough points in almost every game to win, vastly better than our inept offense could do last year. Is it our superior running game leading the way? Nope, not many yards there to be scared of, oh and wait, Cam is our second leading rusher (and not far behind first) Is it an accident Steve Smith is having one of his best years EVER! Who throws him the ball? Oh, Cam again.

It baffles me that we have a "rookie" QB achieving WAY more than most rookie QBs can do, and because we have a defense that can't stop anyone and the most miserable special teams I can ever remember fielding, it is all Cam's fault we are losing. With a stronger special teams and a defense not ranked last, I know this team could be around or over .500.

You want Clausen? Our defense and special teams were statistically better when he had the reins and look how he did.

Cam is doing all he can and even I was skeptical he when we picked him, but come on. He's top five in passing yards and added NINE touchdowns on the ground! No one expected us to be great this year, but at least we have been fun to watch.

Anyone that does not think we are headed in the right direction needs a head examination.

Posted by: Steve | Nov 24, 2011 10:54:11 AM

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