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November 08, 2011

Panthers activate Hogan, cut Wilson

The Panthers made a flurry of moves Tuesday, activating rookie cornerback Brandon Hogan and cutting another rookie a week after he was charged with possession of marijuana.

Lawrence Wilson, a practice-squad linebacker drafted in the sixth round, had hoped the misdemeanor pot charge would not lead to his release.

But Panthers general manager Marty Hurney said: “Obviously, the incident last week didn't help his cause. It's clear that we do not want anybody's personal conduct reflecting poorly on the club.”

The Panthers also cut defensive tackle Ron Fields and placed linebacker Thomas Williams (neck) on injured reserve.

In addition to bringing Hogan off the physically unable to perform list, the Panthers also signed defensive end Thomas Keiser from the practice squad. Carolina replaced Keiser and Wilson on the taxi squad with defensive tackle Jason Shirley and linebacker Phillip Dillard.

Hogan, the fourth-round draft pick from West Virginia, was slow to recover from ACL surgery last winter. He has said not being able to rehab with the Panthers' trainers during the lockout put him behind schedule.

But Hurney said Hogan improved each of the three weeks he practiced before the Panthers had to make a decision on him.

“Brandon's a talented player. He's worked very hard since last December to come off that injury,” Hurney said. “He's done everything we've asked and we're anxious to see him.”

Hurney would not say whether the Panthers planned to use Hogan as a kick returner, which he did in both high school and college.

Williams, who started two games and played in six, sustained a neck stinger while making a tackle against Washington in Week 7. Hurney said Williams will not require surgery, but his uncertain return date prompted the Panthers to put him on IR.

Williams is the third linebacker to go down with a season-ending injury, joining Jon Beason (Achilles) and Thomas Davis (knee).

Fields made 7 tackles in six games after signing in September. But second-year tackle Andre Neblett has been getting more of the reps behind rookie starters Terrell McClain and Sione Fua in recent weeks.

Keiser had spent the entire season on the practice squad after signing as an undrafted free agent from Stanford.

--Joseph Person


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They just cut a guy for smoking dope. Doubt they would sign the cancer known as Haynesworth. Im content with continuing to develop Fua, and Mcclain.

Posted by: Jason Warren | Nov 8, 2011 5:03:42 PM

That guy had to know not to smoke and drive, L. Wilson just didn't really want to play pro-football.

Posted by: Rock | Nov 8, 2011 5:07:55 PM

HOW do you get fired from your JOB on the day you are off? Smokey? Jusst ask Craig!!!

Posted by: Rock | Nov 8, 2011 5:09:23 PM

No, no, please no Albert Haynesworth! You are so right about him being a cancer!

Posted by: Irishfan | Nov 8, 2011 5:52:34 PM

I sure hope that Hogan can get on the field, we really need a corner that can make a play on third down, and maybe he can add a little life to the return game.

Posted by: Kenny | Nov 8, 2011 5:57:05 PM

Marijuana isn't addictive and can't kill you in any dose (so says the AMA). It's pathetic that possession of a substance much, much less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol should carry any penalty at all, much less cause the loss of a job.

Posted by: agFinder | Nov 8, 2011 6:16:06 PM

Get Haynesworth. The Skins are worse without him. He's a cancer with coaches, not players. The d-line coach needs to be jolted.

Posted by: Ben | Nov 8, 2011 6:18:41 PM

GREAT MOVE! A rookie, on the practice squad, just barely hanging on to the NFL by the skin of your teeth - and you don't have enough sense to stay away from pot? Too stupid to be on this team. Grow and brain and MAYBE somebody will take a chance on you again . . . maybe.

Posted by: YeahBaby | Nov 8, 2011 6:41:21 PM

Hanyesworth plays for the Patriots guys, not available... wouldn't want him if he was.

Posted by: Jordan | Nov 8, 2011 7:02:34 PM

What a joke---they cut a guy for weed and draft a guy that gets arrested, he's a thief, and cheater, and liar. LOL the whole front office on that team is a group of low lifes--ZERO,S.

Posted by: JD | Nov 8, 2011 7:03:14 PM

Opps, just saw the news about Hanyesworth, lol. Still don't want him.

Posted by: Jordan | Nov 8, 2011 7:12:00 PM

Haynesworth got cut, but he is def a cancer, we dont need him on this solid, young team

Posted by: panthers4life | Nov 8, 2011 7:12:26 PM

I would be a lot more concerned if he was driving drunk, then he would have been a danger to others on the road. Remember, they gave Dwayne Jarrett TWO chances on that one, but I assume if Wilson had been a better player they would have done the same for him.

And Jordan, Haynesworth was cut by the Patriots today. I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but we should claim him off waivers. Maybe he is lazy and a bit of a malcontent but he is NOT a cancer. The situation is desperate folks, we cannot stop the run & we need beef in the middle NOW. It'll only cost $750,000 then we can drop him after the season. Minimal risk, why not take the chance?

Posted by: Joe F. | Nov 8, 2011 7:18:02 PM

Ha Jordan, didn't see your second post ;)

And people, quit listening to what you hear on a 10-second clip on SportCenter, you don't know the situation. Haynesworth has his problems, but he ain't T.O., that's a cancer. Haynesworth isn't going to destroy the locker room. 8 weeks, that's all he'll be here. Maybe he'll actually put forth some effort in order to save his rep & sign another contract (somewhere else). We are losing mainly because other teams are running all over us, rookie DTs are getting pushed around. This move could literally win us a couple more games. I personally don't like Haynesworth either but the reward is quite simply larger than the risk. Just my $.02

Posted by: Joe F. | Nov 8, 2011 7:30:17 PM

Posted by: Jordan | Nov 8, 2011 7:02:34 PM

What a joke---they cut a guy for weed and draft a guy that gets arrested, he's a thief, and cheater, and liar. LOL the whole front office on that team is a group of low lifes--ZERO,S.
When i was young i was a thief, gangster, liar, a player, drug user, a straight criminal, now im older and more mature, and have put the past behind me and started a new life, working 50 plus hours a week, providing for my family and obeying all laws.... So let it go, Cam is a starter, wilson wouldve got cut anyways, with all the LB going down he was never activated off the practice squad, he must of sucked anyways.......

Posted by: bullethead527 | Nov 8, 2011 7:54:40 PM

And yet they'll keep a reciever who assaults his own teammates from behind and fire front office people for using an escort service?

Posted by: Bill Smith | Nov 8, 2011 8:33:15 PM

Amen on the receiver part. Noting against Steve but it sure feels like a double standard. Think they would have Beason for the same thing....not a chance.

Posted by: Marcus | Nov 8, 2011 8:35:07 PM

Trust me. He would not have been cut if he was any good !Good players get away with a lot more than this.

Posted by: Nevdog | Nov 8, 2011 9:01:51 PM

For all of you trying to say it's a double standard cutting Wilson but drafting Cam and not punishing Steve Smith for punching a teammate, remember the legal pieces involved. Cam has not been arrested, and neither was Steve.

Posted by: Apples N. Oranges | Nov 8, 2011 11:06:50 PM

They don't like drinking an drivin' neither

Posted by: Todd Sauerburn | Nov 8, 2011 11:07:44 PM

I agree, you can't compare Steve Smith beating up a teammate in practice to a player being arrested off the field. Being arrested is far more serious. Yes, some players get more chances because the team has time and money invested in that player, that's just business, and that's why it's so important for a guy like Wilson to understand that he needs to stay out of trouble.
As for pot being illegal, maybe it shouldn't be, but it is, so players have to be smart.

Posted by: Kenny | Nov 9, 2011 2:17:40 AM

Let him spend the next couple of months thinking about it. Maybe in the off season we can resign him and give him an opportunity to atone for his mistake.

Posted by: davethepanther | Nov 9, 2011 7:09:45 AM

Now here is the way to have team spirit and blame Hurney? Where was Hurney when a well known player was arrested for cocaine. Seems that was allright. How about DUI's. A rookie with pot gets let go. Brillant! Great going guys! NOT!

You guys with tattoo's are next!

Posted by: Mark | Nov 9, 2011 8:47:51 AM

I've officially nicknamed Brandon Hogan... Sammich...

In a Michael Scottesque fashion..

Hogan.. Hoagie.. Sandwich... Sammich..

Posted by: Jon | Nov 9, 2011 9:03:48 AM

If you give seasoned players a break on their wrongdoing that is worse then you should a rookie on having pot in his possession.

Posted by: Jim | Nov 9, 2011 9:14:44 AM

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