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December 14, 2011

VIDEO: Sunday storylines, kicker and defense

Reporter Joseph Person talks about Sunday's matchup with the 10-3 Houston Texans, who feature one of the NFL's best defenses. Will the Panthers go into the game with a different kicker?  


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What a joke. Scam Newton would get crushed normally. No contest. First place vs last place. Houstons ex-UNC Yates QB a much better QB.

Texans already won the AFC South and in the playoffs so they will be playing their scrubs to save their starters but will win anyway. This is a gimme.

Kind of like the win with Tampas QB Freeman held out for an injury supposedly. Look for 4-10 anyway.

Texan scrubs win by 21

Posted by: pansies suck | Dec 15, 2011 6:11:33 AM

"From nowhere to playoffs for UNC's Yates
Third-stringer catches break with Texans, makes name on late TD drives."

Expected worthless biased belittlement drivel coming from some Green punkass putting down Yates who in spite of being on a UNC team broken by the NCAA invest & always slammed as 2nd rate put up close to 10,000 yards passing and 3500 passing in 2010 for a record. That beats Newton.
Both Yates & Newton are from the 'Lanta burbs. Yates was a much better QB in HS.

PS Yates grad with honors never in any trouble or charged for felonies or rigged a scam etc.

Posted by: marietta georgia | Dec 15, 2011 9:12:02 AM

Memo to Butch Davis! You pay the players after they win a national championship, not before! Did Jimmy Johnson not teach you anything! UNC football is so stupid they can't even cheat the right way! All UNC players took money! Except Yates? Grow up! Better get all your Cam hating in this year! The next 12 years are going to be rough for Cam Haters!

Posted by: joe cool | Dec 15, 2011 11:53:14 AM

FINALLY they got someone else to do these besides Scott Fowler. No longer will we be bored to tears. Let's hope he stays typing the articles and away from a microphone.

Posted by: CharlotteanBanana | Dec 17, 2011 8:46:31 AM

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