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January 16, 2012

Panthers cannot block 'Chud' from talking to Bucs

Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski will interview with Tampa Bay on Tuesday, according to a source close to the man known as “Chud.”

Many fans have asked why the Panthers would allow Chudzinski to talk to a division rival.

In short, they don't have a choice.

NFL teams can't block assistant coaches from interviewing for head-coaching opportunities. So while Ron Rivera conceded recently he would be a bit “uneasy” if Chudzinski wound up in the NFC South, there's nothing Rivera can do to keep him from talking to the Bucs.

The obvious, follow-up question: Can't the Panthers give Chudzinski a raise to make sure he stays in Charlotte?

Sure they can, and I've been told the Panthers are prepared to do so. But Jerry Richardson isn't going to spend money unnecessarily, so I'm guessing the Panthers are waiting to see if Chudzinski gets an offer before countering (Chud already has been passed over in Jacksonville and St. Louis).

Of course, money ultimately might not be the issue. There are only 32 of these jobs, and no one – including Rivera, who interviewed nine times before becoming a head coach – would blame Chud if he wants to strike while the iron is hot.

Based on people I've talked to, I still think the Bucs will hire someone with head-coaching experience after going young with Raheem Morris three years ago.

--Joseph Person

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So why do the Panthers have to "give permission" for Chud to interview if they can't stop him?

Posted by: Keeping it 100 | Jan 16, 2012 8:43:23 PM

So contracts mean nothing in the NFL?

Posted by: John - Harrisburg, NC | Jan 16, 2012 9:14:23 PM

I'm sure there is wording in the contract that allows an assistant being able to get out of it if he gets a promotion from another team....ex from OC to head coach, line coach to OC/DC. Can't blame him from getting his chance when it comes. Just hate to see good guys leave so soon. The Bucs could be a good job for him, they have a QB in place that is alot like Cam, so you could see Freeman running alot of the same type of plays the Panthers ran this year. They still need some players on offense, but could be a better situation than some of the other jobs.

Posted by: DaveT | Jan 16, 2012 9:32:38 PM

Allow myself...to introduce myself. No, but, allow me to play devil's advocate here. As a life-long Panthers fan, something is telling me that the Bucs will offer Chud the job. Chud will go back to Mr.Richardson, receive his raise, and will stay on for 2012. He'll be here in 2013. And...again in 2014. The magic will be lost, the luster worn off. We'll probably be calling for either his or Rivera's head-- which is sad.

My point is, our expectations -- the Panthers' expectations -- are extremely high for next year. Hell, the next two years. And, for god reason...somewhat. We had arguably the most exciting 6-10 season in recent NFL memory. We're finally exciting (dare I say again). If we go 7-9 next year nobody will want Chud.

Let's hope Chud stays, we develop further into a COMPLETE football team on both sides of the ball, and the country begins to find out more and more about Charlotte and, in turn, respect the Panthers....not just in '96 and 2003.

Posted by: James D | Jan 16, 2012 9:36:29 PM

So exactly where in this article does "give permission" appear?

Posted by: Rger | Jan 16, 2012 9:38:05 PM

please chill out about Chud. Ron Rivera gave him this shot he is not going to leave him hanging. !

Posted by: bigrip | Jan 16, 2012 11:52:21 PM

Get on down there Chud. Tampa /St Pete is a great place. Went down there with Donnie Shell and BJ Waymer a few years back and had a great time. Nice weather, nice beaches, nice bodies, etc...very cool area,

Posted by: Todd Isaacs | Jan 16, 2012 11:57:55 PM

He'll coach for the Cowboys after next season when they fire Garrett!

Posted by: joe cool | Jan 17, 2012 12:36:12 AM

Hey Joseph, how about telling us why we can't block him from talking to them if we are having to give the permission?? Makes no sense. Players can't talk to other teams w/out permission if under contract, why can coaches....explllllaiiinnn thanks

Posted by: rick | Jan 17, 2012 12:48:11 AM

I don't see Tampa hiring him, they just had a young coach blow up in their face. Remember, a year ago, Chud was a TE coach and on no ones's radar at all as a head coach. He needs a little more time before someone hands him a franchise.

Posted by: Kenny | Jan 17, 2012 3:55:00 AM

Why is everybody afraid of losing Chud? As long as we have surefire first ballot hall of famer Cam Newton our offense should be ok, it doesn't matter who our OC is.

Posted by: uoewuoi | Jan 17, 2012 6:58:51 AM

A Bucs fan looking down on us is like a guy in a trailer scoffing at someone for living in an apartment.

The way to block Chud from leaving would be to offer him more money before he even goes on the interviews. Richardson is too cheap for that move.

I think we would miss him, Cam makes those plays work, but our offense was highly unpredictable this year and Chud was the reason.

Posted by: Sportsdon | Jan 17, 2012 8:20:15 AM

To all those asking about "giving permission":

The NFL does not differentiate between levels of assistant coaches in its rules regarding their availability to interview with other teams. Whether the coach is a defensive line coach or an offensive coordinator, the rules are the same. If a team wishes to interview an assistant coach who is still under contract with another team for its head coaching position, the current team is required to give permission for the interview as long as it happens between the end of the team's season and March 1. After March 1, teams can still ask, but the current team is not obligated to give permission.

Lateral Move
An NFL team cannot interview an assistant coach who is under contract as an assistant with another team for the following season without the permission of his current organization. Teams will usually give permission upon request, particularly if a lower level coach is set to take an offensive or defensive coordinator position elsewhere, but the current team is not required to give permission.

Read more: NFL Rules for Interviewing Assistant Coaches | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6742856_nfl-rules-interviewing-assistant-coaches.html#ixzz1jiorJrlO

Posted by: Johnnie | Jan 17, 2012 8:29:46 AM

swashbuckler - how did your Bucs do in their 2 games vs. bumpkinville this year? Oh, yeah, you got your $(&*&# handed to you. When you beat us, talk smack. Until then, shut up.

Losing Chud would be bad for us because he had the foresight to pretty much create a new playbook from scratch based on Cam's strengths. I'm not sure Shula or anyone else could be nearly that creative. That creativity will be essential next year as defenses adjust to Cam and start shutting down some of the stuff we've been doing. We'll need that creative mind to adjust to the adjustments. Let's hope Chud stays.

Posted by: J | Jan 17, 2012 8:30:31 AM

Bucs learned their lesson with Morris and lack of head coaching experience. Chill out folks, Chud isn't going to TB.

Posted by: Jellybean | Jan 17, 2012 9:02:54 AM

You sir, are a complete moron.

I'm not sure what "scandal" Cam Newton has been a part of as a Carolina Panther. I could care less what he was accused of as an Auburn Tiger. In one year (and two chances) he turned the Yucks into his personal whipping boys. Better luck next....decade creamsicle fans. Your team STINKS. Take a nice long deserved vacation to SHUTTYUPPYVILLE.

Posted by: Wow | Jan 17, 2012 6:46:38 PM



Posted by: Wow | Jan 17, 2012 6:48:06 PM

I thought this year was far and away the best offensive schemes the Panther's have ever played. But wait a minute. Could it have been because we had a multi-dimensional QB for a change. Chud did a great job as did Rivera. Steve Smith busted loose like he was 25 again. But the success was established when a rookie QB cam out of the box with a couple of 400 yard games to start the season. I'd love to see everyone back but even more, I would love to see everyone healthy. Good luck either way Chud.

Posted by: Steve Gilmore | Jan 17, 2012 7:05:15 PM

thats why i think, in the future we should hire a head coach who can call OC plays. Then we have no risk of losing him to another team and bring stability to the offense.

look at
mike mcarthy packers
norv turner chargers
gary kubiak texans
sean payton saints

all of them are head coach who call plays

Posted by: sean davis | Jan 17, 2012 8:38:57 PM

All this talk about Mr Chud - lemme tell ya sometin 'bout that story - he stayin in Charlotte - period! He just testin the waters and all. No frettin' to be done here - and that fine young man Mr Richardson - he gunna pay Mr Chud a nice salary for all his good works. So let off of him... you hear me now!
Now you wannna worry? - I be praying for them fine young things Mr Otah and Mr Beason. Ouuuwee - they fine aint they? You get them healthy and all and you be seein' sparks be flyin' next season. I know - my baby Sean - he payed with them wildcats and that hoodlum mr Johnson (he just flattering himself) - got a bit too chubby if you ask me - I tell him to eat better - but he dont listen. look at him now - ole Sean May he be flippin griddlecakes in Seatle (probably eatin most of them too) - but that there is another story. These Pantherboyz - they gunna be fine - so all you callin Mr Newton and rest of them "scum" and "match made in hell" - you gunna get yours. So ok . maybe his daddy be hangin around too much behind dumpsters if you know what I mean - this here is a good boy who goes home to his momma. That there is rspect if you ask me.
So I say - cheer for Mr Chud and that spanish boy Mr Riviera (he a fine man too)and all them boyz workin hard to bring us a good team - and stop your wailin' God fearin words against them and let them show you a thing or too
There! I sayd it and the rest of you - behavior yourself and root for your hometeam - casue you remember what it like when we didnt have one right? Had to watch that there jerry Falwell and that cazy couple from down there in Ft Mill on Sunday afternoons - you decide! And then theres that Mr Fox - he fine too just a little too grumpy all the time and didt like his boy prayin and playin on the field - he slow but he fine too. But I take Mr Chud and Mr Riviera anyday Amen!

Posted by: seansmomma | Jan 18, 2012 1:02:46 PM

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