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January 01, 2012

Third quarter haunts Panthers again, down 38-17

NEW ORLEANS -- The Panthers fell victim to a familiar pattern -- a flat third-quarter performance -- and it allowed the New Orleans Saints to stretch their lead to 38-17 entering the fourth quarter today at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Trailing by seven when the second half began, the Panthers managed just one first down on their first two possessions and the Saints seized the opportunity, extending their lead with a pair of effective touchdown drives.

Quarterback Drew Brees found tight end Jimmy Graham on a 19-yard touchdown pass midway through the third quarter to put the Saints ahead 31-17.

After the Panthers had a three-and-out possession, Brees and his mates went back to work, culminating a 44-yard drive with a one-yard touchdown pass to Jed Collins.

In the process, Brees set an NFL record by eclipsing the 300-yard passing mark for the seventh consecutive game.

The Saints needed a victory and a loss by San Francisco at St. Louis to earn a first-round playoff bye. With the 49ers leading the Rams, it's likely New Orleans will wind up the No. 3 seed in the NFC playoffs.

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sad sad sad! the saints offense went down field at will.PLEASE GET RID OF SEAN MC-MESSUP.those guys could not tackle worth s---t.sad sad sad!

Posted by: pete | Jan 1, 2012 3:23:35 PM

Just revamp the whole D if they are going to let the likes of NO score when they want. No job should be safe, starting with Safety positions, CB's, LB's and then the D line. No offense can try to keep up with a team like NO if the D doesn't step up!

Posted by: CEREBRUM | Jan 1, 2012 3:32:15 PM

Oh my, this is just embarassing...

Posted by: bebu | Jan 1, 2012 3:40:21 PM

I wouldn't blame the D coordinator totally for this mess. Who's he had to work with? Third, fourth string linebackers? Safeties that would be fighting for a practice squad spot on other teams?

Posted by: Matt Walker | Jan 1, 2012 3:47:47 PM

hey heres an ideal.teach the players to buck up and learn to TACKLE.what a sad way to go out.im hoping sean will be gone.because he ia WAY OVERATED!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: pete | Jan 1, 2012 3:49:12 PM

Cannot stop their 2nd string offense. We have got to get aome players on defense next year. What craptastic effort all the way around.

Posted by: DJ | Jan 1, 2012 3:51:30 PM

Panthers problem is NOT the coaching on defense. How many coordinators could get much of anything out of a bunch of guys that spent a chunk of the season on the practice squad??? Panthers need depth and guys to stay healthy. Even teams like the Saints and Packers wouldn't be able to do much of anything with 18 guys on IR. Having a pass rush will go a long way for this team.

Posted by: PantherDave | Jan 1, 2012 3:58:21 PM

What an embarrassment. We give up record yardage and give NO every offensive record imaginable! Heads should roll in terms of defensive players and coaches. This was suppposed to be a "statement game" for the Panthers and the statement was the defense was worse than we could have ever dreamed! Sorry way to end the season!

Posted by: SC Ken | Jan 1, 2012 4:00:37 PM

Be easy on your Panthers, Saints is a winning super bowl team.

Posted by: ln29576 | Jan 1, 2012 4:13:35 PM

Delhomme having a little Sunday afternoon action.....game tied late?

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 1, 2012 4:26:13 PM

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It's cool though its 2012 now but he still gay

Posted by: Mastice | Jan 1, 2012 6:17:48 PM

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