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February 01, 2012

Cam Newton lands Gatorade deal


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who draped a Gatorade towel over his head on the sideline throughout his rookie season, has landed a multi-year marketing deal with the sports-drink giant, Gatorade officials announced Wednesday.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Newton, who also has sponsorship deals with Under Armour and GMC, said partnering with Gatorade fulfills a “childhood dream.”

“I have used Gatorade since I started playing football and Gatorade products have been an important part of my training and competition regimen for as long as I can remember,” Newton said in a release. “As I look to improve my game, what I put in my body is extremely important.”

Gatorade has been an official partner of the NFL since 1983 and has an exclusive deal to be on the sidelines of every game through 2022. Peyton Manning and Eli Manning are among Gatorade's other endorsers.

--Joseph Person

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That's C!?

Posted by: Impurdysmart | Feb 1, 2012 9:24:57 PM

That's Awesome Cam,
You so deserve the positive publicity

Posted by: Monty | Feb 1, 2012 9:34:10 PM

That's Awesome Cam,
You so deserve the positive publicity

Posted by: Monty | Feb 1, 2012 9:34:11 PM

That's Awesome Cam,
You so deserve the positive publicity

Posted by: Monty | Feb 1, 2012 9:34:11 PM

Thats my boy!!

Posted by: panthers4life | Feb 1, 2012 9:43:45 PM

I wondered if he was working for Gatorade now when he slipped a really awkward Gatorade plug into his interview on ESPN today. Good for him.

Posted by: jeff | Feb 1, 2012 10:04:49 PM

Also, I look forward to the day when the Observer can write a blog entry about Cam Newton without mentioning "THE TOWEL." Get over it, fellas.

Posted by: jeff | Feb 1, 2012 10:06:27 PM


I played at Florida, not this punk. I'm the Gator. I should be getting this deal.


Posted by: Tim Tebow | Feb 1, 2012 10:37:22 PM

He signed a long time ago! That's why he wore a gatorade towel on his head! Did you actually think he put a gatorade towel on his head and wasn't getting paid! Dumbasses!

Posted by: joe cool | Feb 1, 2012 10:44:10 PM

What about Cammy Cam Juice? Maybe Gatorade will sell it!
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76WtmALP3e4

Posted by: George Wrong | Feb 1, 2012 11:36:04 PM

Good for you Cam. Keep living your life while the haters keep hating. Your work on the field will continue to shut them up. *super bowl is in your future*

Posted by: Jessica | Feb 2, 2012 7:50:09 AM

I'd recommend Cam Newton start endorsing Vision Works or Lens Crafters, because this dude couldn't locate his receivers last week.

Posted by: Bill Polian | Feb 2, 2012 8:09:54 AM

1 word: bojangles

Posted by: charles in charge | Feb 2, 2012 9:20:36 AM

Really...for every accomplishment this guy gets, there just HAS to be someone talking reckless sh*t and hating. You mad bro? Your QB dont have a deal? *Pulls out therapy couch and clipboard*

Posted by: Charlie | Feb 2, 2012 12:25:46 PM

Anyone claiming Tebow as a legit qb automatically loses credibility...what a joke. Congats Cam!

Posted by: Mike | Feb 2, 2012 2:27:07 PM

was he drinking Gator juice at the pro bowl? They may have requested that he not be seen sipping the juice that day.............

Posted by: charles in charge | Feb 2, 2012 3:01:17 PM

WAR EAGLE (!!) CAM, the favor of God is all over you. Remember, FAVOR ain't fair!

Posted by: Gerald Ephriam | Feb 3, 2012 2:17:38 PM

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