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February 25, 2012

Ex-Gamecock Melvin Ingram working with Von Miller


 South Carolina defensive end/linebacker Melvin Ingram has been working with Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller at a training facility in California to improve his linebacking skills. But Ingram needs no help when it comes to athleticism.

Ingram, a 6-1, 264-pounder who went to Richmond County High, did a standing back flip recently after Miller doubted him.

Asked if Miller could do a flip, Ingram said: “He didn't do it that day.”

Ingram, a projected top-10 pick who said the Panthers are among the many team he's met with, has enjoyed his time with Miller. The two have the same agent, Joby Branion.

“We just try to compete against each other every day,” Ingram said. “Obviously, he's the Defensive Rookie of the Year. So I just try to pattern myself after him because I feel like he's had a lot of success in the NFL.”

Ingram, who had two touchdowns in a win against Georgia last season, can dunk a basketball and was on the Gamecocks' “hands,” or onsides prevent, team. At 225 pounds, he was the starting point guard for Richmond County's basketball team.

Was he a pass-first point?

I was a scorer,” Ingram said.

--Joseph Person

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Here is a idea:
Use 1rd pick on a cornerorDT. The panthers should trade Jeff Otah for nothing less that a high 2nd rd pick. That frees money up to sign a top receiver and a good right tackel. With second rd picks get a Right tackle or safety with the other pick get corner or LB.

Posted by: delo3428 | Feb 25, 2012 5:41:58 PM

Delo, you're an idiot. Simple and plain. Who in the league do you think would offer Carolina a "high second round pick" for a guy that has essentially missed the last two entire seasons with a knee injury?

Go back to playing Madden with yourself. Moron.

Posted by: BAMF Rules!!! | Feb 25, 2012 6:26:55 PM

please no more general managers who live in grandma's basement! I got a better idea let's have the Colts give us the number one pick for Jimmy!

Posted by: joe cool | Feb 25, 2012 7:45:40 PM

I hope the Panthers can trade back. This is a deep draft & we could use another pick. I like Mark Barron from Bama. A playmaking safety who can tackle would help this D out a lot.

Posted by: Mtnh2o | Feb 25, 2012 7:49:32 PM

i used to like Sharrod Martin when he was playing for a spot. NOW HE BLOWS! If we cant get a top db, then we should replace him. Godfrey is still good in my book.

Posted by: J | Feb 25, 2012 9:13:28 PM

There's no way the Panthers should settle for anything less than TWO first rounders for Jimmy Pickles. And maybe 5 million shares of Apple Stock.

Posted by: Wow | Feb 26, 2012 1:51:10 AM

High 2nd round pick for Otah? Sometimes I wonder what people are really smoking....

Posted by: C.Bax | Feb 26, 2012 1:00:27 PM

I like ingram better than brockers or kirkpatrick... Anderson Beason and Ingram as our linebackers? sounds good to me.

Posted by: zach | Feb 27, 2012 9:33:48 AM

This is the guy we need! A beast!

Posted by: Ron | Feb 27, 2012 4:03:46 PM

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