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February 04, 2012

Video: Panthers QB Cam Newton wins rookie honors

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton won Pepsi's Rookie of the Year Award, determined by fan voting, as well as AP Offensive Rookie of the Year honors on Saturday. Newton threw for over 4,000 yards and set a rookie record with 14 rushing touchdowns:

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Smitty wins an awards and nothing written. I am really get tired of Cam Newton media hype like there are no other players on the team. This is getting as bad as Tebow. How many articles have to be written on his every move.

Either way this guy needs toned down. We have yet to win any games to get any where.

Posted by: Ray | Feb 5, 2012 12:37:05 AM

he tries to use to many big words

Posted by: scott | Feb 5, 2012 2:08:57 AM

Ray, what exactly did Smitty win, he was nominated for 'Comeback Player of the Year' but to my knowledge that went to Stafford?

Posted by: SmartestbloggerEver | Feb 5, 2012 8:54:12 AM

You Hater's really need to get a life!!!! Seriously.....

Posted by: C.Bax | Feb 5, 2012 8:55:55 AM

You people find anything to complain about, the man had a great year, people say we didnt have any wins, dont blame him, we had no defense. Panther fans cry too damn much, we finally got a quaterback that gets us national attention, now its too much. you can sit back and sit in the dark, and sit in your country bucket you call home. the rest of us will enjoy the ride, and you can enjoy the bobcats national success, oh wait nevermind. finally got a qb and you wanna cry. and to what a joke, o-line for the nfc, didnt block either, so the afc didnt show us anything we seen what he could do all year.

Posted by: Rickey | Feb 5, 2012 9:10:37 AM

Ray? are you kiddinng me? You are pissed that there is a small article about him winning rookie of the year? Ok. We shouldn't care about that, you're right...not! Dumb....

And what did Smitty win? nothing you say? he got 3/50 votes for comeback player. That's it.

Ray = not smart

Posted by: Sin | Feb 5, 2012 9:13:24 AM

THere are still a boatload of rednecks in and around Charlotte. Real shame, but no surprise.

Posted by: blackspeak | Feb 5, 2012 9:30:37 AM

Thank God, We got Cam.

Posted by: sam | Feb 5, 2012 9:38:42 AM

Congratulations Cam and Steve Smith, and also to Ryan Kalil, the best center in the game.

Posted by: GoPanthers2012 | Feb 5, 2012 9:39:18 AM

wow...such bigotry still exist in the South.

Posted by: sandra | Feb 5, 2012 10:18:00 AM

Yeah if Andrew Luck came out last year and played for the panthers and had the same record and awards all the racist folks would be lining up singing the praises. But since we have Cam and a darker skin tone, he's the worse ever! Such a predictive ignorant class of pale face folks that live in this area!

Posted by: Big Daddy | Feb 5, 2012 10:46:36 AM

rayven, you're another redneck that can't spell...It's spelled Newton, DUMBASS!!!!

Posted by: C.Bax | Feb 5, 2012 3:01:50 PM

Ive never quite understood why fans who like the panthers, and call themselves "GoPanthers2012" can rip on a rookie F***ing QB that plays for the panthers. A rookie F***ing QB that broke almost every record fathomable. Did a Ginger named Dalton break a single record.... Nobody knows and nobody cares. This is Charlotte, you are reading the Charlotte Observer. Stick some dynamite up your A**, light the fuse and blow yourselves the F*** up you POS haters.

Posted by: WTFHaters | Feb 6, 2012 1:35:16 AM

Man will you clowns please shut up about dalton winning that award. More wins....okay that's a team effort you idiots. This award is for an individual so stop including wins. There was A poll last year about the most unloyal fan base and the panthers topped it....I said that was not true but after reading some of the crap that people post about they own team they may have been right...

Posted by: mj | Feb 7, 2012 6:35:30 AM

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