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March 05, 2012

Thomas Davis comments on 'Bountygate' refreshing

The topic of “cart-off” hits or “knockouts” hits home for Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis on a couple of levels.

As a rookie with the Panthers in 2005, Davis had a collision with Green Bay receiver/returner Terrence Murphy on a kickoff that ended Murphy's career.

So when the NFL announced the findings of its investigation into the Saints' bounty program late last week, it did not sit well with Davis.

Davis, attempting to become the first player in league history to return from three ACL surgeries on the same knee, took to Twitter over the weekend to voice his disgust over the Saints' system of rewarding players with monetary bonuses for devastating hits.

“I don't agree with intentionally trying to injure another player, especially after sitting out due to injury,” Davis tweeted. “You have to work way to hard to make it in this league to have some idiot trying to make $100 end your career.”

Davis continued with a couple of additional tweets.

“I had an unfortunate incident my rookie year that ended up causing another player who was also a rookie his career and that's not a good feeling,” he posted. “but I'm ok with that bc that's the nature of the game and I wasn't trying to do it.

“Don't get me wrong I do hit people for it to hurt, but never to injure.”

Attempts to reach Davis for additional comment were unsuccessful.

But after seeing a lot of current players circle the wagons, or hearing Charles Barkley lash out at the “snitch” who blew the whistle on former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who administered the bounty program, Davis' Twitter comments were honest and refreshing.

--Joseph Person


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Youtube of the Fujita hit on Smitty and of course Roman Harper's punk shot this year. Gregg Williams should be banned for life.


(Punk-A Harper)

Posted by: Wow | Mar 5, 2012 6:22:09 PM

Here Here.....

Posted by: nasty704 | Mar 5, 2012 6:47:31 PM

A lot of these current and former players who are making excuses for this... are just lying... to us, and even more so, to themselves.

Of course it affects the way they play the game, if it didn't, they wouldn't do it!

Posted by: John | Mar 5, 2012 7:51:25 PM

looks like all of our bad luck has found a new home in New Orleans! Don't forget to send us a postcard bad luck from Mardi Gras! Have a great time and a long stay in New Orleans! The Saints are done! They are finished!

Posted by: joe cool | Mar 5, 2012 9:06:10 PM

Wow. Barkley manages to always come down on the wrong side of most moral issues. No wonder Michael Jordan takes him so lightly. He's an idiot.

Posted by: deepenwide | Mar 5, 2012 9:08:01 PM

I used to like Charles Barkley. Now he is just another "mouth" talking about something he doesn't have a clue about. Stick to adding some extra inches to that waistline "round mound".

Posted by: Steve Gilmore | Mar 5, 2012 11:16:40 PM

Don't forget about Darren Sharper's cheap shot to Jonathan Stewart's head in 2010 that resulted in a concussion. 28 was held up and Sharper launched into him with his helment. Of course, no flag was thrown. I am sure he collected a bounty for that one. Cheap Shot Punk!

Posted by: mountain man | Mar 5, 2012 11:38:11 PM

I officially am unable to respect Saints fans any less now.

Don't be idiots. This isn't about playing the game ruggedly. It's about intentionally injuring others. I don't know if you've ever played, but slamming into someone with your shoulder, wrapping up with your arms, and driving them into the ground is very very different from intentionally breaking their knees. You only stoop to that level when you know you aren't good enough at the fundamentals to win the game with talent and discipline.

Posted by: Pman | Mar 6, 2012 9:02:43 AM

For starters, I am a lifelong Saints fan, but my following comments would be the same for ANY team. I played football from youth leagues through high school, as well as soccer and rugby. The comments here and elsewhere disgust me as people are truly showing their team colors here.

Now then, name ONE New Orleans Saints player that was either suspended or fined for a dangerous hit during this time...you cannot. The hit on Warner in the Divisional Playoff game was legal...square in the chest. As for the next game, even Favre said the hits were "within the game." Yes, I do recall a late hit flag on Favre, but nothing out of the ordinary. And ask ANY player from ANY sport about going after an injured player, they will ALL tell you the same thing, "knock him out of the game."

If the Saints were so dirty, then prove it to me with player fines, suspensions, excessive penalties and a hospital ward full of "taken out" opponents...you can't because it's not there. Williams was wrong for joining the players' pot of money, but that's it.

I like Davis, but if ANY of you believe that Davis hasn't taken part of a similar deal at some part in his life or that the same thing hasn't gone on here, then I have ocean front property to sell you in North Dakota.

Posted by: Tvan | Mar 6, 2012 9:30:18 AM

Its FOOTBALL!! Every defensive player wants to take out the opposing team's best player EVERY snap..hello!!

You mean to tell me that other teams wouldnt love to take out Cam if they had a chance? Maybe not to ruin his career but for the game sure....

These guys make MILLIONS, I doubt a grand would make them play that much harder...ppl get hurt in football, thats just how it is. Thats why they make so much more money than normal ppl, for that injury risk so excuse me if I dont buy into this...

Posted by: Bobcat Terry | Mar 6, 2012 10:15:13 AM

@Tvan. Did you watch the Saints at Panthers game this past season? Roman Harper hit Steve Smith at full speed well after Smith scored a touchdown. I'm now convinced that the Panthers best (and mouthiest) receiver had a bounty on him that Harper was trying to achieve. That hit cost Harper $15000.

Harper was fined $22500 for two separate events in the game against the Titans for roughing the passer with a helmet-to-helmit hit on quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and for unnecessary roughness for pulling receiver Damiam Williams down by his helmet after a 54-yard catch and run.

That's just two games with one Saints player. If I spent 15 minutes looking, I could probably find a number of other players who have similar histories.

Posted by: Curry | Mar 6, 2012 10:44:10 AM

Bottom line is that the Saints defense is dirty. Watching the NFC Championship game against the Vikings made many begin to think that way, but now there's proof.

Also, for those who don't buy into this because of the nominal amounts, please don't think that it's about the money. It isn't - it's about the ego of the defensive players. Before the NFC Championship against the Vikings, Vilma put a $10k bounty on knocking Favre out of the game. A better way to think of it is as a challenge to his defensive teammates - Vilma basically betting them $10k that they can't knock Favre out of the game. Does that $10k really mean all that much to a guy whose making $100k+ a game? Not really, but he takes it as a challenge and wants to succeed.

To me, it's essentially players betting one another that they can't injure a specific player, the nominal amounts are just to make it more fun. Like playing cards with your friends, none of us are going to get rich off a $50 buy-in, but it isn't nearly as much fun to play without a little something on the line.

Posted by: Curry | Mar 6, 2012 10:50:01 AM

@ the saint fan that posted that pathetic comment above,
put your ridiculous who dat paper bag back on your head and go walk in traffic!!! ..

Posted by: PantherEastCoast | Mar 6, 2012 11:55:29 AM

The person that calls him/her self above(Killer instinct rulez ) does not remember or is to young to recall how for so many many years , how bad and how awful your team was. The Saints was the laughing stock of the NFL. The Who dat nation wore bags over their heads at their home games. That is the who dat nation ! I know this has nothing to do with this article, just check yourself and represent your team with a little bit of C L A S S ! Or take a walk in traffic as mentioned above .

Posted by: PantherEastCoast | Mar 6, 2012 12:35:06 PM

To all of those talking about the bags, yep, know all about them. I went to numerous games as a kid with a paper bag in my back pocket. We were terrible, but at least we went to the games and cheered on the team, unlike the wine and cheese crowd around here.

Yes, I saw Harper's hit on Smith and he was RIGHTLY flagged/fined for it. No issues there as he was wrong for doing so. As for his other two fines last season, Harper OWNED up to them instead of complaining about it, like Harrison and other defensive players. The video replay showed his hit on Hassleback WASN'T a helmet-to-helmet, but the NFL went with the fine because he was flagged for it...something the league tends to do, stand by the on-field call. With taking Washington down by the facemask, he got Washington while off balance and took him down as he went down. That type of stuff happens, but if you look back on Washington's comments, he doesn't like to get hit and whines about it.

With the Vikings playoff game, everyone knew that Favre was favoring an injured leg and the Saints went after it. Big deal, UNLESS of course Williams, Vilma and others said, "Go after his knees or don't stop until he's injured!" More than likely, the defensive players went after the Favre and the Vikings as if there was no tomorrow...which was true if they lost. THAT'S how you want your defense to play in the last game before the Super Bowl! And if they were so dirty, where was the dirty play against Manning and the Colts in the Super Bowl? Golic and Woodson both said the same thing today, that the Saints were right in going after Favre. Golic took it a step further when he said, "We have been taught over and over again to hit the guy across from you harder than the last hit, give him more pain than the last hit and make him want to quit. If this is what happened, then no one should have a problem with this. But if the coaches and captain said to go after the knees or hit someone illegally like the kid was told in the Karate Kid, then we have problems."

Again, go back and look at the seasons that this took place. The Saints and their players were NOT fined nor flagged any more so than other clubs for illegal or late hits. Even still, there wasn't a hospital ward full of injured football players after playing the Saints. If this was the opposite, then we have a problem. And while some of you may not believe me, if this story was centered around the Panthers or any other team, I would feel the same way. I played defense in high school and our coaches said the same thing, "Hit 'em till they don't want to be hit anymore, take the guy out, etc..."

I stand by my words and again, if this is more than just the players putting up money with Williams occasionally adding to the pot, this is not a story. But if the GM and other front office folks put team money into the pot, then I will be the first person around her to denounce what happened.

I would rather have a nasty, aggressive defense that puts big hits on the opponents, causes fumbles and goes after the other team from the opening whistle to the final whistle than a defense that is passive, weak and has no aggression.

Posted by: Tvan | Mar 6, 2012 2:51:08 PM

My apology to Tvan and other Saint Fans for the way I Chose my words . maybe the other Saint fan can learn a little class from you. I doubt it , but maybe.

Posted by: PantherEastCoast | Mar 6, 2012 3:44:17 PM

There has to be a new minor league farm system developed for the NFL and NBA to get all the unqualified rogues cheats scammers thieves cons and illiterates out of NCAA colleges and universities where they do not belong and waste billions of tax dollars.

As has been said you can go to any big city jail in America and pick championship NFL or NBA teams since all the best natural athletes are in jail anyway or dont play. Never assume the best pro athletes are playing the game. Those playing today are only the ones who survived attrition and were helped and not the best athletes by a long shot.

Colleges and universities in America must get back to the real business of education for qualified students only and stop the NFL or NBA from freeloading its sports dept as their own personal farm systems. This is a crock. Eliminate all sports scholarships. Walkon pay to play is the only way.

Only 10% of NCAA colleges make any real revenue anyway from unqualified athletes who all cut out for the pros after scamming the system. The NCAA is riddled with corruption and the pros are all scumbags who care less about quality and integrity.

Minor leagues for the NBA and NFL is the only answer and would open tens of thousands of new jobs plus give mid and smaller cities minor leage sports like baseball does.

Time to get moving. Clean up the mess now. Get integrity back in Americas NCAA colleges and universities. Force the NFL and NBA to finance their own farm system teams and stop relying on NCAA colleges and universities who get it from taxpayers. Develop new minor league business to help the economy.

It takes 4 years in the minors and/or 4 years in college to get to the pros anyway on the average for sports like baseball. There is zero corruption in baseball. Football and basketball is totally corrupt. Sports writers, coaches, ADs, media, owners, etc fan the flames of corruption also. Its a sick society.

Bigtime NCAA clean up decades overdue.

Posted by: NCAA sponsor | Mar 6, 2012 4:10:21 PM

There's no corruption in baseball? What a laugh. Obviously, you've missed a lot of stories over the years.
It's all corrupt to the core and the players think very highly of themselves these days. Everytime the NFL creates a rule to protect them from injury, they cry like little babies because they can't try to kill one another. But then later, they decide to sue the NFL because they sustained head injuries, and no one told them that head injuries were dangerous. What a joke.

Posted by: Kenny | Mar 6, 2012 7:01:59 PM

That is the hit on smitty that I was talking about as soon as I heard about this stuff....I remember bein gos pissed caused he obviously tried to hurt him.

Posted by: section524 | Mar 6, 2012 8:05:39 PM

@ killer instinct rulez:
WOW! I just lost brain cells trying to read your post. Quit worrying about football and go get an education.

Posted by: jbarbee10 | Mar 7, 2012 12:23:10 PM

EVERYONE WHO SUITS UP IS GETTING PAID TO DO SOMETHING TO SOMEONE ON THE FIELD PERIOD. This doesn't affect football fans point of view on football in anyway it's part of the game and the culture of the sport. if you ever played a down in your life you know this...eagles for interception, skulls for big hits, money from booster clubs for good games. From the first time you picked up a football and played kill the man with the ball. Football is a gladiator sport that's why we all tune in on Sunday to see the big hits, corners burned, Ray Ray laying someone out NFL ratings thrive off these things. Sports Center top plays. How is Goofball going to punish anyone person when the whole league gets paid to play, good performance, incentives for tackles, interceptions, playoffs etc....this whole thing is a joke if you don't like the violence don't watch

Posted by: Zosser Keir'e | Mar 7, 2012 3:43:38 PM

Dick Butkis, Jack Ham, Jack Tatum,they did'nt a bounty just someone with a different uniform. Ahh the good ole days.

Posted by: willie | Mar 13, 2012 8:20:39 PM

There's a big difference between hurting somebody and intentionally injuring them. Taking someone out with a legal hit is part of the game. Let a 300 pound monster hit you with a cheap shot and see how it changes your perspective.

Posted by: stotchy | Mar 15, 2012 12:04:56 AM

And yet there were zero knockouts and zero cart-offs due to illegal hits. No saints player was ever suspended or fined for an illegal helmet to helmet hit. The whole "bounty" thing has been reported to have just been a locker room gag and was limited to the two playoff games in 2009. All this was was just locker room antics. Rex Ryan openy stated that they "dot" players befor a game (another word for bounty). The coaches and players have admitted to paying for sacks,interceptions,defensive touchdowns, big hits,etc. They have vehemently denied the accusations that they intentionally tried to take people out with illegal hits. This makes sense because no illegal or malicious actions ever took place on the field. The hit on kurt warner was 100% legal and mccray actually spoke with warner and said he would pray for him and made sure he was ok. The nfc title game was physical and hard hitting,but the defenders were within two steps. The high/low hit was unintentional because mccray was clearly falling to the ground and never saw remi ayodele and ayodele never saw maccray. That was one of only two late hits. The league itself said that the rest were clean. and there were no late hits on peyton manning. They are being punished for the spoken word and not the clenched fist.

Posted by: Charlie alber | May 26, 2012 4:46:15 PM

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