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April 04, 2012

Carolina Panthers sign DB Reggie Smith

The Panthers have signed free agent safety Reggie Smith.

Smith played the last four seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, who took him in the third round of the 2008 NFL draft out of Oklahoma. Smith (6-foot-1, 200 pounds) also played on San Francisco's special teams, which has been an area of concern for Carolina.

"Reggie has been on our radar since the beginning of free agency and is a player we think can come in and compete at safety," said Carolina general manager Marty Hurney in a statement. "We brought him in for a visit Tuesday and it worked out. He is another player we've added to increase the competition."

Smith played in all 18 games for San Francisco last season (including two playoff games) and had 16 tackles and one interception in the regular season. Smith had six special teams tackles in the regular season and two in the playoffs.

Smith played 44 games for the 49ers and had seven starts, with 54 tackles, two interceptions and seven passes defended. -- David Scott

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People will say this is a bad sign, but i disagree. Brings some competition and youth to Carolina.

Posted by: TJ | Apr 4, 2012 12:38:18 PM

all the DA's (not district attorney) on here criticize everything hurney does. meanwhile, the guy has continued to do a helluva job through multiple cycles of leadership and a TON of bad breaks with devastating injuries.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 4, 2012 12:43:27 PM

I hope the Panthers' players understand that this year no job is safe. You want to play, you better show them why.

Posted by: Real Panther | Apr 4, 2012 12:52:32 PM

The Panther's Special Teams will be VASTLY improved. Picking up someone to compete as a return man is another move I hope to see them make.

Posted by: Steven P | Apr 4, 2012 12:58:37 PM

To Michael Procton -

I think you have a low football IQ. The panthers lost 3 games last season directly due to bad special teams play. They have since brought in 5 players to address the special teams, who are also talented enough to bring depth at their stated position.

Latter this year, you should sign up for the Panthers football 101 program.

Posted by: JC | Apr 4, 2012 1:24:51 PM

Looks like a very good pick-up.

Posted by: joke | Apr 4, 2012 1:43:44 PM

It appears Hurney has decided the only thing that needs to improve around here is special teams. I wonder what career backup/special teams standout we are taking with the #9 pick? God knows we don't need any d-line help, right???????

Posted by: J | Apr 4, 2012 1:55:24 PM

Wish we had a 6'1" corner. Kirkpatrick ?

Posted by: nasty704 | Apr 4, 2012 1:58:20 PM


Look at his record. I win.

Posted by: Steven | Apr 4, 2012 2:17:41 PM

smart move by the panthers!!!

Posted by: Scott | Apr 4, 2012 2:22:47 PM

competition at the position and youth, both are good.

Posted by: dbw | Apr 4, 2012 2:26:12 PM

Loving these moves the Panthers are making so far. Improving on ST and creating great competition for starting jobs, which will only make the team better.

To those waiting for that big FA signing, don't hold your breath. You can kick, scream and stomp your feet as much as you want but it's not happening. I would think the only "big" move that might happen would be moving Stew on draft day.

But still, reading what all the All-Madden coaches think the Panthers should do is entertaining.

Posted by: Mike P | Apr 4, 2012 2:44:13 PM

Procton, go write something enlightening about the Braves.

Posted by: Proctonologist | Apr 4, 2012 3:14:53 PM

Reggie who?
Keep pounding Marty. What a joke of a GM we have.

Posted by: Frank | Apr 4, 2012 3:26:43 PM

Michael Procton, you're awesome at being the primary test eater for all Double Whoppers.

Posted by: SteveO | Apr 4, 2012 4:47:11 PM

Three things to watch for as possibilities:

Trade down to mid first round & take F.Cox
Trade J. Stewart to the Browns for late first or early second pick.
Take S Gilmore in late first/early second.
Take D.Hightower in late first/early second
or take best available WR in late first/early second.
We now have our starting DT, WR/KR & LB or 2nd receiver filled.

Posted by: Mo | Apr 4, 2012 4:48:38 PM

The biggest joke in the NFL continues to amuse.

Big Rat=BUM

Posted by: Words have meaning | Apr 4, 2012 5:39:43 PM

I sounds like a NY blog in here.

Posted by: MBpantfan | Apr 4, 2012 6:24:53 PM

For those of you that are berating the special teams upgrades, you don't know squat. Special Teams win and lose games every week. We have upgraded nicely in what I think was the highest priority. I have seen Mr Hurney make considerable changes in the way that he evaluates what talent we need. Especially since Fox left. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and we will see how it all materializes. I firmly believe that we are one of the best teams in the NFL if we can stay healthy.

Posted by: Steve Gilmore | Apr 4, 2012 6:51:26 PM

@Mo - repeat after me..Stewart is "not' going anywhere, period... Now open your eyes, welcome back to reality check..
Panthers needed a FB, since they let Hoover go.. Last year only proved that point..
Now they are set at RB..

Posted by: Catsnmbr1Fan | Apr 4, 2012 9:39:14 PM

very happy with the moves this offseason here. go panthers

Posted by: j | Apr 4, 2012 9:41:11 PM

I gotta believe that if we are bringing these guys in, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Rivera has seen something that he believes will improve or defense. Whether it be a solid back-up or a potential starter. It just doesn't make sense to either the player or the Panthers that their Sole purpose is Special Teams. These guys want to start and I am sure that Rivera will give them every opportunity to unseat the incumbent. Good Luck to all of them.

Posted by: davethepanther | Apr 5, 2012 1:38:12 AM

Looks like the Panthers are done @ S now after bringing in Smith & Nakamura. I think the Panthers should be a lot better on ST this year after all of these moves. Now maybe they will bring in a real K instead of Mare.

Posted by: Mtnh2o | Apr 5, 2012 8:10:59 AM

Give the guy a chance. We've added to our team without subtracting anything, so what's the problem? He has more starting experience than Nakamura, but everyone ,including myself, liked that signing. Besides, I'm sure they signed him to a reasonable contract and if he doesn't work out, he's gone. We don't have the money to sign the bigger names that were out there and they're all gone now anyway. We're trying to add the small pieces that you have to have to win close games, and that's exactly what we should be doing. Glaring needs will be addressed through the draft, as is the Panther's philosophy, and there will be a second wave of free agency after the draft that will likely include some decent vet free agents hitting the market. Any needs not met in the draft would be addressed then.



Posted by: OBXsurfer4 | Apr 5, 2012 6:30:19 PM

Panthers have to strengthen the special teams and not be crazy with money in getting stuck in bad contracts from free agents.

Posted by: mard | Apr 8, 2012 11:29:24 PM

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